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The Art of Game Creation


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I've set this up as a place for you clever people to discuss and create new roles for future games. Hopefully, this will become a list of well balanced roles that GMs can use in future games. If you post a role here, it is free game for anyone to use in their games, unless you specifically state otherwise.


Be forewarned, creating balanced roles is incredibly difficult. You need to take into account how they will play with other roles and how they will effect the balance of the game. Creating roles requires running them through scenarios time and again, just to make sure that they don't break the game. No role should be so strong that the opposing faction can't stand against it. 


I'll let you get to it, but here are a few reference materials to give you some baseline ideas to work from. 


The Wiki actually has a pretty decent breakdown for the game in general.


While this game specific Wiki has a ton of roles already in use and also gives some ideas of their playability. 


One final note, feel free to create roles and games for any of Sanderson's worlds. Eventually, we'll hopefully have enough roles to easily play anywhere in the Cosmere! 


Update: The reworked rules and Formats are up! Please keep these in mind while designing your games. The better you know which format you're planning for, the better other people's feedback can be! 


Long Game Elimination Format Rules


With plenty of time and a lot of complexity, the Long Games typically have time for in-depth analysis and plenty of roleplaying opportunities. The drawback being that they typically take a lot longer to play out.


Players: 18+

Game Duration: 3+ weeks

Game Cycle Duration: 96 hours max.

Turns: days and nights, each 48 hours max.

Rollover Time: TBD by the GM


What to Expect:

lots of roleplay

more chances for in-depth manipulation

lots of complexity

high levels of analysis


Mid-Range Game Elimination Format Rules


A middle ground style of game. The Mid-Range games run fairly quickly, but not nearly as fast as a Quick Fix. This allows for more roleplaying and analysis than a Quick Fix, but less than a Long Game.


Players: 15-30

Game Duration: 2-3 weeks

Game Cycle Duration: 48 hours

Turns: days and nights can be combined into one full cycle 48 hours in length or separated for each to be 24 hours long

Rollover Time: TBD by the GM


What to Expect:

fairly fast pace

some complexity

a bit of roleplay

moderate analysis

inactive player warnings/deaths


Quick Fix Elimination Format Rules


The Quick Fix games follow a faster paced schedule than the other elimination games. This format will have fewer roles than the other games, and be less heavily invested in role playing.


Players: 8-16

Game Duration: 1-2 weeks

Game Cycle Duration: 24 hours

Turns: days and nights combined into one full cycle

Rollover Time: TBD by the GM


What to Expect:

very fast pace

basic roleplay

simple structure

basic analysis

one post/PM per cycle

inactive player warnings/deaths



Game Creation: Table of Contents


First of the Sun/Sixth of the Dusk

Twei/Eol/Piff - Trappers v. Traders



lord Claincy Ffnord - Idrians v. Hallandren v. Pahn Kahl - Run as Long Game 4: Colours of War

Gamma - Returned v. Traitors w/ sacrifices - Run as Quick Fix 9: The Court of the Gods

Wyrmhero - Explorers v. Traitors w/ items, events, and omens

Twei - Merchants v. Saboteurs w/ roles and Awakening



Mailliw - Items-based w/ Nobles v. Ghostbloods - Run as Long Game 5: Noble Secrets

Rubix - Darkeyes v. Merchants v. Nobles w/ boons and curses - Run as Mid-Range 1: Riots of Kholinar

Renegade - Windrunners and Truthwatchers v. Skybreakers - Run as Mid-Range 2: Servants of Honor

Wyrmhero - Blackthorn's Army v. Alethi spies w/ roles and events - Run as Mid-Range 4: Alethi War of Unification

Aonar - Refugees v. Diagramists w/ roles and squiring - Run as Long Game 13: Traitors on the Plains

