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Philadelphia WoR Signing Reports


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The way compounding works, you can actually re-store the health in a metalmind and draw it again at whatever speed. You wouldn't need to burn it constantly, just frequently.

Indeed. First, you feruchemically store some health in gold. Then, you burn the gold with the feruchemical storage in it. This vastly increases (exponentially increases? geometrically increases? do we have a source on scale here?) the amount of health released from the burned storage. The compounder then takes that massive burst of released health and stores it in a separate goldmind for later use. Lather, rince, repeat.

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I went through the line twice and was able to ask all the questions I had planned on asking (except for one that I didn't remember until the drive home, but it was a somewhat silly question so no real loss). These are all paraphrased--since two different people were taking records (thank you NutiketAiel and Leiyan!) I didn't focus on trying to remember his answers word-for-word. 


Q. What plants and animals are used for fabric on Roshar, since they don't really have wooly animals there?

A. Most are plant-based. "Silk" is actually a plant called sea silk that grows in the ocean, some rockbuds have a fibrous interior.

I commented that I had expected silk to be more common there, since it comes from insect cocoons, but he said that insects on Roshar don't have fibrous cocoons but chrysalises comprised of stone and something that would dissolve in water.


Q. The letters in the Steel Alphabet look like they're made of visual symbols of each of the three magic systems (cuffs, beads, spikes), was this intentional?

A. Yes. They were deliberately made that way, altered from the older Terris alphabet.


Q. The dye in Hallandren, the Tears of Edgli--does the flower come in different colors, or is it something about the dye process that creates multiple different colors?

A. The flower comes in different colors.

Q. Does it dye different fiber types the same color?
A. No, it dyes different fiber types different colors.

Q. Theoretically, would it work on synthetic fabric?

A. I'm gonna say yes.

Q. Is it more fuel-efficient for Awakening than other sources of color?

A. Yes, it is excellent for Awakening.


Q. Any chance of seeing a Nightblood POV?

A. Yes, it is something that he's considered.


Q. Were there Desolations before there were humans on Roshar?

A. No.


Q. How were the Radiants able to summon their Shardblades (at the Recreance) if they'd already decided to break their oaths?

A. Something about how once you've bonded a spren that way, being able to use a shardblade isn't dependant on the Oaths. (I really need to go back and listen to this one, I don't remember his answer very clearly)


Q. Was Nohadon a Bondsmith?

A. RAFO (and he said it was a good question. I'm excited :D )


Q. What information do Stormwardens use to predict Highstorms?

A. Lots of information, some of which isn't actually necessary. The dates of previous Highstorms are important, and if they know when the last storm left the other side of the continent that's very useful (he listed more things that I don't remember).


Q. At the Recreance, were the Radiants deliberately trying to put Shardblades in the hands of non-Radiants? Since they left them all right outside a military base?

A. RAFO, he doesn't want to tell us everything before we read the books. 


Q. The in-world Way of Kings is over 4500 years old, right?

A. It was written by Nohadon (sneaky look)

Q. Jasnah pointed out that so much information about the Radiants was lost or corrupted, are we going to find out why tWoK is still around and intact? Is it in fact intact?

A. I will say that it's something where the original text is lost and all that survives is a translation.

Q. ... which may or may not be accurate?

A. Yes.


Brandon was super awesome for staying late and answering everyone's questions and the bookstore was super awesome too (seriously, if I was local, they would be getting all my business after this). Apparently, this was their first fantasy author event.


I believe Leiyan will be uploading her audio later today.

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Q:  What would Willshapers think of Adolin killing Sadeas?


A:  They'd be OK with it.

I am 95% sure this was asked by 17th Shard member Sweetness. (I'm reasonably sure since she said she would ask this for me) Also woohoo! The Adolin as Willshaper theory lives on!

The unforgeable metal in Emperor's Soul?

I am definitely of the opinion that aluminum=ralkalest. Perhaps someone should ask Brandon: "If a mistborn were to burn ralkalest, the unForgeable metal on Sel, would the rest of their metal reserves disappear?"

