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  1. Shana sagged against the stone around her, her heart beating like a drum. She was shaking she realized belatedly Rob's words ringing in her ears. He couldn't fall. What had he meant? That he had to go on with this path, because everything else would be falling? That he needed a way out, because his current path was leading him to doom? She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, slowly calming. No, she had to think about it from his point of view. He had wanted to end this war. They had planned to do this. He had wanted to be strong, a solid rock. Now he was unable to feel anything. And if he failed in his quest, if he failed and fell - then there would be no further way. She considered that interpretation and sighed. She didn't know. Before she would have been able to guess what he meant but now, he was so different now. Maybe he had talked about literal falling to the ground. "Cassie, we're ok. Please go help Shana." She heard Ben's voice from the side and pushed all thoughts of Rob aside for the moment. They would meet on the battlefield and she knew that only one of them would leave alive. There was no other option. "Ben." she tried to turn her head to see him and cursed when the stone didn't allow that motion. Gently she reached out for the stormlight in her veins, dragged it up to her skin, made it flow along her spine and face. It was wild, a tempest to be reigned in an she smiled when she focused on its power, on its wonderful raging. As she had trained she pushed it outward, reached for the stone and ripped it apart. Dust fell to the ground around her and she stood on her feet again. James' bedroom wasn't only frozen in a half molten state, but now also had a Shana sized hole in one of its walls. Not that it really mattered she supposed. He'd needed a new room anyway. Quickly she turned towards the door and saw Ben, safely behind something that looked like an energy shield, but most likely was something James could do. He was alright. Relieved she took a step towards him and forced a smile on her face. When this shield was gone, she would rush over and have him take her in his arms. Hold her for a moment. Loss made her heart weigh a thousand tons when her eyes moved over the window again. Rob was gone. The one who walked around was nothing but a husk. She still hoped that she would be able to come up with something, anything to make him remember, to make him feel again. It had worked, a little at least. So maybe, maybe it would work again. Although deep down she knew that this was a futile hope. He was gone. That he had allowed her to live had been nothing but a last tiny flame of the one he had been. "Guess we'll have to come up with a battle plan." she said pretending to be firm and relaxed, while she inwardly squirmed at her own words. "We know where he wants to go and as he's already on his way we don't have any time to prepare. I won't be able to defeat him on my own, now with his powers amplified. Any ideas?"
  2. Rob pushed her deeper and deeper into the melting wall. Her back felt wet, stone ran over her shoulders, along her face. His grip was tight, painful on her arm, her shoulder as he held her in a grip she would be hard pressed to escape from. "Rob." she looked into his eyes again, saw nothing there but cold emptiness. A streak von stone ran along her face and tried to move away from the wall, from the liquid that would swallow her, that would suck her in, cover her mouth and face. He would drown her. Shana reached for his hand, tried to pull it away from her, fear making her forget everything she had been been taught. She pulled, screamed, but he was stronger, his grip not changing at all. Without any stormlight she didn't stand a chance against him, at the height of his power. Shana. She tried to move her head away from the wall, away from the stone running over her neck, tickling along her face, but only managed to push her legs deeper into the pudding like substance. Shana! Her hands reached for his again and she felt his skin under hers when she tried to loosen his grip. Looked up into his face, cold like stone, his hair ruffled, his clothes covered by the molten stone where she had touched them. He felt so distant, like a person she'd never known. He's waiting for an answer. Mahad's words reached her ears while she tried to free her arm and made her pause. An answer. He waited for an answer. Taking a deep breath she felt some stormlight move into her, clearing her thoughts a little, pushing the fear back. He wasn't trying to drown her just yet. He waited for an answer. He'd asked if she'd would help him. Shaking she took another deep breath, tried to ignore the cold stone enveloping her sides and back, realized only then, that Mahad was right. Rob wasn't pushing her deeper. Not now at least. "Together we're unstoppable." she repeated their earlier conversation, her voice still shaky and weak. Hating herself for that she grit her teeth and inhaled again, filled herself with light that