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  1. You might consider some of the books by Stephen Lawhead: The Pendragon Cycle - Books 1 & 2 Taliesin and Merlin are wonderful! Book 3 Arthur was disappointing to me, and the next 2 Pendragon and Grail were IMO worse. Book 6 Avalon was interesting, but it's set in the present-day so kind of apples-oranges. The Song of Albion Cycle - Books 1 & 2 The Paradise War and The Silver Hand are excellent - I reread them from time to time (filling time between Brandon's books, LOL). Book 3 The Endless Knot was another disappointment, though I guess the end was clever - I don't reread this one. The Bright Empires series - Books 1 & 2 The Skin Map and The Bone House were really rich and interesting. IMO things started going astray in book 3 The Spirit Well, continued that direction in book 4 The Shadow Lamp, and TBH I think someone should replace book 5 The Fatal Tree with some fan-fic, it was (again, IMO) that bad. This is just my opinion, so please take it for what it's worth, but IMO Lawhead starts strong but doesn't know how to close out a series, which is a real shame. And again just IMO, but I've felt that some of his other books are not good at all. The only history-related one I liked (not fantasy) was Byzantium, but I stopped reading his new stuff a while back - Brandon's books fill most of my reading time! I would get Lawhead's books via a library if I were you, so you're not out $$ if you don't like them. Maybe you'll like the endings, & I'm totally wrong. :-) Happy reading!
  2. Very cool! This reminds me of the cover (Perrin?) of Towers of Midnight that's on Brandon's site right now: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/the-wheel-of-time-series/#TOWERSOFMIDNIGHT
  3. So, Hoid = Access (kind of...)? Very interesting. Great post!
  4. How to choose? They're all so excellent! I picked Cytonic because of all the plot twists and surprises, plus the way it loops in the "Defending Elysium" story. My #2 choice would be Skyward because that's where we meet all the characters and it's where their story arcs begin. Some pretty good plot twists there too. Thanks for making this poll! Good job for your first post here!
  5. (I'm always wrong when I theorize, but here goes...) I'm wondering if the StormFaker isn't an avatar of Bavadin/Autonomy? And when it says it's leaving the Kholin family behind, that its next target was Ishar? I thought about Bavadin/avatars when I read RoW, because Ishar could open a perpendicularity. And maybe when Rayse/Odium said (in Oathbringer) "We killed you" about Honor and his splintered Shard, that the "We" wasn't Odium and Cultivation (though we know she was there), but Odium and Autonomy/Autonomy's avatar? As the OP said, it's a shambles for sure.
  6. Jorr-gunn ("J" like in Jasnah, = Jazz-nuh) Like, Jason Write is Jason, not Yason; and Robert Jordan is Jordan, not Yordan.
  7. Soundtrack for Wax & Wayne, out in the Roughs:
  8. Watching some clips of rhythmic gymnastics on YouTube and had a Sander-moment (just for fun!): When book 2 comes out, might Rithmatist Gymnastics help our heroes win the day? Or, on Roshar, will we ever see Rhythmic Gymnastics of War? OK, OK, apologies for being so silly. Back to my to-do list now.
  9. That is so interestting, because when I was young (60s-70s) almost all books were written in third-person were 3rd-omniscient - anything not 3rd-omniscient was first person ... at least, of the books we read here in the midwest. Probably fine arts-style literature was different, but I remember the teachers having to explain to us (in high school?) about character-specific POV writing. Quite a change, in my lifetime. Makes me wonder what's ahead?!
  10. I just wanted to comment that this thread is a great example of the Shard at its best: Sander-fans helping each other with kindness and respect, and positive vibes all 'round. Up-votes for both of you!
  11. I saw it Friday - wanted to make sure I caught it in the theater. Loved it. Really good job with her back story. One thing I expected at the end didn't happen: I would definitely go see it again. LOL, my only downside of going to the movies these days is not being able to easily eat popcorn! I have 1 more month with these clear aligner-style braces - first thing I'm gonna do once they're finished is stop by the theater and buy a huge bucket of popcorn!!
  12. @Nameless - Thanks! That was my first guess, but the bottle in his hand was what confused me - I don't remember him drinking a lot in SA, but it's been a while since I read TWoK. @Halyo_Alex - Best Sander-joke of the week!
  13. These arrived last week with my box-o-swag, and wow are they ever gorgeous! Better than I had even imagined, and top quality materials too. I was even impressed with the box: the top opens like you'd expect, but the bottom is glued together - - this means that when you put the cards back in the box (to keep them nice, of course!), there's no edge for them to catch on & the whole deck slides straight in to the bottom. Classy. Question: Who is the other Joker card, apart from Wit? It's probably obvious, but I am stumped with that one - thanks for your help!
  14. It is a herb, and it adds more flavor. If you've ever had mashed potatoes at a Boston Market restaurant and wondered why they taste so good, this is why. (I never worked there, but the taste is unmistakable.) A package of bay leaves is pretty cheap - like $3? - so it's not a lot of $$ wasted if you don't like it. You can find them in the spice section of your local grocery store. Hope you give it a go!
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