Aspren - Items-based w/ boons and curses

Mailliw - KR v. Skybreakers and Voidbringers

Only Joe - Alethi v. The Diagram

Kasimir - KR v. Voidbringers

Renegade - Bridgemen v. Lighteyes w/ roles, items, and highstorms

Winter Cloud - KR v. Parshendi w/ roles, events, and items

Winter Cloud - Odium/Voidbringers v. Honor/Cultivation/KR/Shardbearers

Wilson - Sons of Honor and Ghostbloods v. Diagrammists

Mckeedee - Ghostblood Members v. Moles w/ roles and items

Renegade - Alethi Nobles v. Sadeas' Consipirators w/ roles and corruption

Araris - Odius Scholars and Voidform v. Regular Forms

Wyrmhero - Ghostbloods v. Sons of Honour w/ roles and pairings (two-headed elimination)



Metacognition - Spiked v. Villagers w/ Allomancers - Run as Long Game 1: In the Wake of Koloss and The Anniversary Game: In the Re-Wake of the Koloss

Metacognition - Inquisitor and Spiked v. Allomancers w/ Unsnapped - Run as Long Game 2: The Devil's Den

jasonpenguin - Spiked v. Villagers w/ Allomancers - Run as Long Game 3: Blackwater Village

Wyrmhero - Noble House War w/ Nobles v. Skaa - Run as Long Game 7 - The Annealing of Luthadel

Bartbug - Koloss-blooded vs. Kandra - Run as Long Game 8 - Elendel Gang War

Newan - Twinborn v. Spiked w/ kandra, mistwraith, items and a map - Run as Long Game 11: Twinborn Village

Renegade - Passengers v. Coinshot Clan w/ coins and locations - Run as Quick Fix 8: The Steelway Express

Swimmingly - Koloss and Allomancy

18th Shard - Agents of Ruin v. Islanders w/ allomancy, feruchemy, and hemalurgy

Gamma - Flaring Metals

Only Joe - Items-based and Allomancy

Newan - Pits of Hathsin Prisoners v. Snitches w/ roles and snapping

Renegade - Pits of Hathsin w/ Atium and Allomancy

Wyrmhero - The Roughs, Thieves v. Lawmen w/ money and roles

Kasimir - The Roughs, roles w/ economy, broadsheet, and cosmetic roles

Winter Cloud - Skaa and Mistings v. Mistborn assassin w/ roles

Wyrmhero - Heron Industries, Loyalists v. Mistrunners w/ roles and employment

Seonid - House Conrad v. Venture Agents w/ roles

Wyrmhero - Crew v. Traitors w/ roles, missions, and a planning Turn

Winter - Venture allies v. Great House Spies w/ roles, items, kandra, contracts, skaa, Inquisitor

Kasimir - Workers v. Informants w/ currency, roles, and broadsheet



Tempus - Traders v. Followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries - Run as Quick Fix 1: Jeskeri Mysteries

Metacognition - Pirates v. Mutineers - Run as Quick Fix 2: Crushthroat's Beginnings

Herowannabe - Jeskeri v. Shu-Dereth v. Arelon w/ roles, vote manipulation, Elantris exploration and secrets - Run as Long Game 12: Shadows of Elantris

Kasimir - Heritage v. Glory v. Moderation v. Discovery w/ roles and bribery - Run as Mid-Range 7: Eighty Splendid Suns

Serendipity - Dakhor v. Forgers and Elantrians

Renegade - Forger v. Arbiter and Bloodsealers

Panda - Elantris Gang v. Gang w/ roles, items, and Hoed

Mckeedee - Derethi Converts v. Jeskeri Cult v. Dulas w/ conversion, elections, and religions


Threnody/Shadows for Silence

Gamma - Hell's Shadows - Run as Quick Fix 3: Shadowed Secrets

Kasimir - Travellers v. Criminals (w/ Shades)


Unknown Location/Shadesmar/World-hopping

Only Joe - Seventeenth Shard v. Hoid - Run as Quick Fix 4: Conversion

Alvron - Epics v. Rithmatists v. Librarians v. Cosmere w/ Hoid and Serial Killer - Run as Mid-Range 5: Competing Realities

Quiver - Shards and Seventeenth Shard v. Odium and Voidbringers - Run as Long Game 10: A Game of Shards | Only Joe's reworked version - Run as Long Game 14: To Shatter a Shard

