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Skyward: Nov 06, 2018 [Orem, UT] (Barnes & Noble – University Crossings Plaza)


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On 11/2/2018 at 10:11 PM, Aerim said:

I went to a signing 3 or 4 years ago in Nebraska, but all I did was gush about how much I love Mistborn. I know, so original.

Trust me, we've all been there. I've been in this fandom for a decade, have met Brandon almost every year, and I still get my tongue twisted sometimes. And, as someone who has gone through dozens of hours of audio on Arcanum, I can assure you that gushing about your favorites is something Brandon genuinely enjoys, so no shame there!

On 11/2/2018 at 10:11 PM, Aerim said:

Does anyone have advice on how to determine if your question or a similar question has been asked before? I have found and read through some of the posts on the Arcanum, but there is so much information there and I found it only recently. I guess I haven’t looked at search options on Arcanum so I will do that! I just wouldn’t want to “waste” a question!

You could post them here (preferably behind a spoiler tag, just in case) and ask for feedback.

On 11/2/2018 at 10:11 PM, Aerim said:

Anyone have any other advice? I’ll probably be attending alone, and I like to know as much as possible before doing things alone to avoid any potential embarrassment! Seriously contemplating just attending the beginning and not getting anything signed so as to avoid standing in line by myself! 

Find a buddy when you get there. Standing in line alone is not fun, and with the number of people from this community who will be going, you should easily be able to arrange some meetup. The social aspect of those events is nearly as valuable and memorable as meeting Brandon himself.

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I'll be in the wristband line tomorrow morning, hopefully around 8:30, and I plan to meet up with R'Shara and whoever else at 6:30 in the fantasy section of the store.

Also, is there anyone who can't make it to the signing who would like me to ask Brandon a question for them? I don't have one specifically in mind for myself.

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3 hours ago, Mason Wheeler said:

Blargh.  I have to leave for work before 9 in order to be off work and back here in time for the event, and I'm sure I'm far from the only one in that particular boat.  Why do the people running this not take that into account? :(

So I dropped by the store on my way in to work, and @JoyBlu recognized me, showed me where the sign-up sheet was, and offered to get my wristband and buy my book for me and let me pay her back tonight.  This fandom is awesome! :D

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I didn't get much this time. There weren't any outlets available, and my computer ran out of power before Brandon was finished with the reading.  (One of the more interesting ones quite in a while!  He was reading a Taln POV scene from Way of Kings Prime, for the first time ever according to him. I saw @OrangeJedi recording it and I hope his came out well!)  So I wasn't able to record people's questions during the signing portion, and I ended up not staying for the whole thing anyway because it was getting really late and I had work today that I couldn't skip out on because work-related reasons.  :(


I did manage to get in one question during the general Q&A, though:

Q: Several times we've seen Shards that can hear people's thoughts, or send thoughts to people.  What we'd call "telepathy" in another setting.

A: Yeah...

Q: Are there any Shardworlds that have a magic system where ordinary people get telepathy?

A: I don't want to actually canonize this yet, but yes, I do have a really fun idea for a world like that in the Cosmere.

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What a fun signing!  Everything from standing in  a cold line at 6am (I have book #15 woo hoo!) to a 1am breakfast at iHop with not-so-strange “strangers” I met at the book signing. So great to see all my Oathbringer line friends and to make new friends. The Dragonsteel staff and volunteers were kind and helpful as always!

Loved all the different mistcloak versions of costumes. I dressed up as a Aviar Bird (chicken) from Sixth of Dusk. I said I was Kokerlii— but Brandon told me that he imagined Kokerlii as green and red - and since I had more colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) i was a different type of Aviar than Kokerlii was — but i was dressed up as an existing Aviar! (I just don’t know my name yet!). I was able to get several fun questions answered.

Q: Are nightmaws similar to dinosaurs?

A: (paraphrased) yes — but they have feathers  (and he went on to describe nightmaws)

Q: what is you First of the Sun name?

A: Brandon is a first born and was born in the morning.


Q: Can you confirm that Shallan is the biological child of her dad (Lin Davar)

A: (he debated whether to RAFO this or not, but ultimately he gave me an answer). Yes she is. 

— dark-eyed Tarah is not Taravangian’s granddaughter (even illegitimately) but Taravangian has lots of kids and grandkids and has had more than one wife and I got the impression he may have had mistresses. It’s possible Taravangian could have a dark-eyes grandchild but he hasn’t decided that yet.  

JoyBlu: There are lots of little kids running around in Oathbringer



Sah’s daughter Vai

Taravangian’s Grandkids (Gvori, Karavangia, Ruli) plus one Shallan drew

Hoid’s awakened doll girl (Kheni & Cob) raising orphan

Q: How old will these kids be at the end of Stormlight Ten?

A: RAFO (with a smile) 

Q: How does Szeth know how to write and what language did he write in with Gavinor’s blood?

Szeth’s name — when did it change to son-son? Was it when he became truthless or before?

A: Atheli, and it was part of his training. His named changed when he became truthless — which was relatively recently.


— other things that will be on the recording that were longer answers  Hoid/Wit and Vasher/Zahel have met but are not necessarily aware of the full extent of each others abilities

— How Tein & Kaladin’s powers are connected. It’s all about connection to a person (not a physical place or through genetic heredity) although more Spren are gathered about bodies of water in the physical world because that is where the Spren live in the cognitive world. And where more Spren are gathered the better chance you have of attracting a spren. So if you lived in proximity to water, then your physical location could influence bonding a Spren. 

-an Epoch is a relative term — not an absolute term  

Here are some photos I took from the event. If I tagged you, I believe you are in one or more of them. If you are in the big group photo and I didn’t get your handle, please let me know and I’ll add your sign to the group!

@Peng the Just @Ace0003 @RShara @Sunbird @1stBondsmith @the.fulgid @Stormlightning @Mason Wheeler @OrangeJedi @Slowswift @Doomslug









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