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The Last Post Wins!!!!!

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MOD NOTE: Posts that have only one or two words aren't generally okay, or posts that repeat what you've said before exactly, posts with only emojis, posts that contribute nothing to the conversation at hand, *wins*/I win spam, and posts that exist solely to try to win, such as someone saying "I like this" and someone else going "me too".

Ok 17th sharders, here's a little something that we'll all probably regret.  

This is a forum game, and like forum games, it'll probably never end.  The rules of this particular game are simple; post and continue posting until everyone but you stops posting.  In other words, post until you get tired and ask a mod to lock so you win (not really please don't).  There are also some restrictions lest we get this locked.  Don't post spammish or offensive things on here, and please by courteous to ones fellow man.  


Note: this has been edited to be more specific once I saw that this was actually going to be a thing.

P.S. I should make a cool banner that you all can put in your sigs.

On that note, start posting lads!!!

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3 minutes ago, Kaladin78 said:

Not rly.  I would have been very depressed.  Especially since this kind of thing is such a hit on other forums.

Well we're not always quite like other forums :P

Though once this catches on, it may spread like a wildfire...

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Except for the fact that if he does, then we will all come back and start the process all over again.  If it ever reaches that point.  I saw one of these on another forum reach 2000+ pages, and it's still going as far as I know... Oh gosh, what have I started.

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