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We also were informed that the reading at our signing, the one involving a planet with a magic system based on gaining powers while ill, was from a planet in the Roshar System.


Wait, what planet is this? We've heard something about planets not from the books published? Where? When? Is this from one of the sample chapter of the unreleased books or something?  


And that is interesting, I knew all the Cosmere planets were from the same universe but I never considered they'd be a part of the same system. The third Mistborn Trilogy is going to be super fun. ^^

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Wait, what planet is this? We've heard something about planets not from the books published? Where? When? Is this from one of the sample chapter of the unreleased books or something? 

The greater roshar system includes Roshar, Braize (Odium's Home World), and Ashyn (where Silence Divine, the book referenced by cheeky, takes place).


I'd checkout the coppermind for shardworlds in both published and unpublished works.

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The unforgeable metal in Emperor's Soul?

Ooh, good catch, I hadn't considered that. Makes sense; it could be alluminum, or maybe one if its alloys- we know from Alloy of Law that some alluminum alloys (like those used in the guns and ammo of the Vanishers) are also resistant (for lack of a better term) to Allomancy, so it stands to reason that some of its alloys would cause reactions with other magic systems as well.

We have to be careful not to fall into the trap of just looking for examples of metals that resist the magic, though. Brandon specifically said that alluminum doesn't have the same effect on every magic system that it does on Allomancy; indeed, the word he used was bizarre, and when the man who came up with a magic system where you eat metal shavings to gain the power to fling coins about, emotionally manipulate others, see through mist and compress time says something is "bizarre," I assume he means it literally. ;-)

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The unforgeable metal in Emperor's Soul?

That was my thought as well. Especially given that it gets described with similar physical properties, if I remember right. (Something along the lines of not being very hard.)

Someone should ask Brandon if Rakelest is a natural metal of Sel and/or if it also messes with other magic systems than forging. If the answer to both questions is yes, we have pretty good indication that non Scardrial aluminiukm has magical properties, which in turn makes it very likely that Allomancers can burn non-scardrial metal without having any obvious RAFObait-questions.


Edit: Although this would make it kinda weired that something can be Soulcast into Aluminium. I wonder if it works the other way around as well.

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Edit: Although this would make it kinda weired that something can be Soulcast into Aluminium. I wonder if it works the other way around as well.


Why would it be weird? Remember, he said it works differently for other magic systems; we have no idea what it would do in relation to soulcasting, or any other kind of surgebinding! We can't just assume that aluminum will simply cause magic not to function like it does with Allomancy. Remember that even in Allomancy this property is inconsistent- the metal is resistant to the powers granted by the other metals, but it is also an allomantic and feruchemical metal with its own properties! It's not as simple as just assuming that alluminum will cause any magic system it encounters to simply fail.

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I wonder if there are any other materials that act strangely around the entire Cosmere. For Aluminum to be entirely unique in this seems bizarre.

There's that word again. :-) I don't think that it would be out of line for aluminum (and some of its alloys) to be unique in this way. After all, if many different metals caused bizarre reactions in multiple magic systems, we'd likely have seen evidence of it by now (especially on Scadrial, given the advanced nature of their metallurgy). That's not a guarentee, of course, just my opinion; you could still be right.

However, I think it would be wiser to be asking ourselves why aluminum has these unusual properties. What about it causes "weird" and "bizarre" effects in multiple magic systems? Perhaps aluminum has some as yet undiscovered and unexpected cognitive or spiritual properties in the cosmere.

Hell, for all we know, aluminum could be Adonalsium's god-metal. I'm not seriously suggesting that; my point is simply that there is still an awful lot about the cosmere that we don't understand. We shouldn't take anything for granted.

Edit: Hmm. Why does the forum say "calamity" when I try to type "H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks"? Must make it hard to talk about Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. :-P

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I've only recently joined these forums, and this was my first signing, but I have to say it was the coolest experience I've had with an author. I was actually the one to ask about the screaming in Szeth's head, and first he said it was a really good question. Then he said it was not from a spren, but that it did have something to do with being a Radiant. I don't remember if he said it was to do with the Skybreakers specifically, and he was coy when I pressed for more info. That would certainly account for the "devine" ability the Skybreakers showed. Just thought I would give a little more detail into the question.

