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  1. The big question I have is, have the Dark One graphic novels been dropped, or are they still in progress.
  2. Not a typo, but a suggestion for editing, because this sentence really confused me. Chapter 48 Took me a while to parse this correctly, and those first 3 words gave me a very wrong idea of what was going on :)
  3. But if you do dark mode, please have light mode still as an option. My eyes don't dark mode.
  4. In the Discworld books the footnotes were already set up like that. I can't remember if the notes are at the end of each chapter, or in a separate file called footnotes.xhtml, or a combination of both within the series. I just left that how it was and changed the font size. I really like the ebooks that bring up the footnote in a little dialogue box on top, those are fancy. That linear tag isn't there in every ebook, only some.
  5. Footnotes - I added square brackets in the text, and in the CSS I altered the footnotes rule to increase the font size. Linear cover picture - In calibre, if you import a book and run a check, one of the common warnings is "non-linear items in spine". If you click to see the warning location, I think it's the content.opf file(?) the file where all of the html / xhtml files in your book are listed with their links and their titles. They're listed in the order they will appear in the book. Sometimes there is a cover page at the front, and it will have the tag "linear=no". That tag means that you can't view or scroll to the cover page while you're actually in the book. The cover will be used only as a thumbnail for the book in your ereader library. I change it to "linear=yes". I think there's also often a contents page at the end of the book that's non-linear, and from memory it's a kindle thing. I don't make those linear.
  6. Does that mean you're arguing for CA-tan? So it sounds like. . . milk carton? I say Kah-TAHN
  7. Hi everyone. A while back I came across a couple of people in this forum, and someone in real life, who have read Book 1 of Kingkiller Chronicles - The Name of the Wind, but did not wish to read Book 2 A Wise Man's Fear because of the sexual content. I decided to make a guide on how to skip the naughty bits, with a summary of the skipped chapters, since the rest of the book is really good IMO. I posted it on Reddit for better formatting and searchability, linking here, cos some people in this community were the reason I made the guide.
  8. I mostly just fix typos in my ebooks XD I sometimes remove preview chapters from the ends. I make the cover picture linear if it is not, I don't know why the trend is to have them as not. Oh, and I use Calibre's magic aspect ratio fix if the cover is all stretched. In my Pratchett collection, I found the footnote links to be very small and difficult to click on, so I went through the whole of my discworld, made the font bigger and added square brackets around each footnote link. I made some compilation ebooks. But I don't like to just merge them and have four different books in four different folders with different css files. So sometimes I'll edit them all to have matching css files, styles and fonts and the like. I started a project to collect all of Brandon's online deleted scenes and annotations in one ebook. But I did not get very far with it.
  9. The 't' on they should be un-italic. Same thing on other emphasised words in an italic phrase throughout. pole? Un-italic for 'the knight said'. Same in many other places.
  10. I've only found one in this one, I'm slipping.
  11. should be half star "would be difficult TO show off"? MANBLADE! "man's blade" I think? stand-by Extraneous 'were'
  12. Paragraph 5 should be "What had driven . . . "
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