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Cosmere Avengers


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This is a fun activity rather than a serious theory.


You are creating an interworld team to combat Odium and the Ghostbloods etc. 

I'm going to suggest a limit of two characters per Shardworld, and no gods or near gods, though I'll let you set your own rules.


Whom do you pick and why? Thinking about how they interact as well as act. You can equip them as long as you can explain how they have access to that equipment. You can decide how much timeline timings matter to you personally


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I pick one person: Vin. The GBs have now joined the anti-Odium coalition, as Kell is going to help his daughter.

Oh, I get more people? Elend.

So that’s two powerful Mistborn, plus the Fullborn and his ‘crew’ they just converted...

Nalthis: Vasher and Nightblood.

Sel: Shai. Although her powers won’t work she has many other abilities that will.

Taldain: Khriss for her knowledge. Kenton for his skill.

Threnody: Nazh, because he comes with Khriss. Silence because she’s awesome.

First of the Sun: Sixth of the Dusk and Vathi, if only because they are the only two characters we have from there.

Roshar: Dalinar, as the Stormfather’s Bondsmith. Kaladin because... I think this is obvious.

Yolen: Hoid and Frost, the only two non-Shardic beings we know came from there. 

Yeah, Odium is chull food. Now, if we can just keep Kell and Hoid from each other’s throats...

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Super fun! 

Roshar: Kaladin (because well, he's Kaladin Stormblessed) and Ishar (he knows more than Dalinar does, so until Dalinar reaches his level...Ishar it is)

Mistborn: Obvious, Vin and Elend. GB wouldn't dare to strike their own.

Nalthis: Nightblood and Vivienna/Azure's sword because terrible things will happen when they combine and Odium already knows how terrible NB can be. GBs can diminish themselves in aftershock. 

Taldain: Khriss and Kenton. Too bad we can't take Bavadin. 

Threnody/First of the Sun: (Uh...haven't read these book. xD) 

Yolen: Frost and Hoid...wippeee, bye bye Odium. 

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Mistborn: Wayne and Marasi

Roshar: Venli and Leshwei (Although I guess she's kind of a god) so Rlain

Nalthis: Nightblood, I mean come on, and Vivienna

Taldain: Just a whole bunch of sand

First of the sun: A couple of those death-seeing aviar

Yolen: Hoid because he's the only character we've met

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Ooh! This is fun! :D

I went more of the “Cosmere knowledge and science” route than pure combat effectiveness/magical powers.

  • Vin. Good relations with Kelsier. Very sneaky, so she fulfills the “Rogue” archetype. Also a really good fighter capable of fighting foes with gravitation without the fear of falling.
  • Marsh. Very proficient with hemalurgy, so we can have that magic system on our side. I’d very much like to see how we can steal various surges from fused. Also is a full feruchemist and allomancer, so he’s practically immortal.

With both Vin and Marsh, I think we can rely on Kelsier to help, but not take over. I think we can count on the Marsh-Vin tag team to keep him in line.


  • Nightblood. For very obvious reasons. The question is who to wield him? It’s possible that Marsh’s compounding could allow him to hold Nightblood indefinitely, which is somehow scarier than Szeth with Nightblood.
  • Vasher. Another Cosmere scholar. He can help Marsh with all his hemalurgy.


  • Khriss. Again, getting all these Cosmere scholars together to take down one goal seems very promising.


  • Dalinar. I feel like with Khriss and Vasher here, Dalinar will catch up on the Bondsmith training he’s missed and come up with some interesting uses of connection. Plus whatever’s going on with him and honor’s splinters/unity.
  • Navani. She’s a second Bondsmith, plus she knows probably the most about fabrials out of every living character. My main reason for including her is actually for cohesion (no, not the surge). A lot of these people have very strong personalities that would grade on each-other, and I think Navani could help smooth some of that tension (pun very much intended)
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Okay, this is fun.  Let's see here...

Scadrial: I'm gonna go with Vin, because obviously, and Wax.  

Taldain: Kenton and Aarik, because I think he's cool.  (Aarik can be Hawkeye - no superpowers, very cool.)

Sel: Not sure... it's been a while since I read Elantris.  Maybe Hrathen.

Threnody: Nazh and Silence.

Nalthis: Nightblood, obviously, and Vasher, because someone has to keep the sword in check, and Vasher knows how to deal with Nightblood after all this time, I think.

Yolen: Hoid.  'nough said.

And Roshar: Kaladin and Navani.

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Sel: Shai, and maybe Raoden, he fixed the Dor so he might be able to get the magic to work, or we could just have it work.

Scadrial: Vin and Elend, because I doubt Vin would join without him.

Nalthis: Susebron, because Tenth Heightening monster.

Roshar: Szeth and Shallan.  If you even need to list people from Roshar since that's where Odium is.  I can think about eqipment and iteractions in a bit.

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