Wyrmhero - Space Crew v. Traitors

Winter Cloud - Scadrial v. Nalthis v. Roshar w/ roles, items, NPC's, and kandra




Only Joe - Free World v. Evil Librarians w/ Talents and items

JasonPenguin - Smedry's v. Librarians w/ Talents and post-censoring



Herowannabe - Legion's aspects v. Nightmare aspects w/ specialties, cupid, and rooms - Run as Quick Fix 6: A Time of Nightmares



Alvron - Civilians v. Epics v. Epics - Run as Long Game 9: The Empty Throne, Part 1

Renegade - Researchers (w/ Black Market)

Kasimir - Civilians v. Traitors w/ roles and riddles



a smart guy - Nebrask w/ Rithmatists v. Forgotten - Run as Mid-Range 3: When Chalklings Attack



Defending Elysium & Firstborn

Smart Guy - Humans v. Aliens w/ cryotonics and roles



Randland/Wheel of Time

Gamma - Forsaken and Darkfriends v. Channelers and Villagers (Wisdom, Wolfbrother, etc) - Run as Long Game 6: Daes Dae'Mar

Kasimir - Logain v. Mazrim Taim w/ conversions


Meta Games (17S Site)

Adamir - Sharders v. Spammers w/ roles, items, locations, rep


Role Ideas/Partial Games

Terox - Feruchemy

Gamma - Kandra

Alvron - Items-based (Lerasium beads, etc.)

Gamma - Terris Synod and Kandra

Alvron - Alloy of Law w/ world-hoppers

Macen - Seventeenth Shard v. Hoid

Gamma - Shadesmar's ruling spren v. hatespren

Clanky - Debtor and Debtholders

Only Joe - Omnicide


Non-Sanderson Ideas

Jasonpenguin - Hunger Games  - Run as Quick Fix 5: Hunger Games

Aonar - The Old Kingdom

Wyrmhero - Magic: the Gathering - Ravnica

Wyrmhero - Discworld

Wilson - Kingkiller Chronicle - The University, aka "The Most Complex Game Ever"

Wyrmhero - Sandman - Dream Aspects

Herowannabe - Star Wars

Wyrmhero - Chronicales of Amber

Kasimir - Doctor Who

Kasimir - Assassin's Creed

Adamir - Dishonored

Wyrmhero - Sandman - Cereal Convention

Adamir - Middle Earth

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Table of Contents
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Cool! I believe we'll be able to create a lot of cool roles and game variants.

The only idea I've had for Stormlight Elimination would be (based of of very limited information): I'll put up spoiler tags just in case for now, I guess.

We are The Ring. The group of Spren that rule Shadesmar... or something like that? But woes! There are some evil, Odium influenced Hatespren that have infiltrated our ranks, and have been killing us off our converting us! (basically same as the Inquisitor)

And... that's all I've got so far. We'll probably need to wait for Words of Radiance, at least, to find out more about the nature of spren. Maybe most of us are regular spren (no powers/special roles). there could be an Honorspren, who can't tell any lies (obviously can't be evil, but since his truths can't be proven, there's not too much help there). I have no idea what role Cryptics or Cultivationspren will play either yet, obviously.

But this is one variant I'd like to explore in the future.

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Well, you could have three factions: honorspren, cryptics, and corrupted(who can be either cryptic or honorspren as well).

Only the corrupted know what they are. Any spren can examine any other once per night to find out whether that spren is good or bad, and the corrupted can kill one spren collectively by voting in a separate doc or electing a leader or something. The thing is, investigating a cryptic always gives you a false result, and investigating an honorspren always gives you a true result. Each day, there is a vote on who is banished to the Physical realm. The game ends when every corruptionspren is dead.

Other Roles could be rotspren(choose a target one night, dies the next), deathspren(kill one every night), lifespren (protect), fearspren(take away another spren's night action), Axies(who investigates for cryptic, honorspren, or other rather than for good or evil), windspren(who can switch one pair of spren for a night action)

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 Well here is my take on some Feruchemy roles based on the first two games roles.

Some ideas stolen borrowed from Herowannabe's post http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/5630-game-2-the-devils-den/?p=89944


The Feruchemist/Ferrings roles should start weak until they gain enough charges ,but can get stronger effects ,

when taping more than 1 charge from metalmind.


