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Duel to the Death: Dalinar/Marsh vs. Raoden/Sazed


Duel to the Death  

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  1. 1. Who defeats who?

    • Dalinar with Marsh
    • Raoden with Sazed

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Team 1:

 Dalinar has Plate and Blade.

 Marsh is you know what.


Team 2:

 Raoden after the cool part.

 Sazed before you know what.


Battleground: Elantris (you know when)


Who will win?

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Oh, yes, sorry. WoK Dalinar.

Let's say Sazed has stored a collection of bracelets, one per each metal he is known to have familiarity with, the exception being he has his normal copperminds instead, and his tinminds are five rings, one per sense. He has all but the copperminds maxed out.


According to the Mistborn RPG: A bracelet is worth 100 charges. A ring is worth 25 charges.

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Sazed has no ranged attacks so that kind of cancels his fighting ability. Neither does Dalinar but he has bamf shardplate and can throw his blade and then resummon. Marsh's attacks would be far more fast than Raoden, BUT if Raoden has had time to master his powers we can assume he would have some sort of Binding or AoE abilitity. I would give it to Marsh and Dalinar unless Raoden had time to rediscover the lost knowledge of the Elantrians.

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Good point about the shardplate negating raoden's attacks. I still think Elantrian magic has the potential to bring forth enough firepower to blow both Dalinar and Marsh away, but since most knowledge of Elantris was lost yes Marsh would win. Did Marsh receive both allomantic and feruchemical sets of abilities?

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Well, let's compare abilities. 


Marsh - (Guesstimations based on other Inquisitor's Spikes, the abilities he shows, and WoB about his Spikes)

–Two Spikes giving him Allomantic Iron 
–One Spike giving him Feruchemical Iron
–Two Spikes giving him Allomantic Steel 
–One Spike giving him Feruchemical Steel
–Two Spikes giving him Allomantic Tin 
-One Spike giving him Feruchemical Tin
–Two Spikes giving him Allomantic Pewter 
-One Spike giving him Feruchemical Pewter 
–One Spike giving him Allomantic Zinc 
–One Spike giving him Allomantic Brass 
–One Spike giving him Allomantic Copper
–One Spike giving him Allomantic Bronze 
–One Spike giving him Feruchemical Bronze 
–One Spike giving him Allomantic Gold
–One Spike giving him Feruchemical Gold 
–Allomantic Duralumin
–Allomantic Atium
–Feruchemical Atium 






Long life of combat and dueling giving him great combat instinct and skill






Healing factor

Aon Ehe - Ability to summon pillars of fire for a few seconds. 

Aon Daa - Ability to project explosive force in a direction.




Marsh effectively counters Sazed in every ability he has. His ability to perform both Allomancy AND Feruchemy as well as Compounding make him far more powerful than Sazed. He can rip Sazed's rings and bracers off with Allomancy, as they don't pierce his skin, and render him useless. Marsh also has a weapon in the form of his ax, which Sazed doesn't. Marsh's viciousness and willingness to kill also gives him another advantage over Sazed. 


Raoden, though powerful, is also soundly beaten by Marsh. ANY metal on his person becomes a weapon for Marsh, and Aons, though powerful, are slow to use and once aimed cannot be readjusted. Marsh's Steel speed and mobility through Allomancy will allow him to easily evade Raoden's attacks. Raoden physically is no match for Marsh's enhancements. 


Dalinar watches and cheers Marsh on. 

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The poll question is kind of confusing. Do you mean which team would win? Currently it says "Who defeats who" and you list the two teams. These options don't allow us to answer that question. Thus, I will not answer the poll directly, but I'll answer here:

Easily, Marsh would beat both if it were 1 v 2. He doesn't even need Dalinar. With Dalinar, it's just a bonus. In my opinion, no matter how fast Raoden can draw Aons, it wouldn't compare with the speed that Marsh can do anything, especially since he had his bag of Atium. If Raoden makes one small mistake drawing an Aon under duress, he's dead. Sazed always said he was more scholar than warrior, which I would believe despite his darn good abilities at fighting. .

This match is no contest. An atium fueled Marsh will easily prevails. Darsh wins over Raozed in the first round, 2 second after the bell. Unless Raozed bites his ear off.

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Being an Elantrian doesn't just give Raoden the ability to use AonDor, it also makes him slightly faster (and presumably stronger). It actually says the he moves slightly faster than a normal human when he goes to Teod to save Sarene when he dodges an attack (not nearly as fast as Marsh, but still). Also, Aons are incredibly powerful. I think most people underestimate just how much power they have because in Elantris, they aren't seen a whole lot used in the city after its restored. Not to mention, he can teleport and just used his ranged Aons in attacking. I'd give it Raoden even with Sazed (pre-Harmony) on the other side.

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Raoden's attacks take too much time. He has to draw complex Aons while being attacked by a man in Plate. I give this to Dalinar and Marsh, easy. If you added Wayne and Kelsier to Team 2, then I'd change my opinion.

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Every time Sazed went up against an Inquisitor he was able to hold his own, so that leaves Dalinar vs Raoden.


Aons vs Shards, I really don't see a competition unless Dalinar starts so close that Raoden can't complete a single Aon.

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