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  1. All a fair assessment. Plus, this is just one Scadrian faction from what Sig's inner monologue was saying, so it's likely that there are many others who wouldn't approve.
  2. I'm not entirely convinced the Scadrians are necessarily as bad as they look. I mean we're seeing them from the outside here. Yes, their actions aren't what I'd call good, but we don't have the context for them. We got a couple hints that the Rosharans aren't exactly nice. The travel book describing them as warlike, the implications from the Scadrians about the Radiants. It's entirely possible that they are on the back foot against an aggressive Roshar. I mean for all we know Taravodium is leading the charge. You're right, they're actions don't paint them well, but I hesitate to jump to conclusions.
  3. Doesn't an Allomancer burning pewter have those same effects, including the desire to move? I think it;s too early to read much into the measurement system.
  4. I have this thought in my head that Zane spent time on the streets like Vin, but I can't remember if it's accurate or not. All the Coppermind says is that he had a rough childhood because Straff kept him hidden. Normally, I'd just check the book, but I don't even know what chapter to start looking in, so I'm hoping someone here will know the answer.
  5. It's cool that he wants to use his clout to create change in the system, truly it is, but I worry that things like this may lead to reprisals from places like Amazon...
  6. Must resist eunuch joke... in all seriousness, no. We know that the vessels have more and more trouble acting against the Intent of their Shard as time goes on, even the Well pushed Rashek to preserve life within the changes he made rather than fixing his mistakes. Sazed has two Shards with opposing Intents pulling him in different directions. So yeah, it's hard for him to act. Now, he could potentially change this by unbalancing himself, but that's another matter.
  7. See, Preservation did know it needed Vin, she was his chosen successor, and obviously knew about Sazed because the Terris prophecies came from somewhere. Yhat whole thing was far more intricate and well planned.
  8. I'm not so sure about that, unless you know, Sazed was lying about Bavadin getting the better of him, reacting too slowly, not knowing he needed Wayne, etc. I think this actually was a close run thing. Kell has also said that Sazed has been acting erratic. I'd say our old friend is very much in trouble.
  9. Honestly, it's the high ideal Radiants that are the big problem for Scadrial. Getting past the live Shardpate and insane healing factor of Radiants. That's the kind of thing that requires something like a tank, or a duralumin/nicrosil Steelpush. Not to mention Shardblades against anyone who isn't a Bloodmaker. They may really needto get Mistborn back.
  10. So, as of the end of The Lost Metal it's become rather obvious that Harmony is shifting into Discord. It just occurred to me that this could have major implications on his God Metal. Now, I can't say I have any real evidence for this, but I'm going to outline my thought process here. We learned in the Ars Arcanum that Sazed has been suppressing Ruin, making Preservation the dominant of the two, despite having more Ruin in him thanks to the creation of humanity. He's actively fighting against half of himself. It's rather like the struggle Rayse had with Odium. However, now that Ruin is reasserting itself, causing the combined Shard to shift into Discord. Now, normally a change in a Shard wouldn't affect the properties of said Shard's God Metal. Taravangianium will function the same as Raysium. With Sazed we're seeing something new: A Shard shifting Intent. In a very real way, the very nature of the Shard is changing. That could very well affect the properties of its God Metal going forward and have all sorts of wide-ranging implications for the future. Like I said though, I have no evidence for this, so feel free to tear it to shreds.
  11. They're referring to Brandon's reading from a sequel to Sixth of the Dusk.
  12. This book was a wild ride. I will say going in I'd never thought I'd be be siding with Kelsier over Sazed, but damn it, I'm siding with Kelsier over Sazed.
  13. Yeah, I'm all for saving people, but that did kind of nearly cost them the mission. Things would have gone a lot easier if they hadn't had to leave Twinsoul behind so early. He could have fought off the soldiers and Shai wouldn't have had to stamp herself for example. The Ghostbloods are very Vulcan in their approach. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
  14. If they were Skybreakers, wouldn't we have seen them, you know, glowing? The part about them asking if it was legal was really just them asking if Steris had the authority to have the ships sunk, likely because there were a bunch of people around and in this case not being on the up and up would cause trouble for the Ghostbloods.
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