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[Update: Orders Back!] Dragonsteel Mini-Con 2021 Details Announced


Update September 17th (again): As of 2PM MDT, the online store has been reopened , this time on the main store page to avoid the bugs encountered with the other website.

Update September 17th: Due to some major technical issues, the online store has been temporarily shut down (ticket registration is unaffected). Make sure to watch Dragonsteel Books on their social platforms to find out when it reopens, and check the email you used for the order to see if you were affected by the bug.

The original article follows below.

Dragonsteel has finally announced details about the new Dragonsteel Mini-Con, being held just in time for Cytonic's release! Full details can be found on the official site, but we'll summarize the biggest pieces of information below.

First, though, it must be noted that while COVID-19 vaccination and masks are requested, neither is required for attendees.  Attendees who may be sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 are requested to stay home, but are not barred from going. Additionally, Utah's case numbers are high right now, and with increased traffic through the area due to the Mini-Con and Thanksgiving week, this may inevitably increase. Make sure to weigh the risk factors of you and those around you carefully when deciding whether to attend, and to follow Dragonsteel Entertainment's requests–such as getting vaccinated and staying home if sick–if you decide to do go. You can find the full COVID policy on their website.

If you would still like to attend, the Mini-Con will be held November 22-23, 2021, at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, UT. Nearby hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc can be found on Explore Utah Valley's page for the event. In addition to the various panels, there will be a spoiler Q&A for attendees on Monday, and on Tuesday, Brandon will hold a presentation and Q&A to celebrate Cytonic on the eve of its release–November 23rd. Admittance to this event will be available through a number of different ticket types.

  1. Free Pass: Entrance to Brandon’s Cytonic speech and Q&A, no guaranteed seating!
  2. Shipped Book Only ($20): Signed, stamped, and numbered Cytonic hardcover (shipped only), as well as online access to Brandon’s Cytonic speech and Q&A. Optional add-ons such as a personalization or swag can be purchased from the Mini-Con shop.
  3. Event Only Pass ($45): Access to the Dragonsteel Mini-Con and seating for the Cytonic speech. Swag items are not included but are available for purchase at the event.
  4. Book Event Pass ($65): Everything from the Event Only Pass, plus a signed, stamped, and numbered Cytonic hardcover (for pickup only), as well as one ticket for a drawing to meet Brandon.
  5. Swag Event Pass ($125): Includes everything from the Book Event Pass, plus a Cytonic Swag Bundle (shirt, stickers, bookmark, and pin) and Doomslug Plushie.
  6. VIP Event Pass ($200): Includes everything from the Swag Event Pass, plus an exclusive VIP check-in and book/swag pick-up, reserved seating for Brandon’s Cytonic speech and Q&A and exclusive VIP swag (what this VIP swag is is TBA).

Known schedule:

  • Preorders on the site open at noon MDT on Wednesday, September 15th.
  • Dragonsteel Mini-Con will run from 1PM to 10PM on Monday, and from 10AM to midnight on Tuesday. Check-in will begin on Monday at 10AM.
  • A spoiler Q&A will be held for con attendees Monday (time TBA).
  • The Cytonic release presentation and Q&A will be held Tuesday and run from 7PM to 9PM.
  • The exhibitor hall will be open Monday from 1PM–7PM, and Tuesday from 10AM to 10PM (but will be closed from 7PM to 9PM for the Cytonic presentation).

This year, exhibitors will only be licensed partners of Dragonsteel Entertainment. The current, non-final list includes:

  • Authors:
    • Brian McClellan
    • Dan Wells
    • Charlie Holmberg
    • Steven Bohls
    • Eric James Stone
  • Artists:
    • Isaac Stewart
    • Hayley Lazo
    • Howard Lyon
    • Bryan Mark Taylor
    • Steve Argyle
  • Merchandise partners:
    • Dragonsteel Books
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Forged Foam
    • Lightweaver Foundation
    • Sanderson Collectors Guild
    • The Black Piper
    • Brotherwise Games

What do you think? Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments below or in the thread in the Events forum!

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The store is asking for a password before letting me order tickets. Any idea how to get past that?

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3 minutes ago, spamilio said:

The store is asking for a password before letting me order tickets. Any idea how to get past that?

The online shop was shut down for the moment due to some technical issues at launch. Last I heard, tickets were unaffected, but maybe that's changed?

I'll add something to the post about that. 

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