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Philadelphia WoR Signing Reports


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This is just a thread to make things a bit neater for reports from the signing tomorrow. The original thread has two pages of "who's coming?" and the like, so better to have a clean start with the proper tags.


Content to follow from various Sharders (myself included, hopefully) in the next few days.

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Just got back from the signing. It was a ton of fun, met a bunch of Sharders and it's really cool to see Brandon speak in person and to actually talk to him. He really is an awesome guy. :D


Anyway, you guys don't want all this mushy stuff: Let's get to the questions! ;)


Kurkistan Q&A Transcript
Collegeville, PA 3/21/2014
Kurkistan: Speaking of [the Terriswoman wordlhopper who the previous Sharder had been asking about], is she the nurse in Warbreaker?
Brandon: <Pauses; gleefully says> RAAAAAAFO!
Kurkistan: Are the laws of physics in the cosmere Spiritually based?
Brandon: They.. The laws of physics in the cosmere are _ours_ except where they have been changed by Spiritual influence. So I guess you could say "yes."
Kurkistan: What would happen if you shot a Thug with an aluminum bullet or stabbed him with an aluminum knife?
-[Editor's note: Brandon initially misunderstands the question, as you shall see.]
Brandon: Ah, that's a good question. And, um.. the wound would not be able to heal _around_ the aluminum, but once the aluminum came out, and was gone from the system, they would be okay.
Kurkistan: Wait, is that a Bloodmaker, not a Thug?
Brandon: Oh, you're talking about Thu- Oh, okay. Yeah, ummm... It would work similarly, but it really wouldn't really have a huge effect on them.
Kurkistan: Ah, okay. 'Cause Peter was implying that there was some weird aluminum interaction with Thugs.
Brandon: What was he thinking of... There is some weird interaction but-
Kurkistan: <rudely interrrupts> In the wedding scene [in Alloy of Law] Wax thinks that they would have aluminum bullets to deal with Thugs and I was like "oh that's a typo" and Peter was like "oh no it's not..."
Brandon: No no... That would just be- it's like I said: healing it until the bullet is gone. It's just the same as the Bloodmaker.
<Various pleasantries from me apologizing for all the confusion>
Kurkistan: If I get a Slider, a Pulser, and a Nicroburst in a rocket with a lot of metal, do I have FTL?
Brandon: Hehehehe. You're getting _closer_ but you haven't figured it out yet.
Kurkistan: Are flamespren, are they all doing their own thing, or is there some Ideal of "Fire" sitting in the Spiritual Realm that they're all based on?
Brandon: Each spren is based on the Ideal of Fire.
Kurkistan: And is that sitting in the Spiritual Realm?
Brandon: Yes, we're using sort of a Platonic Ideal, and that concept is in force, so <sounds hesitant> "yes", but [spren] are manifestations of it.
Kurkistan: So these Ideals in the Spiritual Realm: Divine Breath, does that heal by accessing some Ideal of Human Health: so a guy who had never had a tongue and doesn't know how to speak all the sudden has a tongue and can speak?
-[Editor's note: Talking of Susebron here]
Brandon: You are... <LONG pause> You are, um, on the right track.
Kurkistan: Okay
Brandon: Because the Breath is... eh. How can I explain this? You are, yeah... So... So each Breath is a shade of diety, right?
Kurkistan: Yeah.
Brandon: And each Breath incorporates into it this sort of idea of being endowed by the diety Endowment, correct?
Kurkistan: Yes.
Brandon: And so each Breath you hold brings you one step closer to becoming like that, and so what you're saying is... is "yes", kind of true, yes. 
Kurkistan: But it's like within the Breath, not sitting off by itself-
Brandon: Yes, yes yes exactly.
Kurkistan: Last question: If Wayne was inside of a speed bubble and punches somebody who's standing outside it, what's happening with his fist and them: are they like sucked into the bubble, or what?
Brandon: So, I have... So _exiting_ a speed bubble, while it's going, has _weird_ ramifications on lots of things. It would be really hard to punch somebody through a speed bubble-
Kurkistan: So would the surface like distend around his fist-
-<Illustrates with fist "stretching out" invisible film>
Brandon: It's going to steal your momentum, but if you actually managed to do it, then- yes. Anything in the speed bubble that's touching through is counted as being as part of the speed bubble.
Kurkistan: Okay, so the bubble would end here <Draws invisible surface in the air> and his fist would be out there <Illustrates by "punching" arm through the fake surface, demonstrating the fist extending past the bubble while he arm is within>, but still fast?
Brandon: Yes.
Kurkistan: Oh okay, thank you.
Brandon: That's how I would imagine it so far.
Kurkistan: But the bubble does _end_ at [the same place still, with the fist extending out past its boundary].
Brandon: The bubble does end, yes.
Kurkistan: <Makes pleasantries and goes to leave, foolishly putting phone in pocket and so obscuring audio a bit>
Brandon: And when you're punching through, it's going to- your momentum is gonna'- you're going to lose momentum and get a ricochet, because you're lurching from- <notices Kurkistan (very foolishly) acting like he's about to leave> anyway... I'll let you figure that one out on your own.
-[EDIT: Cleaned up last question based on better recording. Thanks :) ]
Note: I _did_ have a few more pleasantries in there, but cut them out for clarity's sake. ;)
So that's that. There were some cool questions other Sharders asked, but I'll let them speak for themselves. :)
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the signing was awesome. brandon is a really cool dude. as for my questions, i asked


Q. Based on what we know about 10 heartbeats for a shardblade, why does szeth require 10 heartbeats to summon his honorblade?