General actions: 1.  Do nothing.You can vote.

                           2.  Store an attribute .This is a Day AND a Night action.Your vote is neutralized.

                           You gain 1 charge in your metalmind.


                           3.Tap an attribute.You gain an effect based on the number of tapped charges.You can vote.

                             You cannot store and tap in one day/night cycle except using an automatic tap(gold)


All Feruchemist/Ferrings start with 0 charges in their metalminds..

--- Gold Ferring - Bloodmaker - metalmind has max 2 charges (gold is expensive)

                  2 charge tap = + 1 life . You tap automaticaly if attacked physically in the  night,You survive the attack  and                        will be  revealed in the write up


--- Pewter Ferring - Brute - metalmind has max 4 charges

                  1 charge tap = 1 night attack on a target

                  n charges tap = 1 night attack , bypasses n-1 protections of the target

                  (if you tap twice you can kill a  thug or a bloodmaker with one attack.

                                           Tripple tap will kill a lurcher protected thug with one hit)


 --- Tin Ferring - Windwhisper - metalmind has max 4 charges    

        1 charge tap - Day only -Observe target -You learn what metalic art the target can use.If the target uses 

            a  day ability(including  store / tap attribute)  you learn what ability they use.

            (Example you observe a mistborn/misting using rioting.The GM tells you saw your target is an allomancer using riot)

         2 charges tap:  Act as a Tineye

         2 charges tap: You see everything the target has to offer.You effectively seek the target.


--- Zinc Ferring - Sparker - metalmind has max 4 charges   

     1 charge tap - Day AND Night effect - Day only - Resist Emotion Allomancy

                                                               - Night only - If you are attacked you deduce the identity of one of your attackers.

      2 charges tap - Day AND Night effect - Day only - Resist Emotion Allomancy..You deduce all changes in voting this day

                                                                 -Night only -If you are attacked you deduce the identity of all of you attackers.


--- Feruchemist -  Only one in the game .at the start of the game gets one random metalmind .chosen by the GM

             When a Ferring dies you attempt to steal his metalmind with 50% chance of success (one attempt per day/night cycle)

            Stolen metalminds don't have charges.You can store/tap 2 different attributes per day/night cycle.

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Those are actually pretty good! By putting a cap on how much a Feruchemist can store, it does help balance it some. 


A few things I noticed that worry me though:

- The Pewter Ferring wouldn't ever need to charge up to 4. A triple shot gives him enough to pretty much kill anything, at least as it stands right now. 

- There are a lot of scanning roles hidden in there. The Zinc and the Tin both have abilities to scan people. The reason this is problematic is that scanning is one of the most useful roles in the game. Without some roles that show up incorrectly or something to that extent, scanning roles can take away some of the mystery of the game. One of the biggest benefits the Evil faction has is the ability to lie convincingly. If you take away that ability by introducing too many ways to scan people, you lose a lot of balance, in my opinion. 

-The Feruchemist works out fairly well as a balance to the Mistborn. The ability to store an ability away for later use is already a huge bonus, I don't think it needs the ability to possibly store more metals. The Mistborn has to use their abilities while they have it. The Feruchemist may not be able to reach the higher charge rates, but they'd be able to hold onto a charge indefinitely. That's pretty balancing as is.

All that said, I think you've given us a great start for figuring out how to incorporate Feruchemy into the game! Bravo! I'd love to see these modified and maybe we can make them work. That goes for everyone. If you think you can help balance these, feel free to chime in. 


A reminder though (and this is in general and for everyone) the simpler a role is, the better. The more factors you add, including random factors, the more you have to take into account. 

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Those feruchemist ideas are a great start. I've been looking at the Wikis and other stuff online, looking into the game origins itself.

While we are doing this all cool Sanderson style, this is still at heart, a Mafia/Werewolves game. We have to keep the basic, integral system and checks and balances to make sure everything still runs smoothly. So I think for now we should focus on just adding the 'Sanderson Twist' to already pre-existing roles (just calling it something related to a Sanderson world/theme while still having the same functions)

I gotta say, Mistborn does seem by large the best system to use, as of right now. The other Sanderson world magics are either too loosely defined or specific so far. Mistborn general terms and effects fit in pretty nicely in the whole Mafia theme.