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Here are the audio files from the Philly signing. =D


Opening Talk, some Q&A, Silence Divine Reading (1hr, 32MBs):



Q&A while signing books (3.5 hours, 100MBs):




I asked about the moons, the solar system, the sun, the planets...


He confirmed that the reading about a planet where sick people have special powers takes place on a planet in the Rosharn system.  Though I think this is widely guessed, he said he had never confirmed it before.


In general he was very tight-lipped about the Greater Rosharn System, which I thought was interesting!  I did learn that Nomon is the most massive moon, and that is visually larger than our moon (not actually larger, it just appears larger because it is much closer to the planet).  He would not confirm that Braize was the 3rd planet from the sun (I had thought I read an other interview where he says this, but I guess not?).  IIRC, he did mention that there were more than three planets in the solar system in general, but really only Roshar, Braize, and Ashyn are of interest.


He did tell me that the moons of Roshar relate to the Highstorms.  I didn't ask a precise enough question so they are related in some way, but I have no details.  He also didn't want to answer the question directly and seemed quite pleased that I had left him a lot of wiggle room to not answer.  So, oops!  However since he didn't want to give an answer, I think it confirms that the relationship is not something as simple as tidal forces.


Brandon said he was pretty sure I was right about the moons orbiting in the opposite direction than the planet's rotation (he wasn't 100% sure off the top of his head).  Though he did agree that there are no eclipses on Roshar, and confirmed that the moons have a high inclination which makes this possible.


I asked about the sun in the Rosharn system, he wouldn't tell me if it was the same stellar type as our sun, though he said that the fact that the Rosharn sun is described as white and our sun is described typically as more yellow is NOT an indicator of it being different.  Brandon did say that the Rosharn sun was younger and larger than our sun.

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On a side note, I didn't think that it needed to be confirmed that Silence Divine was in the Greater Roshar system? (checking, yeah he confirmed it back in October 2010)


Well, I didn't ask him to confirm it (I also thought it had been stated previously)... he just decided to say that it was -now- confirmed.  From near the end of the Signing Q&A file (around 3:26:00ish)


Brandon: There are three planets with sentient beings on them.


Me: Are there more than three planets in the solar system?


Brandon:  There are.  With non sentient beings.  There are three planets of importance.


Me: Roshar, Braize, Ashyn...


Brandon: You may have heard a reading from one of those planets today...


Me: I knew that!


Brandon: I have not reveled that though!  So it is confirmed.



Actually, now that I think of it...I don't think I remember reading anywhere else that there were three planets with sentient life on them!  Pretty sure we only knew Roshar and Ashyn had life....but not Braize?  Hmmm!!

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Okay I think this is the right signing... But here is a question/answer realhitvz from tumblr got:



For those curious my question to Brandon was “Could you use the feruchemical ability to store identity to heal yourself in the cognitive realm?” His reply, not verbatim but close enough, was “Yes, but you would need some sort of a workaround, Identity is useful for lots of things like that.”

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I have started transcribing from the individual Q&A audio, I have gotten through the first half hour. Here is the transcription so far if anyone would like to read it or add to it, otherwise I will be continuing it tomorrow.


(I have not done transcriptions before, please tell me if I should be doing the formatting differently. I am only transcribing the actual questions and answers, not extraneous dialogue, and while I'm trying to get it roughly word-for-word I felt it's unnecessary to record every "um" and "ah," etc. Each timestamp marks a new asker, and I've identified the askers when I can.)

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I believe that was someone else's addition, I know that someone else contributed to the transcription before I got back to it today (thank you, whoever you are!)


I probably should have just copied your transcription for your questions, it's more exact than mine ...


Who was it who asked if Nohadon was still alive? Is that a 17S member?

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