danced inside of her body. It was warm and familiar and she concentrated on it instead of the death looming behind her. She placed one hand on his shoulder, so that she might have a chance to hold on to him, should he decide to run and took another breath, calmed herself, wrestled her emotions back under control. Doc had told her, that being a Dustbringer was all about self-mastery, about controlling yourself. Rob had always tried to be calm and stoic, a rock she could rely on, while she was more like a flame, that burned hot and fast. She was really bad at being a Dustbringer. But still - together they were unstoppable. She looked into his eyes again, tried to come with something, with anything useful, but all ideas eluded her. She had no clue how to get him back on track. Her fingers tightened around the fabric on his shoulder, a vain attempt to hold on to the Rob he was before. "You ask for my help, but will you accept it the way I think is right? Will you accept me aswell, not only my surges and weapons?" she looked into his eyes, heard the challenge in her voice and knew that he couldn't. Not if he was as far gone as he seemed to be. "I will always stand by your side." Her other hand tapped against his chest. "Your side, not this husk you've turned into. We need to end this war and I know that it will be bloody. Change always is. But that's my job." she was crying again, but right here and now she didn't care. Rob knew it all. "It's our job. Together. Not you going on a killing spree alone that will change nothing, because everybody will hate us even more afterwards." She looked to the side, relief flooding her when she heard Ben's spren. They were stumbling out of the door, but she suspected that it was some kind of trick. At least one half of her heart was safe. He would be fine, she had to make sure that he would be fine. And that meant - her eyes moved back to Rob. That meant finding a way to deal with the one who held to other half of heart. Shana. Mahad whispered in her ear. These words aren't your words yet. She shook her head, not really understanding what he meant. Right here and now it didn't matter. "I can offer you a choice." she told Rob, her voice calm and sure of herself, an idea forming in her head. It was a desperate attempt to use what they had to make him feel again, to make him see what killing all these people would mean to others. But it also meant risking everything, maybe hurting all others she loved in the process. All for a chance to stop this war from reaching a new scale. All for a chance to save one. "I will fight by your side, but we'll do it my way. We'll end this war and I will bleed for it, I will die for it if neccessary, but we won't add to the hate and the fear on both sides." "Or, you will have to deal with me right here and now. Because I will stop you from going on a killing spree and soaking the ground in blood." There was something there, something she couldn't phrase, couldn't quite grasp. She lowered her hand from his chest, opened it to show him her empty palm. "I love you, Rob." she told him, desperation creeping back into her voice. She couldn't loose him. She couldn't allow him to do this. Because if he went and killed all these people, there would be no way back. He would destroy whatever was left of him. He would destroy all chance for peace. "You're the brother I never had." She met his eyes again, tried to find more words, but then stayed silent. There wasn't anything more to say.
  3. The room melted. It was so strange, so unbelivable that it took Shana a moment to grasp. Rob. He was melting the room, drowning them all. Her feet started to slip and she froze. He was drowning them. Destroyed the ground, the walls, they would fall down, end up on the floor of the kitchen. She stared at him, tried to find something familiar in his face, something she remembered. There was nothing. Nothing but coldness, not a sliver of something. Instinct made her reach out to a wall, her feet slipping around, as the ground turned into a puddle. "Get him out." she shouted in Ben's direction and jumped. There was nothing else she could do or think of. This was no friendly match, not even one where they had agreed to go all out. He tried to kill them. He tried to end the war by killing them. They'd wanted to end this war, to find a solution. Unstoppable. Together they were unstoppable. She reached for Rob, for his clothes, tried to get a hold on him, as he was the only solid thing in the room, not affected by his own surge. She had no weapon, but in that moment in didn't matter. She knew what would happen if it came to a real fight, one on one. She hadn't been able to defeat him before, she wouldn't be able to do it now with his powers stronger than ever before. The thing was, she didn't want to defeat him. First she had to stop him from killing her, no their, friends. And then she had beat enough sense into his head that he could see how much crap he was doing. And then. Then they would end this war. Somehow. But for now - one thing after the other.