Question, Meta: Did you see this Mistborn twist on other forums or places online, or did you come up with it on your own? Obviously, either way, thank you for bringing this to the forums, it's already been so much fun.

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This is my baby. I came up with it on my own, though the group I play with on another forum are very good about figuring out how to switch things around into different settings (right now, we have a game taking place on a mission into space!). As you said, Mistborn was just an easy place to start. 


That said, I think the people of this forum are some of the best equipped to come up with new and unique roles. Not only are we constantly immersed in incredibly deep and fantastic worlds thanks to Brandon, we also have an entire other layer underneath them that we eagerly explore with little information to go off of. While I think the idea of using established roles as templates is an excellent idea, I don't want to quell any creativity by us trying to force Sanderson's worlds into certain roles.


We should strive to make the roles fit the world, not make the world fit the roles. 

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This thought came up because of the current situation ingame. With the current crewleader dead it would make sense for someone else to take charge. So a possibility would be to create a "crewleader" role that mimicked the mayor role sometimes present in werewolves. They are elected by the crew, and from then on their vote counts double. (They don't tend to live very long.)

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Was just doing some thinking, will need a bit more fleshing out but here goes:

What about some Kandra based Elimination? Not sure exactly how it'd work yet. With the different Blessings, making those into usable roles. Maybe their can be a secret third faction or something of Kandra? Blessing of Awareness, akin to tin, message sending? Potency is like pewter? Presence could be another stretch and make that seeking or something? And then I guess Stability some sort of emotional allomancy resistance.

If games get big and there are multiple Kandra factions, Kandras can kill eachother at night and steal the Blessings from the kandra the killed. An alternate win condition is a Kandra gets all four types of blessings?

I dunno, could be something cool. How do you guys think we could make this work?

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I was looking at the wiki link you provided and found a few interesting roles in the list that I think could be adapted. The first was Gladiator, where you can "challenge" anybody during the day and limit all voting to either for you or the opponent. It's perfect for a Shardbearer on Roshar, what with all the duels.

The second was Inventor. The Inventor can give anyone except for himself a one use invention that grants them an ability for one night. Now, I'm not sure if we're doing any non-Cosmere settings, but doesn't that sound exactly like a Gifter from Steelheart?

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Koloss: invincible to night kills, but his vote doesn't count.

Nicroburster: can use his power on one person per night. That person's power will affect one random person in addition to their target (possibly including the nicroburster or themselves). Cannot affect voting powers.

Leecher: Can use their power once per cycle. Blocks use of any power.

Metallurgist: Can target one person a cycle. The following cycle, that person has 2 uses of their power.

Hazekiller: Can kill once per night. Ignores Lurching.

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Kandra: would have similar (but maybe slightly modified) abilities to Thugs and Tineyes, but with the fun factor that a Rioter and Soother can take control of his or her vote if they use their ability on a Kandra. They would still have to sacrifice their own vote to do this, but this would have the added benefit of forcing the Kandra itself, in-game to vote as the Rioter or Soother wants, instead of just suppressing or changing the vote behind the scenes. RP-wise, they should be able to take over the use of their role as well, at least in the case of a Tineye-like ability, but I think that would be a bit over-power.

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. The Inventor can give anyone except for himself a one use invention that grants them an ability for one night. Now, I'm not sure if we're doing any non-Cosmere settings, but doesn't that sound exactly like a Gifter from Steelheart?

Inventor? Sounds like an Artifabrian on Roshar to me. ;)  Could totally have fabrials and stuff in Stormlight Elimination.

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Kandra: would have similar (but maybe slightly modified) abilities to Thugs and Tineyes, but with the fun factor that a Rioter and Soother can take control of his or her vote if they use their ability on a Kandra. They would still have to sacrifice their own vote to do this, but this would have the added benefit of forcing the Kandra itself, in-game to vote as the Rioter or Soother wants, instead of just suppressing or changing the vote behind the scenes. RP-wise, they should be able to take over the use of their role as well, at least in the case of a Tineye-like ability, but I think that would be a bit over-power.

