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  1. Although didn't the books basically say that you chose which house you were in as much as the hat did. So presumably the characters would go into whichever house they felt fitted them best. In which case, Sadeas and potentially Shallan would be Slytherin, Navani, Hoid and Jasnah would be Ravenclaw, and the rest of the main cast would be Gryffindor.
  2. I think Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Delhi, and Mexico City? Not sure about the last one.
  3. I'm in the UK equivalent of junior year of high school and started reading Brandon all the way back in 2009. I still remember the Timewasters guide.
  4. Are multiple Elantris sequels planned?
  5. He usually takes a few months. Does this mean that the plot will be roughly the same as the original?
  6. I have always pictured Syl as blue for no reason. I also thought that Rock was black until my third reread and I still picture the Alethi as Germanic, even though I know they are not.
  7. So there must be something else in it, but I think that silicon dioxide must be an element of crem, because of the properties it displays, i.e. depositing stone, and being an ingredient of pottery.
  8. But people still drink stormwater even after leaving the crem to settle, which would give it ample time to dissolve, at least partially. Taking in large amounts of phosphates regularly would have to cause a phosphate od in some people at least, and since there have clearly been studies into crem, Kaladin, as an apprentice surgeon, would know about stormwater being poisonous to some people. So I think that crem cannot be a phosphate source, and the same argument applies to crem being a source of nitrates. And the fact that the highstorm deposits stone as stated in the WoB above definitely suggests that calcium carbonate or silicon dioxide is a component of crem. I am in fact now leaning more towards silicon dioxide, as a quick google search has revealed that pottery is made of silicon dioxide but not out of calcium carbonate.
  9. I don't believe the third option. Science seems fairly advanced on Roshar for its relative technology level and I just cannot see all the scientists missing that the crem is alive. But the first one definitely seems plausible.
  10. Perhaps Roshar's sun also has a peak wavelength further away from green than the sun so more radiation is absorbed by the plants. There could also be a possibility of some sort of chemosynthesis going on, either in the plant itself or supplied by bacteria. Does anyone know if Roshar is tectonically active? Also, crem seems to be less of an NPK fertiliser than something specifically tailored to Roshar's biology. This is based on two pieces of evidence. First, assuming that humans on Roshar are effectively biologically identical to those on earth, drinking that much NPK would have to have severe adverse effects on health, and Rosharans drink stormwater all the time. And although they let the crem settle out, the crem must be water soluble to be an effective NPK fertiliser. Second, there is no evidence of any algal bloom after highstorms, as mentioned above. Unfortunately, I have no idea what crem could be, although I agree that it could well be used for constructing rockbud shells, especially as it is used to create pottery.
  11. Just reviving this thread. Loncon starts tomorrow and I will be there from around 1-1.30pm from Thursday to Sunday. If anyone wants to organise a meetup at the convention, I would be happy to attend (perhaps we could grab lunch before). Can anyone going please comment on this thread so everyone knows who's attending. Cheers, cromptj
  12. PC. I like being able to use my machine for more than just playing games and playing blu-rays (which is all I have ever used my PS3 or). Plus, you end up spending about what you would to upgrade your PC on a new console, with no backwards compatibility for games. Plus steam sale. And having a movie on one screen while writing an essay on another and playing a game on an third(my essays suck) .
  13. I don't suppose we can change the acronym for the Emperor's soul to ES because whenever I see TES I think of the Elder Scrolls.
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