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The book I bought today is

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Bought two Tom Sharpe books today - Wilt and The Great Pursuit - and a book called The Dictionary of Sarcasm.

Tom Sharpe is always great fun to read when I need a laugh.

And I was drawn to the dictionary. Since English is not my first language, I'm sometimes oblivious to sarcastic comments directed to me, so I guess I need a guide. :-P

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And of course these have nothing to do with Mistborn, right? :P


 Lol, no. Iron and Rust is historical fiction about Maximinus Thrax, first of the so-called soldier emperors, and the Mistwraith books are really called something about Light and Shadow, an ongoing series that's supposed to be 12 books or so (with 9  books out); Curse of the Mistwraith is the first of the series.


Though it would be fun to imagine how Roman history would have gone with some people being able to do metal magic. :)

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Only ten days this time, Theorymaker!


Oh, gosh, I love books.  I'm building up my personal library so I'll still have books by the time I move out of my parents' house.  I've bought many more books in the last month than I've read.


The Remembering by Steve Cash, great historical fiction with some great supernatural/magic elements to it.  Third in the trilogy; the first was my absolute favorite book before I discovered Brandon Sanderson (and remains the book I've reread the most times).


The first five books of Animorphs by K. A. Applegate.  One of my favorites as a kid and remains one of my favorite series.  I'm starting to collect them from the beginning.  I had a couple already and my dad is helping me out by picking up random titles he finds at the thrift store (cuz they're usually super cheap).


Schlock Mercenary #1: The Tub of Happiness.  I've already got 5 and 6 (one for being in the right place at the right time, literally, and one for helping Howard out with one of his book releases a couple of years ago) but this is the first I've ever actually paid for.  I loved the bonus story for this one and this issue in particular is great for showing off how far Howard's art has come over the course of his career.


With more to come!

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