As a small addendum, I think it would be cool to give a Kandra player access to both Tineye and Thug like powers (and maybe also a power equivalent of the Blessing of Presence (immunity to Spikings in a Game 2 type of game?)). This could be seen as slightly overpowered, but I think the weakness of being susceptible to a Rioter or Soother's mind-control would balance this out.

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Here's my idea: It's more like a conceptual version of Mistborn Elimination. It has much of the same, but kind of has a different premise. You have been warned. :D


We set our scene in the fair city of Elendel, where a vicious war is being fought between three parties, but one of them is unknown to the others. The dominant team is the mafia organization, The Koloss Riots, a group that has been exhorting a section of the city as of late. They have access to any Allomantic ability and Koloss Blood, with their ranks having a slight shift towards Rioters and Koloss Bloods.

The second team is The Set. Now, this is going to rely upon some speculation. I say, that for this RP, the Set is not breeding a mistborn per se, they are breeding hemalurgic candidates. With their knowledge of hemalurgy, they have double mistings (or Complements, mistings with a push and a pull) or hemalurgic Twinborn. The GM will tell a member of the Set their primary allomantic metal, and based off of that, they can choose compounding or the complement.

The final team are The Kandra. This brutal war is destroying the people's ability to choose, and Harmony needs it to stop. He has sent in a team of two of his agents in to the fray. Now, Kandra are special. They are immune to Seeking, Copperclouding, Rioting, and Soothing, and they have the ability in that in order to kill them, they must be crucified (no night time deaths). These are the real enemies in this scenario. As a group, they will elect one person to die each night. Then, they will choose which of their own will replace the dead man. Once this happens, it will appear to the normal people that the body of the Kandra died while the now dead man will continue to live. (In order for this to work, the Kandra would have to PM his surrogate what to say, and the surrogate would have to say it). Kandra's have none of the misting abilities of their new forms, and so cannot use them.


What do you guys think?

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What do you guys think?

What I think? I think this would be an extremely cool game. I give it my highest possible rating of "would shag"!


EDIT: I just realised that I am continuing my trend of extremely over-tired and dim-witted humour, so I beg forgiveness for this possibly quite improper joke.

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What I think? I think this would be an extremely cool game. I give it my highest possible rating of "would shag"!

EDIT: I just realised that I am continuing my trend of extremely over-tired and dim-witted humour, so I beg forgiveness for this possibly quite improper joke.

I don't see why you wanting to cover ideas in thick carpet could possibly be an issue. Shag carpet, while a little past its era, is neverless a wonderful retro feel in any home.
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I don't see why you wanting to cover ideas in thick carpet could possibly be an issue. Shag carpet, while a little past its era, is neverless a wonderful retro feel in any home.

You just made me look into the etymology of the word "shag". I find it entirely amusing the original Old Norse word "skegg", which in my own modern Norwegian still means "beard", has become British slang for "intercourse".

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I've been thinking about the Kandra as well. Evidently, everyone loves the idea of them for this type of game! :P


What I'd probably do with them is make them a one of or two of in a game with their own victory condition: to survive. I'm not even sure I'd put them in the OP as viable players, so that no one else suspects them at first. The game doesn't end until all the evil faction and the Kandra are dead and the Kandra don't win unless everyone else is dead.


Because of this, they'd get special treatment. They'd be immune to every form of allomancy (if they are killed once, they are labeled as a thug in the write up), except for emotional allomancy and even then, the allomantic use is different. A Rioter or Soother could either affect someone's vote, or flare their metals on someone and see if they are a Kandra. This means that, even though there are two roles that could search them out, if those roles do that, then they can't affect the voting. 


As far as their blessings go, I don't know yet. If you base them on some of the powers already in the game, I don't think that they'd be too overpowered?

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As stated in the game thread, I have an idea for a new role. I don't have a way for it to fit into games yet and it needs to be balanced out a bit, but here's the start:


Proxy - You're hiding behind someone else, who is acting in your place. It's a good thing too, with all this murder going on around you. If you are targeted for death, your proxy dies in your place. This also keeps you from being scanned, as they will scan the proxy first, which will register as a Regular _____. When your proxy dies, it will be revealed in the write up.


