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Rhythm of War Online Release Party 11/17/20


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I loved hearing from the artists themselves.  Seeing the sketches of the front cover layouts was really neat.

The digital artwork they are showing are so much brighter than what is printed in my books.  I wonder if there is a way to download those images to explore the details in them.  They are so brilliant on the screen. 

I also loved the explanation of the Eshoni/Venli combined symbols and the inverse for the flashbacks.  I would love to have all of the chapter symbols in one place explained like that.  Someone should put those on an Epic Bookmark!

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9 minutes ago, aneonfoxtribute said:

So will the unanswered questions that were sent in just not be answered, or will he perhaps keep those questions for future signing streams and answer them there?

Isaac mentioned that there were 6,800 people who could be joining the livestream, so if only half of those who pre-ordered asked a question that would be 3,400 questions!

3 minutes ago, JoyBlu said:

Sixth of Dusk!!!! Sixth of Dusk!!!!! Sixth of Dusk!!!!!

Holy CRAP!

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fixed the math, duh
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