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New Reputation Levels!


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625 = Soulcaster

I need to collect some stormlight so I can turn all the furniture in my house to gold.

Thanks, Just to check, is that definitely the change point?



Suggestion, Claincy? Why don't you add some indicator when you've found a hard boundary, as opposed to one end of a range? So Cryptic could be [1050] to indicate that that is definitely where it starts, for instance.


EDIT: Also, theFallGuy is still Zucchini at -573.

Hmm, could make things clearer. Currently you can tell if something is a hard boundary by looking above or below it, but it might be nice for it to be clearer. When I have a chance I will try something and see if it helps :)



@Observer, thanks


Soon the rate at which new things are discovered is going to slow :(

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Maybe not the place to ask this, but I've been curious for a while- who is/was Zucchini, and what did he do to earn the infamy of an entire rep level named after him.

definitely not asking so I can be immortalised as a reputation name so my legend can live on forever, nope

I've also been curious about this. May I have a magical informative PM too?

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Toss me a PM while you're at it!

Bottom number for Envisager is confirmed for 415!

Are you certain that was the boundary?

I had a 413 marked as being an Envisager but that could have been a mistake.


It is indeed

Cool :)


I've put all confirmed boundaries in bold. Lemme know if that improves the readability.


I know as much about Zucchini as I feel any need to. Not all that much, and that's fine by me.

Edited by lord Claincy Ffnord
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Scanned the active posters for new numbers. Here are the range extensions I found. Some are only incremental, but a few close the gaps. Bold is a new hard boundary. Should be clear from the text, but italics highlight a lower bound while the rest are upper bounds. Unless I missed something, this should make 105 the lowest unconfirmed rank.


845 already Shardbearer

791 still Spinner
549 still Kings Wit
470 still King's tester
438 still Ghostblood
341 still Stormwarden
645 still soulcaster
298 still Silent Gatherer
196 still High Prelan
145 already Cobalt Guard
128 already Hazekiller
99 still Babsk
74 still Idrian Monk
64 already Obligator
50 already Grand
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I had you all the way down at like 835 and still shardbearer. I was feeling really bad about it though so upvoted you back up. If you change at 850, I can almost guarantee the shardbearer change was at 825. They seem to be changing in multiples of 25 at this level.

Edited by Awesomeness Summoned
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