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  1. So pumped to keep building what is going to be such a gorgeous shelf of leatherbound cosmere books. Love that this one matches the Mistborn: Final Empire edition so that once the whole Cosmere is done it will be so easy to distinguish series.
  2. This might be a stupid question, but is this music set to the audiobook and it plays at the same time as you listen to the book?
  3. Hey everyone, Quick question about the Snapshot lettered edition, kinda lettered editions in general for anyone who might know more than me. Back in June / July I ordered the lettered edition of Snapshot and on the site it was said to be limited to 52 copies. It was also supposed to be released last month but still is yet to be determined when that will actually get fulfilled. I went to check on the status at their website and see now that there at 78 copies of the lettered edition going to be sold. So here is where I question comes in. Do I have reason to be bothered / upset about the increase of copies being produced, and if so, what sort of recourse do you believe their to be under false advertising? These items are collectibles and have value derived from their limited nature and that is part of the decision in purchasing them. I do not believe they should be able to increase this and charge the same amount they did when it was only 52 copies. Thoughts?
  4. I would go with Mistborn and discuss themes of class, hatred, and how to approach a life in society.
  5. I tried to find some hardcovers of those online and couldn't. I imagine that does mean they are only available in paperback. If I could implore you however to purchase one of the leatherbound editions for the first book (only if it is responsibly feasible of course) , every purchase will contribute to their actually being future books to create a full set of mistborn and eventually the entire Cosmere. Just a thought
  6. Just so you know, this will only be the 1st book in the series. The others (hopefully) will follow at their 10 year anniversary. It seems their will (again hopefully) be one a year in December.
  7. Hey everyone, I haven't seen this posted anywhere so I thought I would share. There is now a link with an official date of December 1st! http://store.brandonsanderson.com/mistborn-leather-bound-book/ I don't know about you, but I am so excited to see it be official. Not sure how I feel about it being maroon though... wish it was blue like Elantris so they matched.
  8. I am excited on principle.. that small thrill even when you know the movie might (probably) be a huge flop. I feel like WoK makes more sense though because the magic system will be easier to put on the big screen. Big powerful armor, shiny light power, and humongous swords are easy to explain. I can't even begin to imagine how to show someone burning pewter, tin, brass, etc. Steel is easier but still hard to get people to understand how it works with the blue lines and how you can push and pull but they are actually seperate "skills"
  9. Got my Lettered copy ordered the day before Brandon announced it all on his website. Soooo excited to be getting it!!
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