  4. Shana stared at the letters, read them again and again and again. Her thoughts whirled in her head and she noticed Rob leave the room, but couldn't quite bring herself to follow him. He was weird - but she pushed the thought away, it was normal to be weird after what they had found out. What should she do. There were others, the Voidbringers. It was just so much. They had celebrated a wedding and now, now it all fell to pieces. If this was right, then - she lifted her head and rushed to the window, had to look at the house, at the yard, at the tree she used to climb out at night. If these letters were right then it would all break apart, then they would all disperse, then this whole living together thing had been a failure. And she would be alone again. She close her hand around the letters, not caring that she crumbled them and ran out of the room, Ben, she had to find Ben she always had a good idea. A scream echoed through the house and she paused, confused, tried to find out where she was. Calm down. Her spren whispered to her. Control. Shana you need to stay in control. She noticed the words, and thankfully there was Ben, running into James room and so she followed him in, watched him kneel down next to James, saw Cassie and someone else eyes red like burning crystals. Wordless she stepped over, placed herself between Ben and the stranger, her heart sinking when she had the time to take him in. Rob. It was Rob. Suddenly it all made sense. The way he had acted, the things he'd said, how he had judged situations, the decisions he'd made. "Rob." she whispered her voice breaking. Red eyes. He was a Voidbringer. Maybe. Maybe he was something else. Ben was the scholar, he would know. But Rob, he was changed somehow. He was different. Evil? Maybe. How could she know. It was Rob. He was the one who spent days laughing at her bad jokes. He was the one who would duel her in earnest. He was the one who shared her taste for movies. He would listen to her. He was Rob. Nothing else, but Rob. "What did you do?" she asked, tears running down her cheeks, her hand still extended to the side, Ben and James behind her. He was her best friend.
  5. Alright! Would something like that work for you: - they track the thief down in the open (or inside and then the fights moves into the open? Could be nice to throw someone through the window or the like) open because that way a part of the fight could happen in the air -location: either a marketplace or maybe a little house? -do you want me to come up with some background for the thief? I can do that and run it by you, or you can question the guy, whatever you prefer.
  6. Vivi walked over to the window, her copper a gentle flame in her stomach. She liked it. It was so calm and comfortable. In the weird way that fire was calm. So calm was probably the completely wrong word. Comfortable was probably better. She looked down, but couldn't see someone climbing up and so she turned back to Willow. The others will take some time to climb up. Willow wrote, used letters scrawled in the air instead of speaking. And we are already ahead... perhaps we should remain that way? Vivi looked down again and then quickly stepped back from the window. She gave a curt nod and then wrapped the rope another decoration to secure it. Leaving was one thing, letting someone else fall to their death an entirely different one. "Stay close." She whispered to Willow and fueled her flame with more copper. "I'll try to hide us from their senses." She took a moment to brush her fingers over her rapier, ensured that her backpack sat comfortably on her back and then opened the door again. Her heart beat a load rhythm in her ears and she grit her teeth, forced herself to take a deep breath. Calm. You can do this. You're not alone, you're with someone else. She looked back at Willow and her eyes moved over the other one for a moment. You're with someone amazing. Dangerously amazing. Willow could probably defeat her in seconds, but Vivi found she didn't mind. In contrast, maybe, maybe she could stay with her. Not in her flat, but maybe they could stay in contact afterwards, meet again. If they got out of this house alive. With a grin she gestured for Willow to follow her and slipped out into the next hallway. It was silent, eerily so. Vivi stayed close to the door and kept an eye on both directions feeling slightly uneasy. It's silent she told herself. Silence was better than the shrieks of the monsters. The monsters were silent before they attacked. She reminded herself and placed a hand on her rapier, although she wasn't able to see anything apart from an empty hallway.
