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  1. EHyde

    Steel Inquisitor cosplay

    a number of people had asked about that, so I put together a post here
  2. My Steel Inquisitor cosplay as worn at DragonCon 2015. For reasons of practicality, I didn't want to wear a bald cap, so I wore a hood the whole time.

    © Ellen Hyde

  3. I just finished binge-watching all of Yona of the Dawn, really enjoyed it, then I read all the manga that's out so far. I really hope the anime gets a second season!
  4. I just installed Cockatrice, if anyone wants to add me as a buddy there my username is fallenwithstyle. I'd mostly be interested in playing EDH.
  5. I went to the most recent pre-release when I was still a very new player, and still managed to have a lot of fun!
  6. I just started playing Magic this past fall and I've mostly been playing limited so far (I've built an EDH deck, but I don't have as many opportunities to play with it as I'd like). I tried playing Magic Online but unfortunately my computer (a 5yr old laptop) doesn't seem to be able to handle the software. Otherwise I would definitely add you!
  7. Well, I finished it and still really like it, but I can definitely see where you're coming from and why it might just not appeal to some people. Jemisin's style is very different than what I usually see in fantasy novels.
  8. I'm disappointed that Navani's not on the list, not so much because of her character but because I'd honestly be more interested in learning more about fabrial engineering and the more technological aspects of Roshar's magic systems than in having an entire book devoted to each order of surgebinding. I also ... well, I'm in the minority here for sure, but I'm not super excited about a flashback book for Dalinar, either. Sure, the stuff about his wife and the Nightwatcher is all mysterious, but as far as character development goes, I think that's been covered very well in the books already. Of course, I wasn't all that excited about a book for Shallan either, but now after WoR I care more about her than Kaladin, so. I trust Brandon's ability to make me care about what I'm reading I also wasn't at all excited about a book for Szeth, but then that surprise crossover happened and now I'm really excited.
  9. It would probably be wise to wait till I'm finished before asking what you didn't like about it, but I am curious. (and like I said, I'm less than halfway through--my opinion could change, this has happened before)
  10. I'm currently a bit less than halfway through The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin. I'd been hearing good things about it for a while and then seeing Brandon recommend the author bumped it up on my list, and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's cool to see a book that features gods taking an active role in the story, I feel that's something that (surprisingly, now I come to think of it) doesn't show up a lot in the high fantasy that I read.
  11. I would think a potential love interest who is guaranteed to be a Sanderson fan already would be even better (though if this is in response to me, I'm unavailable regardless )
  12. I'm at goodreads.com/e-hyde I only started using goodreads recently, but I'm trying to write an actual review (or at the very least a few sentences) about every book I finish reading, since I want to get better at talking intelligently about what I've read (you know, beyond "this was awesome you should read it!").
  13. (moving this to Creator's Corner) I am! Aside from costuming I also knit (I know how to crochet, but I'm not very good at it yet). Buying yarn for a new project is so much fun! I'm one of those people who has to have a project already in mind when I'm buying yarn, though often as not I'll later decide that I don't want to make that project after all ... that's how my stash grows. Are you on Ravelry? I'm EHyde over there, too. I'm not really into drawing/painting ... probably my favorite creative outlet after fiber arts and writing would have to be cooking.
  14. Believe me, I'd have told people about this much sooner if I hadn't had to sign an NDA They're pretty big on their secrecy!
  15. We have three cats. Phoenix is the smart one, she is also the most affectionate around people she knows, and the most skittish among people she doesn't. Banshee is loud, persistent, and playful, she is always asking for attention. Shadow is very relaxed and likes everyone and is ... not smart. I wrote a ketek about her when she was a kitten (it's in the keteks thread). Phoenix and Shadow Banshee
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