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  1. I actually rather like Red prophet, so Red Prophet Bonus points if you remember the last one To continue the trend, One Punch Man season one DBZ
  2. Don't worry about the subject matter. I opened this thread to talk about everything involved in the interview. On that subject, was there somethings that Brandon disliked that you liked, or vice versa, or was there something that you liked from say a writing perspective that Brandon didn't mention?
  3. No, they showed their swords to their wives after they cut their wedding cakes with them.
  4. Eh, it's just something that I thought was interesting, as I follow the guy, and I wanted to see what everyone else thought. To me, the interview itself was generally interesting in subject matter. Also, on why people might be excited, the answer is memes, very, very, many memes essentially, or so I would say.
  5. I think that there are a number of cool things that we can get. For example, I think we could get a get paper, like on alcohol or glyphs, but on the stances. Well, that and a number of smaller things. But something like that is what I would hope to come from this.
  6. I'd like it if we can get some more technical combat details, for example the different techniques of the different stances. Also on the spoiler, try this ONE simple trick to defend against VOIDBRINGERS ODIUM hates THEM!
  7. Well from my perspective, it's not a question of investiture. The aluminum just counters it. So far that we've seen, there is no amount of investiture which truly cannot contain, including Nightblood, so I would disagree. Then again, we haven't seen much of this kind of interaction in any meaning, so who knows. Aluminum has only ever been seen to be burnt once in the books, and never been seen to be used to counter other investiture's via its allomantic ability. I think that it would be quite constructive on this subject to see if it is at all possible to Push or Pull on aluminum, especially burning duralumin and/or using the Bands of Morning.
  8. Greetings fellow Sharders, just came in from watching a video from a youtuber I follow by the name of Shad. He released a video today of an interview he did with Brandon, covering various topics, such as the intersection of realism and fantasy, a few various questions, such as who Brandon's favorite super hero is, various pop culture items, publishing and self-publishing, and the announcement that Shad is going to be doing some consulting for Brandon in regards to various Medieval things, like swords, combat, armor, etc. I just wanted to make a thread to see what the thoughts are of anyone else who has watched the video and to discuss the contents therein. Video Link
  9. 0/10 No spear for Kaladin costume
  10. Good coloring, and lighting. Perhaps a bit more of a polished look to the hall then I would imagine, so actually a rather interesting look to me.
  11. Fullborn + Skybreaker Potentially practically unlimited investiture, find a way off Roshar and then you can full cosmere with power set. Anything you touch gets destroyed. Also interplay between lashes and steel pushes, iron pulls, and iron feruchemy means that just about any kind of trajectory or motion is possible, with enough A,F pewter and F gold to withstand G forces.
  12. I think the problem is that it would take a podcast, or maybe a convention, of authors just to equal his output.
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