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Weekly Roundup for October 4th, 2021: Lots of Book and YouTube Updates! Also, Way of Kings Leatherbounds and Strength Before Weakness T-Shirts on the Store!


?Weekly Roundup time! Lots of progress updates on books (Wax & Wayne 4, Skyward 4, and an unspecified book that's probably a Dark One story), and lots of YouTube stuff coming up (two livestreams this month, and an interview with Will Friedle)! Also, The Way of Kings leatherbounds have been added to the store, as have Strength before Weakness T-shirts!

As is often the case, we begin with an update on Wax & Wayne 4: The Lost Metal has officially been sent off to the beta readers. As mentioned last time, Brandon plans to do the next revision in spring, giving the community beta readers and the editors plenty of time to get all their feedback in and organized.

Now that that's out of the way for now, he will be starting a revision of a story he is co-writing with Dan Wells for Mainframe. While Brandon did not give a name for it, Dan recently tweeted about finishing the first draft of a collab named Dark One: Forgotten, so it's probably that. Forgotten will be a prequel to the main Dark One books, and an in-world "true crime"-style podcast featuring a journalist tracking a serial killer. No other information has been revealed, but that description plus the name should probably be sending some alarm bells a-ringing in the heads of anyone who read Dark One's first volume.

(For those curious, Mainframe's site also lists a story named Dark One: Prophetic Histories, which we know essentially nothing about.)

This will, however, slow down work a bit on the next item on our list: prewriting for Skyward 4 (which is at 20%). As a reminder, this final installment in the Skyward series—tentatively named Defiant—is expected to release spring 2023. However, the first draft is intended to be finished by the end of 2021, so that he can jump into Stormlight 5 come the new year.

In other things Skyward, Janci Patterson's first Skyward Flight novella Sunreach has been doing excellently in the ratings, currently sitting at:

Shameless plug, since we're on the topic of Sunreach reviews: if you've finished and want to see some full spoiler discussion about it, be sure to check out Shardcast, the official podcast of the 17th Shard (that's us!), which today released a Sunreach Minisode where you can hear some of our other staff discuss it.

As a reminder, you can find links to purchase Sunreach on Penguin Random House's website, as which also has links to order Skyward and Starsight, or to pre-order ReDawn (out October 26th), Cytonic (out November 23rd), and Evershore (out December 28th).

For a final bit of book news, Brandon gave a minor clarification on reading order: while it's recommended to read Cytonic before Evershore (which is release order), this is a matter of pacing, not spoilers, and if you really want to read the novellas all in a row, you can do that without ruining the Cytonic experience, it just won't be optimal because the stories were designed to read most naturally the order they're coming out in.

In addition to book news, we have … other book things! Ahem. Anyway, Dragonsteel Books will be selling a limited supply of The Way of Kings leatherbound editions left over from the Kickstarter for $200. They can be found on the store's website, and will be mailed directly from the bindery (this means they cannot be bundled with any other store items for shipping).

Once this stock runs out, they will likely not be reprinted until next year, though specifics are not settled yet. Any reprinted editions will not be signed, and may or may not come with the slipcase or genuine leather covers, since those were unlocked by Kickstarter stretch goals and are not the normal way Brandon's leatherbounds are done.


In another piece of merch news, Strength before Weakness T-Shirts are also now available on Dragonsteel's store. They cost $25 and are available from size Small to size 3X-Large.


Book news isn't the only news, however (though there's a lot of it)—we've got some YouTube news as well!

First up, Brandon will be doing two livestreams this month, instead of his usual one, but will not be doing any in November due to Cytonic's release and the Dragonsteel Mini-Con.

The first one will be on October 7th, alongside Janci Patterson. This will be a normal Q&A stream (theoretically spoiler-free, as usual; hopefully a Cytoverse spoiler stream may happen eventually but none have been confirmed), and presumably held around the normal time (usually his streams are somewhere around 6PM or 7PM MDT). However, timing has not been confirmed so please take that guess with a grain of salt and watch Brandon's Twitter for official announcements. Update: Confirmed to be at 6PM MDT, as expected. Stream will be up on YouTube at this link.

The second stream will be a fanmail stream at 3PM MDT on October 30th, where Brandon and his wife Emily will, dressed in costume, try and get through opening a large chunk of the fanmail they've been sent. For time reasons, questions will not be taken for this stream, outside of ones sent in with the mail. (Note: packages are pre-screened before he opens them, though the first time Brandon himself will be seeing anything will be on-stream. So keep it appropriate!)

In addition to the streams, Brandon interviewed Will Friedle at FanX, where the two discussed their favorite pieces of media and why they consider them to be so good. Brandon also says that there are other similar videos in the pipeline, though he has not released details yet.

(No updates on the Script Notes video or movie review he mentioned a little over a month ago, unfortunately, but I imagine those will be coming out eventually as well.)

Lastly, just a reminder that Inktober is currently ongoing, and there's a great set of Cosmere-themed prompts made for it by our very own @FelCandy and Dragonsteel's Isaac Stewart! You can find art using the prompts on various social platforms, such as Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (close call on whether that last link was gonna work today or not…)

Which series are you looking forward to the continuation of most? And more immediately, which Skyward story seems most exciting? Alternatively, are you going to buy a leatherbound or T-shirt? Also, any cool Inktober art you loved? Wow, there really are a lot of things this week… Anyway, if you have opinions on any of those questions, let us know in the comments below!

Naturally, Brandon's Weekly Update video is on YouTube, and a transcript will at some point be uploaded to his blog.

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8 minutes ago, Use the Falchion said:

Nice post! In the original Reddit post about the two audiobooks, Brandon hints that Prophetic Histories is the adaptation of the outline in novel form. This may indeed change, however, and it's far from a guarantee. 

Interesting. Curious why he'd give it a different name, in that case, but that does seem to be the implication.

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