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Wifi names


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I'm trying to think of clever names for my new wifi/router.  I think it would be appropriate for my family, as we all love Brandon Sanderson literature.....

I've found fun and clever ideas from Wheel of Time and other fantasy.  However, I want a Mistborn/Way of Kings/Cosmer idea.

Any thoughts?

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There is always CAFO (Connect And Find Out)

All my computers / devices are named after different cheeses, so if you need a theme for naming yours then you could always go with "foods of the Cosmere"

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On 7.9.2017 at 5:21 AM, Ammanas said:

It's not related to Sanderson, but I've seen a few that say, "FBI Surveillance Van" which is kind of funny.

OH is this a trend / a reference?? Because one at my place is called BlackNSASurveillanceVan!

But you could be wifi


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