  7. Do you have a preference regarding the thief? @EmulatonStromenkiin
  8. Sorana


    Mike, Edo Lane, Flying, on his way to the center of the Dominion I never called you a hero. Mike corrected him silently. A superhero was something completely different. But he didn't point out the difference, the pure fact that many superheros were evil and bad and liked to destroy, while heros were the good ones, like the old heros who had fought in the seven day war. There were some good superheros, too, he suspected, but he wouldn't count on it. He shouted in surprise when he was suddenly flying through the air, falling, no gliding towards the Dominion. His heart tried to jump out of his chest when he looked down and noticed how far up he as, how deep he would fall the moment this thing, he looked over his shoulder, this chute, decided to take a break. His hands gripped his device in a death grip and squeezed his eyes shut, too scared to look down or somewhere else. You won't fall, you won't fall, you won't fall, he told himself again and again, only to grit his teeth when the chute made a slight jumpy motion. You will fall, his thoughts immediatly told him and he gasped, only barely suppred another scream. You can't fall. The thought brushed through his fear, gently eased it away. You're a great swimmer. Joy rose in his chest when squid made a weird motion with his arms and legs, as if they were tentacles with bones embedded and opened his eyes again. She laughed at the air that brushed his face and repeated the motion, happy to be swimming again. You're not swimming, you're ... swimming. "O-er e magetplash" he tried to tell Balance where to land, staring at the larger marketplace, that was located near the center of the Dominion. Edo Lane ended there and he hope to find someone there who had seen the on they were following. His tongue felt strange in his mouth and he tried again. "O -e" he managed, before he quickly shut it again. Squids obviously couldn't speak. Right. But why his mouth. Why couldn't she grab his arms, or a finger, why had she changed his mouth. His annoyance vanished when the chute made another bumpy motion and squid grinned in joy. Finally. It had been too long.
  9. Vivi watched in awe when Willow leaped out of the window and easily covered the distance to the next floor with a single jump. She flew through the window like an arrow, glass exploding all around her in a beautiful rainbow. Vivi turned her head and looked through the shatttered window, watched her expertly getting back to her feet and scanning the room. Willow was nothing short of amazing. Vivi greeted her smirk with a wide grin and waited until she had pushed the window open, before she followed her into the room. It looked somehow the same. It was no copy, but it was the same style, the same tall rooms, the same kind of windows. Feeling strangely disappointed she walked over to a door, that might lead to another corridor and peaked outside. It was quiet, at least for now. So either all the creatures were downstairs, trying to get to their prey, or those that haunted this floor hadn't noticed them yet. A shivver ran down her back and she quickly closed the door again, decided that it would be better to announce their presence when the others had followed them upstairs. Instead she took a closer look at the few pieces of furniture, especially at the large closet. It's door creaked and she paused immediatly, strained her ears in a vain attempt to find out if someone had noticed them. On pure instinct she started to burn her copper again, feeling safer with its cloud covering the two of them. Hiding their presence fr the moment. She looked into the closet and was disappointed to find it empty, appart from two lone shirts that were lying in a crumbeled heap in a corner. Forgotten maybe. Or maybe nobody had use for them anymore. She left the door partially open, didn't want to risk another sound and instead toook a look at a small round table with two stools. It's legs were made of metal, swirly, just like most of the decorations and the stools looked very, very fancy and very, very uncomfortable. She brushed her fingers over them, noticed the thin layer of dust that covered them. Just like the closet, they hadn't been used in a while, probably left behind when the widow and her staff had moved to other parts of the castle to avoid the creatures. Dread settled in her stomach when she realized, that they had left the safer parts, the safer parts where some weird shape changing things had nearly ripped them all apart, that now they were somewhere far more dangerous. Or maybe not. She told herself. Maybe those chairs are as uncomfortable than they look and nobody had wanted to use them. Which didn't quite explain the nearly empty closet, but then, the widow was a single woman. She had no use for so many rooms and tables and closets. Vivi forced herself to kep her steps light and even when she returned to Willow's side, unwilling to show her fear a second time. And yet, she reached for more copper, its cloud offering some kind of safety. Who knew. Better to give it a try with monsters, that hadn't spotted them, yet.
