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  1. What can I say except You're Welcome!
  2. Here is Brandon's annotation for the prelude: Brandon Sanderson Prelude In classic Sanderson fashion, the beginning of this book was the part to see the biggest edits. I usually start a novel, write from beginning to end, then go back and play heavily with my beginning to better match the tone of the book. Here, one of my big decisions was to choose between two prologues I had written out. One was with the Heralds, and set the stage for a much larger story—I liked the epic feel it gave, and the melancholy tone it set. The other was Szeth's attack on Kholinar. This was a great action sequence that set up some of the plots for the novel in a very good way, but had a steep learning curve. I was very tempted to use both, which was what I eventually did. This wasn't an easy decision, however, as this book was already going to start with a very steep learning curve. Prelude→prologue→Cenn→Kaladin→Shallan would mean five thick chapters at the start of the book without any repeating settings or viewpoint characters. This can sink a novel quickly. As it stands, this is the most difficult thing about The Way of Kingsas a novel. Many readers will feel at sea for a great deal of Part One because of the challenging worldbuilding, the narrative structure, and the fact that Kaladin's life just plain sucks. It seems that my instincts were right. People who don't like the book often are losing interest in the middle of Part One. When I decided to use the prelude and the prologue together, I figured I was all in on the plan of a thick epic fantasy with a challenging learning curve. That decision doesn't seem to have destroyed my writing career yet. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/255/#e7117
  3. I agree with all of this. It was my first cosmere book, and it felt like being tossed in the deep end. What I disagree with is that you think this is bad. I enjoy the sense of epic scope and wonder that comes with the steep learning curve. By now, the tease of ancient history is a trope unto itself, from Galadriel's voice over in the Peter Jackson LOTR, to the prologue to the Wheel of Time. The variety of prologues-(aharetiam, szeth, and that kid who dies in chapter one) serve to collectively make promises about what the series will show you. A useful comparison is GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire. Its prologue shows an expedition north of a magic wall, and the viewpoint character gets killed by an ice zombie. The series as a whole wants you to have the knowlege that an otherworldly army is massing, unstoppable and uncaring of borders because that distance--that all the main PoVs are fighting over meaningless things instead of putting aside their differences--is an important feeling to contextualise the story with. The prelude to the Stormlight Archive serves the same purpose--to provide the necessary emotional and philosophical context to read the series with. Questions about Honor and cowardice hang over the series as a whole, and that emotional plotline is paid off with Kaladin's choces to walk away from the honor chasm and later, to help the army of the only lighteyes people say is honorable. That isn't payoff unless there is the Prelude to set it up; some people don't read the epigraphs until later, and more than a few fans skip the interludes until after finishing the "main plot".
  4. Earlier in this thread I posted a parody of Modern Major General filled with MB era 1 spoilers called Skaa Rebelion General about the person who held that title before the events of TFE.
  5. Friendly reminder to all: spoiler tags are appreciated, but not enough. You need to identify what book or series is being spoiled as well.
  6. He says you will find out in a year and a half, so approx. stormlight 5's release. Could he be writing some interludes? In his most recent update, Brandon mentioned he would be writing the interludes after everything else if they hadn't been written when he gets to that point.
  7. I know it's not realistic, but I love the mental image of a mistborn trying to coinshot a dustbringer, and the coin strait up disintigrates into ash on contact.
  8. The full quote is that the dawnshard(s) are known to bind any creature, voidish or mortal. It makes more sense that honor was referencing the dawnshards' ability to be controlled by anyone--human or singer. I. E. Rysn is bound to "Change".
  9. Continuation of previous post- spoilers OB
  10. Soulstamps work on anything (we see them used on people, non-sentient objects, and the skeletons), so yes?
  11. Yeah, and Jasnah is the daughter of (Deceased) King Gavilar, which odiumium was correct about, and Adolin is the son of the new king, Highking Dalinar of Urithiru, which odiumium was also correct about. They described Shallan terribly, but technically correctly, which is the whole point of the thread.
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