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  1. I've toiled for many years to become a Savant! Not just any Savant, but an Aluminum Gnat Savant. My mother would not be proud.
  2. Today is my first day back on the 17th shard since...2017. And what do I see? TwiLyght still active AND referencing Mister Rogers...after I called my colleague "Mister Rogers" today because of the random cardigan sweater he's wearing. Love it.
  3. You're correct. He does say Vinn. However, there's a WoB where he admits that it's pronounced "Vahn" and that he always says it incorrectly because he uses an American English accent instead of a French accent.
  4. I LOVE the higher candy amounts as well. I also love pinap berries. They should've had those all along too! I've been using them frequently for Gen 2 mon I haven't gotten evolved forms for yet. I've also noticed you get way more candy for 10k egg hatches. I recently hatched two dratini that sent me from barely enough to evolve my dratini once to being able to evolve straight to Dragonite with candy to spare! Unfortunately my 97.8% IV Dragonite got a horrible moveset. Sigh, RNG. How I hate you!
  5. My second Gen 2 Pokemon that I caught was a Feraligatr. I had no idea what it was or that it was the third evolution of a Gen 2 starter. Hahaha. Other than that, it's mostly the Gen 2 equivalent to pidgey and rattata. I think my least favorite new update is that my muscle memory no longer works to get Nice/Great/Excellent throws every time. Every throw is slightly too high. I know that all I need to do is move my finger slower and it'll land correctly...but muscle memory is all like "Aww heck no! No bonus XP for you!"
  6. It's been a while since I've logged on to the 17th...but it was great meeting you and playing board games recently! And congrats on getting that Snorlax! Have you caught anything good yet from Gen 2? Cheers!
  7. A friend of mine recently ordered a personalized copy of Warbreaker from Brandon's site with the following question: Simply, yes, an Awakener can give Breaths to Nightblood, but Nightblood cannot use those Breaths to Awaken.
  8. Ha! I placed my order right before you with #1037. I wasted 3-4 minutes trying to get my question down to 90 characters. Here it is in all of it's glory:
  9. Titan Arum


    Reviving/Necro-ing this post from the dead because I now have a direct WoB about this for both Steel and Iron lines. Yes, both can be used to identify specific metals, and it is not limited to only savants. This seems to be something any misting or mistborn could do with enough practice.
  10. They did indeed increase Pikachu spawns for Xmas hats. I'm liking it but I hope we get an XP boost the week of Xmas too. I harched an Igglybuff last night, so my Gen 2 hunt begins! Oh, and nests change every two weeks now. Check the Silphroad for nests in your area. It's a website where trainers upload information in a crowd sourced manner about nests without breaking the TOS.
  11. Isn't it?! The baby Pokemon are all so cute! Someone already caught a Cleffa too. Here's the official announcement from Niantic.
  12. PSA: Baby Pokemon can now be hatched (probably from 2k eggs, as seen by a hatched Igglybuff on Reddit) and Pikachu in the wild now have Santa Hats!
  13. I'm not sure if Brandon's Store Order number means anything for your book number. My order for the release of AU was 21853. My order for Mistborn is 20920. Does the store recycle order numbers? Maybe. (Why they would seems odd to me.) Was I the 920th person to order the Mistborn book once it became available? I doubt it.
  14. What happened to the Parshmen that Lift sees when she's on the roof of the orphanage? It's clear that they probably started changing forms because their eyes were red. After the storm passes by it seems that there isn't a mention of them again. You'd think that they'd do something or be a part of the aftermath given they're supposedly Voidbringers and the Everstorm (which is rather weak, if you ask me) had just hit.
  15. I was perturbed by the 90 character limit in the personalization box. I really had to get creative in editing my question to make it super succinct. But in the end, super stoked by this book! Who cares that my question may not be clear now. Yay for new, collector's editions of Brandon Sanderson books for my shelf!
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