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    Mike, Mistkeep, above Wheelbarrow Street 14 Mike ignored the question and glanced around his eyes wide. He was flying. He was flying on some weird energy discus. With a laugh he fell to his knees and moved foreward, so that he could that a peek down. He stared at the city that was spread out under him, at the different districts that were so easily to distinguish from each other from that far up. It was easy to know where you were even when you stood somewhere down below on a street, but from here, some places looked as if the borders between the districts had been drwan with a ruler. "He is a superhero." he had muttered to himself and glanced over his shoulder, up at the man standing there, eyes glimming a soft blue. Just like the movies. Mike stared at his calm face, at the self confident posture, recalled the buzzing voice. Whoever that guy was, he was strong. He knew what he wanted. No unemployed thief that used to belong to guild that no longer wanted to have someone like him. He had been cast out - again. They had taken everything from him, they had offered him up for experimentation and then, then they had thrown him away. Mike slung his arms around his upper body, eyes leaving Balance and going downwards again, back to the city. His home. The place where had been born and grown up. The place where he would die. Feeling cold and alone he reached into his pocket and reached for his small device, checked it for news. Then he opened a map of the university district and with a quick movement of his hand projected it into the air between them. "Pick up was over here." he tapped the Failed Exam and colored the building green. "He has been spotted there," his tapped a small alley close to the bar and left a red dot. "There, on that corner and my newest sighting claims, that he is heading towards the Dominion." He drew a line along Edo Lane, the large street that would lead their target directly the Dominion's center.
  11. “Do we have any idea what will happen if we leave the confines of the mansion? Will we even be able to get back in?” Perses question followed her outside as she shot a quick grin at Malsam. "I won't." At least she hoped that she wouldn't end this adventure by falling out of a window. That seemed to be an awful embarrassing way to go. Especially because it had been her own idea. She slung the rope around her waist to prevent it from dangling around her feet while she climbed and then took a deep breath. She could do this. She had to do this. Vivi held on to the windowframe with her hands, her left foot searching for a foothold and then she shifted her weight, clung to the outer wall of the manison like a spider. Carefully she looked up again, tried to make out the route she had chosen, her way along the larger decorations and swirls. When she saw her next handhold she lifted her left hand, grabbed a piece of stone, shot a quick glance downwards to see where her left foot would have to go and pulled. For a moment her heart seemed to stop in her chest, and she saw herself falling down, disappearing - her foot reached a nice swirl and she was standing again on both feet. Taking her time so continued to climb towards the window above the one where she had started, it wasn't far, but there was this part right underneath the next window where decorations had been used much more sparingly and she paused several times in order to ensure that her hands and feet were placed securely on the wall. Her hands reached the windowsill and she felt a thrill when she moved her right foot up, and then pushed herself towards the next window, excited that she had made it, that she climbed along the wall of a - the stone beneath her left foothold gave way, fell in cumbling pieces downwards and Vivi yelped in surprise, clung to the windowsill, while her foot scraped along the wall. Nothing. Breathing wuickly she felt her heart starting a wild race, her arms shaking a little from the wild fear that rushed through her. There was nothing there she could use and without her foot, she was lost, she was going to fall. There was no way, she could get onto that windowsill standing only on one leg, and she was already shifting, slowly moving over to the side, her whole position was based on her standing on both feet so that she would have her arms free to pull herself up. Her brother had been right, she was nothing but a child, nothing but an overconfident - Vivi grit her teeth and shoved her fear away, forced her arms and legs to calm. She could stand solely on her right foot, if she moved her balance point a little to the right side. She wasn't going to fall. Not immediatly at least. Looking upwards she moved her left foot over to her right one and slowly changed her position until she was free to go to the side using her right foot. Good. And now she had to move upwards, reach the window from the side, using the rich decorations that framed its sie and top. Vivi paused for a moment, took a few calming breaths and then pulled herself the last inches upwards until she finally, finally reached the next window. Only - it was closed. With a curse she leaned her forehead against the window rested for a heartbeat and then glanced into the room. The part she was able to make out looked empty, at least that part of her plan had worked. She pushed against the window, careful to stay where she was, but it didn't budge at all. No surprise. She would have a hard time to break through a window if she threw her whole mass into the blow and used a tool of some sorts. There was no way she would be able to break one open if she had to balance on a windowsill. With a sigh she pulled her feet up until she was standing fully upon the windowsill and then untied the rope. She slug it over one of the larger swirls above the window and then knotted it tightly around the swirl, used her body weight to ensure that the knot was tight and solid. It should work. Then she let it fall downwards, unable to suppress her sigh of relief when it stayed it place and didn't fall to the ground. "The window is closed and I'm not strong enough to break it open." she shouted downwards. "Can maybe someone come up who can do that?"
