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What YouTube Channels do you watch?


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Cgp grey, Numberphile, objectivity   really interesting “educational” YouTube channels that are hilarious.

Arikadou. A grandmaster in overwatch montages himself + memes = Hot Steaming Garbage 10/10 


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On 2/22/2018 at 10:39 AM, TheVillageIdiot said:

This is similar to the "what are you watching" topic, but for YouTube instead. What channels do you all watch, what would you recommend? 

I watch way too much, but my favorites are Good Mythical Morning (GMM), Smosh, Crazy Russian Hacker (CRH), and Nerd3.

Crazy Russain Hacker is great!! Thanks for reminding me of him, I had kinda forgotten about him.

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I really enjoy Blimey Cow, they have great social commentary mixed with comedy. The Nostalgia Critic is great when I want to lighten my mood. Others would be, The Dom, Game Theorist, Cinemawins (not to be confused with Cinemasins), and The Blue Shifting.

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Ones I like are: The Game Theorists, Film Theorists, GTLive (basically the same channel split across three)

Rosanna Pansino



PattyCakeProductions (they do unexpected musicals like Cinderswift and Beauty and the Bieber 

A Clockwork Reader has some good book reviews

TheDom is pretty funny with his Lost in Adaptation videos

I also watch some ASMR channels but one I particularly like is Goodnight Moon and her Babblebrook series

I also like TheGamerJoint but I'm doing a hiatus from him to avoid spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 (I know prerelease stuff isn't a 'spoiler' but I'd rather be surprised by what worlds will appear, especially with how Square spoils so much in the trailers these days (such as revealing Aqua becoming a master in the trailers for Birth By Sleep and all but spoiling the ending of Dream Drop Distance) though Birth By Sleep 0.2 was in an awkward position of being about 3 hours and 358/2 Days mostly having N64 style graphics so there was only a handful of PS2 level graphics they could show without spoiling stuff)

Im subscribed to some others but I don't watch them as much.

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I had to find this topic so I can tell you all about the Marble Olypmics.


It's all these different marble races and events set up on lego courses, but what makes it great is the whole thing is done super professionally.  There's a guy doing commentary and takes it very seriously, the marbles have team names and individual names, it's conducted with stopwatches and extra cameras for photo finishes, and there's added props like tiny winning podiums and a marble audience with signs cheering on their favorite teams.

There's a whole channel of this guy's stuff.   He does the winter olympics and puts the marbles in tiny bobsleds out in the snow.  I can't handle it. :lol:

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I watch


David V. Stewart 

(for: MACHICULATIOOOONSS... social/political commentary, and writing scmuck)

I also watch 

Mumbo Jumbo

Wisecrack (occasionally)


The Act Man

occasionally LNG

a little bit of spacedock

Ben Shapiro

and much, much more.

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