It's basically a Thug mixed with a Smoker without the Smokers additional powers. In my opinion, that's a little too powerful on it's own, so we need something to balance it out. The only thing I can think of offhand is a 25% chance that the proxy won't do what you want or that you can't use any other roles you might have until your proxy is dead (like if you're a Seeker as well, but you can't seek until after your proxy is gone). 


Maybe both and make it an additional role to add onto another role? It'd be a neat way to hide additional roles in a game. 

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After reading Meta's other forum, (which btw looked insane) the idea of using items sounded great. Only came up with one so far but its a dooze. Lerasium beads. For every 10 players (rounded up) there is one bead hiding somewhere in the area. Anyone can search for it but only at night and it costs one action. Once found the bead can be eaten, traded, kept or destroyed. Only unsnapped/regular villagers can eat the bead. If eaten the GM rolls whatever they roll and gives the eater a new role. Currently only the 9 established misting roles can be chosen (including mistborn) plus the role of Atium misting.

Atium misting can only be given by lerasium bead. Atium mistings can follow a target and learn what happens. e.g misting follows player X. X luches Y, Y is attacked by Z, Z is killed by C. At end of night all players involved are named but only X's role is given to misting. Due to the lack of atium, (overpowerment) atium misting can only use this abitily once every 2/3 nights

If someone is killed while holding a bead, the bead is given to the killer. Should mob rule be the cause of death then the bead is randomly given to one of the ones who voted for the poor soul.

The odds of finding a bead I leave for the GM to decide. It is meant to be a mid-game changer / random element. Also as a way for those that didn't get a role from not having anything to do during the night cycle. As well as giving a choice of actions for everyone to do.

Any problems/ideas on if this would work.

Edit: underlined new text

Extreme afterthought: GM doesn't say how many beads are hidden only that there are rumors of a shady character dropping something as they passed through. GM does however inform players when all beads are found.

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I got an idea for a Sel game, but it still needs some development.


The setting: Some city in Teod. The Dahkor have infiltrated the populace, with the intention of taken out key figures to soften the city for invasion. Word of this reaches King Raoden, so he sends a small group of Elantrians to root out the evil monks. The city, as a center of trade, attracts many other types as well that have gotten caught up in this mess. Practitioners of Chay-shan, and even Forgers can be found.


Role ideas:

Dahkor: The Mafia. Can collectively kill one citizen each night cycle.


Gragdet: Leader of the Dahkor. In addition to the above, can target one citizen to see if they are an Elantrian in disguise. If they successfully target an Elantrian though, their disguise is dropped, letting everyone know who the Elantiran is.


Elantrian: Not sure yet, perhaps an Inspector role, but I feel they should have something cooler. They are far from Elantris, so their powers are weakened. Maybe they have a set of powers to choose from, but can only use one per night.

They use Aon Shao to disguise their appearance, so it isn't obvious that they are Elantrians, but the Gragdet can break this disguise.


Chay-Shan Practitioner: Umm, maybe something like Pewter where they can survive one attack?


Forger: This one is really killing me. It seems like they should be able to do something really cool, but I can't figure out what that is.


Citizen: Average Joe.


Any help in filling in these holes would be appreciated. I feel like this could be a really cool setting.

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What if the Dakhor can use the deaths to empower themselves: for example, after a certain number of deaths, they can grant one of their members an extra life, or give one of their own the ability to kill a person each night? Even better, what if they have the option to sacrifice their own to add to this total, with no limit on how many at a time. Of course, there has to be a majority vote within the Dakhor as to who dies.

Other roles:

ReSealer: can save one person per night

Bloodsealer(s): can target a certain number of people each night, depending on game size; if that person dies during the night and is not used by the Dakhor, they can use that person's role for the next cycle.

Forgers: Can forge people to appear to be something they aren't when the Gradget/Seons target them; the target does not know they have been Forged.

Elantrian: With so little power, all they can manage is an Aon Ehe per night. Of course, that's still enough to boil some unfortunate's brain into charred ruin...

Seon: Small and capable, you can find the truth. Find a person's role each night.

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