  12. Sorana


    Mike watched him go, calmly stayed where he was, carefully contained his urge to move, to run. Only when Balance wasn't able to see him any more did he start counting. To hundred, and then again. And then he started to run. Back to the other room, where he opened the hidden door by pressing his palm against the wall, the gentle green announcing that the motivator had accepted his signature, the soft click announcing that the lock was open. Mike rushed through the door, firmly locked it behind him again and then shot along a corridor, around a corner, down some stairs. His foot caught on one of the steps and he stumbled forward, missed the next step and tumbled to the ground, falling down the remaining staircase in an undefined lump. With a groan he hit the floor and lay still for a moment, before he slowly got to this feet again. His arm hurt, his right knee throbbed and the rest of his body protested as well. "Squid." he hissed and pictured the little creature jumping back into the darkness that housed them all. "Running down stairs is dangerous." his words sounded empty, like a mother who repeated the same phrase again and again and again. His fear that had driving him run had vanished and he continued his way more slowly, limped along the next corridor until he reached his home. He unlocked another piece of wall, that turned into another door at his touch and stepped through. On the other side of the door he paused for a moment, sorted his thoughts before he made his way around the room, picked up a bag and started to stuff things inside. After he'd packed he sat down on a chair and pulled his shoe off, took a good look at his foot. It was red, slightly swollen and it hurt. With a sigh he wrapped it in some strip of cloths he had cut from an old shirt whose holes had made it impossible to be worn anymore and then put his shoe back on. He slung the bag over his shoulder and pulled out a small device. Pick up complete. read a new message and he checked its time stamp. Only a few minutes. He left his room while typing another message to one of his contacts, asked them to take a close look at the street, described the bag he had used. Then he sent the same message to another one and grit his teeth. The ten chrysts wouldn't be enough to pay them, but if he went without food for another day or two, he should be able to stay in their good graces. With a grimace he sent the message to a third person, inwardly saying good bye to the new warm coat he had planned to buy using the money from the theft. When he joined Balance on the top of the building he kept some distance between them. He didn't trust the guy and the last thing he planned to do today was to try out if he could survive a fall from a building. Which he couldn't. "The motivator has been picked up." he informed Balance. "Are you able to track the new person as well, if I show you the area where the pickup happened?"
  13. And that easily it was decided. Vivi's eyes rested on Willow for another moment, something about the way she shook her head and presented an empty hand was odd, as if she was trying to tell them that she wasn't advanced enough to have a blade, but wasn't really sure herself? Whatever it was, she wasn't going to puzzle it out by staring at her. Instead she shot her a bright smile. "Wish me luck." she asked her and finally let got of the mirror, careful to stay outside of Byron's bubble. "Here." she gestured towards the best way to place his hands on the rim of the mirror. "Thank you for taking over." Then she walked over to the window and set her backpack down. Willow's, no her knife in hand she climbed onto a windowsill and cut one of the curtain's off. It fell to the ground and she follwed it with an easy jump, landing softly on her feet. Despite the slight craziness of the general idea of climbing around the outside of a magical manor, she was excited. She loved the prospect of the challenge, the idea of doing something slightly mad. With a smile on her face she cut the thick curtain into strips and then knotted them together to improvise a rope. Additionally the others might be able to use the knows as additional foot holds, if her knots held. She gave them a glance and then offered her improvised rope to the room. "Could someone test the knots?" she asked. "Maybe pull them a bit tighter?" Quickly she placed it on the ground and stepped over to the window, opened it. She picked up her backpack and slung it over her shoulder again, this time using it's additional straps to secure it around her hip and chest. Then she hopped onto the windowsill again and leaned outside, took a closer look at the decorations. She should be able to do that. They weren't large, but the were large enough to provide good spots for her hands and feet. Folling the pattern she looked up, tried to come up with a good way she could follow on her way to the next floor. Byron was right she noticed. Looking at the place from outside it appeared to be smaller somehow. A real magical manor. Still holding on to the window she turned to the others and extended a hand towards the rope. It was time to finally get moving.
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