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Weekly Update 8/23/21


Brandon's latest Weekly Update is out, with updates on Wax and Wayne 4's second draft, the co-written Skyward novellas, the winning design from the T-Shirt poll, and upcoming YouTube content!

First off, more progress has been made on the second draft of The Lost Metal, the fourth Wax & Wayne book, bringing the progress bar to 40%! (The second draft generally goes pretty quickly for him, and this is about on schedule for what he plans.)

However, this next week Brandon will be taking a break from Mistborn to do a revision of Janci Patterson's third Skyward novella, Evershore (which will follow Jorgen). In case you've missed it, Brandon and his friend and former student Janci are writing a series of three Skyward novellas to tie into Cytonic, the upcoming third book in the series. The first novella will likely release a little over a month from now, and the second sometime between then and Cytonic's release on November 23rd. The third novella will likely come out shortly after Cytonic itself.

In other Skyward news, results are in for the T-shirt poll, and the winner is... the mighty Doomslug the Destroyer! However, as M-Bot hugging a mushroom was very close behind it, Kara has decided Dragonsteel will likely make shirts with both designs. Stay tuned for further news on that!

That's not the only thing in the works, though. A new Script Notes video is coming, though it will likely be a few weeks, as they take a lot of editing. No hints on what movie it's about, so keep your eyes peeled.

In addition to that, he also did an ordinary movie review that'll be coming out soon. As with Script Notes, no clues given on the subject, so we'll have to wait and see.


Transcript will be available on Brandon's blog when Dragonsteel is finished with it.


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