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  1. Hestoc sat alone from a tower, watching the celebrations. At last. A subforum. Not like I did anything to contribute. Alas, though. The emergence of the subforum occurring before Voidus Prime had been lured back into the material fold, before the Seventeenth has been put back together.... this complicated the schedule he’d been holding in the back of his mind all this time. He may yet have to involve himself in the wars surely to come. But for now, he’d just do as he had - watch, judge, and wait.
  2. I'd recommend Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen. Though it can be a bit dark at times, it's a solid series in my opinion. (As well as the accompanying series the Path to Ascendancy, Novels of the Malazan Empire, the Kharkansas trilogy, and no doubt the forthcoming Toblakai Trilogy.)
  3. I have joined the tautology club by entering into its ranks. I have also ascended into the Tautology club's now-not-so-secret second level by joining the now-not-so-secret second level of the Tautology club.
  4. Uncle Brandy was afraid of the buttered toast, that had soaked itself in the brandy. Very afraid indeed.
  5. Wait. Sorry to interrupt the story, but which two shards is Butt in possession of?
  6. @Midavis The second point is probably not possible, as one of Dalinar's visions, set during the time of the Desolations and Knights Radiant, showed the existence of Midnight Essences, which require Re-Shepnir to create them, as shown in Part 1 of Oathbringer. According to your theory, this would mean that Midnight Essences are unrelated to the Midnight Mother, Re-Shepnir, whilst the evidence says otherwise. I'd respond to the rest of your theory, but my mind is clouded at the moment. I'll update this as I find more proof.
  7. The door was thrown open. A woman in blue and white robes stormed in. "Lift, what in damnation have you done?", asked a very frustrated Queen of Alethkar. Correct me if I'm wrong, but House Kholin's colours are white and blue, yes?
  8. You do realize that it's literally the Serpent from Eden, but implanted in the Cthaeh? One bite? She vanished, but Butt vanished with her as well this time. Seems her awesomeness extended outwards.
  9. "No, no. This is no dream. I have returned. I will have my vengeance, starting with you." The Ghanderflaffle-Heahtc spoke, extending its Roots closer to Butt as he backed up into a corner.
  10. "Ah." The tree spoke, hissing. "My enemies, the 17th Shard, threw me down this pit, in order to.... What was it? "Limit my malignant effect on the Cosmere." That was it. But now, I have you to torture for all eternity. This will be fun. Finally, my revenge upon the accursed Butt Venture." Then, the roots of the tree seemed to detach from the ground and slither in a snakelike - no, Ghanderflaffle-like - manner towards Butt. "Yes indeed. My revenge."
  11. A sickening crack sounded as Lift and Butt hit the bottom of the bottomless pit. Lift looked around, made a frightened noise, then vanished into thin air. "Welcome, Butt Venture." Huh? Looking around, Butt saw that the speaker was apparently a.... cracked stone tree? "I am the Heahtc. You are in my lair now." The tree spoke again, before beginning to laugh maniacally.
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