A: (paraphraised) A lot of things involve ones perception. Szeth believes he needs 10 heartbeats to summon it so therefore he does. So i then asked is this why shallan needed 10 heartbeats to summon pattern for the first book and a half and he said yes exactly. Then he expanded by saying this is also why kaladins scar will not heal yet.


I finally asked if he could write anything in my book that we did not already know about the skybreakers. I will upload the picture when i get home but  it is the second oath of the skybreakers which says "I will put the law before all else".


hope everyone else had a great time. Unfortunately i showed up too late to meet anyone

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Yeah, I was surprised about that, once my "by Harmony I've just been a total weirdo/rude-person to Brandon" wore off. I suppose that goes to explain why Miles was able to "store" his aluminum knife without it pushing out (if I'm recalling the scene correctly).

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xpost from Rshara's compiled post:


Just got back from the philly signing, during the signing I asked:

Q: Did the previous 3 Bondsmith all bonded super sprens or is Dalinar an exception?

A: They did something similar


Q: Can the Unmade be bonded?

A: (slight pause) it is possible.

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Just made the 4 hour drive back from Philly and boy was it worth it!

I got to ask two questions, one during the general Q&A and another at the signing itself:

First one was (paraphrased)

Q: The majority of your magics use symbology and glyphs is this intentional?

A: yes, there are fundamentals of the Cosmere that are adhered to so that when the different cultures meet its not a "Fantasy Kitchen Sink" and things will match up and be similar.

And during the signing itself(also paraphrased)

Q: on glowing shardplate and retractable helmets, is the plate similar to where blades are from?

A: They are from a similar origin but not exactly alike

<I mentioned Adolins observations on how all plate is similar and got this tidbit>

Brandon: over time and use a shard blade will actually change its shape

When I got home I checked my book and I had "There words are accepted" in it. Frankly it was my first signing and I was utterly star struck I didn't even see him write anything.

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A:  Nazh appears in one place in Words of Radiance.



Son of a... I bet he is that ardent drawing bridgemen. This doesn't give us anything! :D


But, man, tons of information. Love it! I really need to do some heavy duty recruiting for the 17S in Chicago so we can get more than just a few questions each signing... 

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"3 races on Yolen.  Human Shodel Dragon"


In Liar of Partinel sample chapters, Hoid meets a smaller vaguely humanoid being with a tail that is referred to as an "Eddau".  I've been wondering if those beings turn into dragons between LoP and Dragonsteel.  Or now that we know the name of another race, it could just be a different name for the Shodel.  Or he could have written the Eddau out of Yolen entirely at this point.


The readers of Dragonsteel probably know more, but they're forbidden to speak of the things that they have seen.

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Woah. There are some very interesting answers here. Excellent work everyone!



I finally asked if he could write anything in my book that we did not already know about the skybreakers. I will upload the picture when i get home but  it is the second oath of the skybreakers which says "I will put the law before all else".

This made me rather happy. I had guessed it to be "I will uphold the law without exception." which means basically the same thing, just different wording. Which, from WoB, doesn't matter. :)


I don't think I've got the third one quite right yet though.

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Q:  When using allomancy, does the metal have to actually be ingested?


A:  As long as the metal is not hemalurgically charged or hemalurgically placed, it does not have to be ingested.  It can be inhaled, injected, impaled or any other way of being placed inside the body.


This essentially confirms my theory that Miles burns the metal in his armbands without ingesting it.

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He may still ingest and burn it, just because that's how you do things on Scadrial.

Indeed. The metal still would get used up during the process, I would think, so the armbands would show signs of deterioration if this was Miles' normal methodology. I suspect that, if Miles was aware at all that his allomancy could function in this way, he did so only in emergencies. For example, if someone drops a net on him and he has to blow himself to smithereens with a stick of dinamite to escape.

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Hmm. I believe that Aluminum's interference with Bloodmakers is our first confirmation that Aluminum screws with Feruchemy too. I wonder what other metals are affected. Will a tinaluminum foil hat stop a Connector from influencing you as well as Emotional Allomancy?

I was kind of shocked when he answered one person by pointing out that alluminum has "bizarre" effects on every magic system. It has made me start wondering what metal Nightblood's sheath is made from... Do we get any indication of this from the text of Warbreaker? For that matter, I'm thinking about those thingies they use to "blunt" the edges of shardblades in Words of Radiance; I need to go back and re-read those descriptions.

Edit: OK, I confess. I need to reread every Cosmere book, hunting for signs of aluminum.

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I doubt he ingests the metal at all. Seems like a huge inconvenience and also weakness, given that he is constantly burnng Health. How long would it take to burn a vial of fHealth? And why wear spiked armbands if not? Yes, to keep the metal from being pushed/pulled, but it seemed that there was more to it than that.

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