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  1. Did the honorblades come during, after, or before the Oathpact? Because apparently Ishar was already called Binder of Gods before becoming the Herald of Luck and founding the Oathpact . . . and the war was presumably already going on when the pact was made . . .
  2. You said you never thought of the shards as being remotely close to gods . . . then proceeded to list five shards as gods you know?
  3. They're basically all normal mortals (well okay not all of them were human and some might not have been actually mortal but you know what I mean) that have taken a massive power into themselves. Shards are really only gods insofar as having almighty power, and even that power suffers limitations all over the place depending on circumstances, and is but 1/16 of the original power of Adonalsium.
  4. Well Stormfather himself is largely a splinter, but the cognitive shadow of Tanavast in him would have been a sliver as well . . . And yeah they call any sentient power spren here. Stormfather even hesitantly described himself to Dalinar as the spren of the Almighty which is rather inaccurate, but easier to understand.
  5. As far as being unique amongst the Unmade go, uniqueness isn't black and white, it's a range. Every person is unique, but some are more unusual to others. I don't believe we know of another Unmade that can corrupt other splinters, do we? The rest either cause cognitive influence of some kind, bond people to grant power (Yelig-nar), or simply don't appear to interact with other individuals directly at all (Re-Shephir).
  6. Hoid has Perfect Pitch, he almost certainly has breath to spare. Plus I wouldn't put it past him having developed the trick. Just because you're on a planet with stormlight doesn't mean you have to use it for everything. Especially if you haven't figured out how.
  7. He's apparently tried, and hasn't figured it out, IIRC. I imagine it shouldn't be impossible but . . . well science doesn't find the one way something works until you get over the thousand ways where it doesn't.
  8. Using Breath to sustain himself was, to my knowledge, the primary reason he came to Roshar in the first place.
  9. Do we actually know voidbinding uses voidlight explicitly? The Fused seem to use surges with voidlight as well . . .
  10. "Found that he couldn't be bitter" does not at all refer to finding bitterness. It refers to finding out that he couldn't feel bitterness from seeing what he did, in spite of expecting to have felt as such.
  11. He's a big mystery close to the most central mysteries of a canon that has had enough mysteries to attract a community of theory-loving fans.
  12. Adhesion does in fact function based on pressure and vacuum as its basis for sticking things. It's a pretty bad name, but then again "lashings" cover two completely different surges outright, so I suspect they originated from people who never studied their powers in depth . . .
  13. Literally haven't logged in in months, but since this is going on might as well join in on the hype . . . Gavilar is a lot more cuckoo than I anticipated.
  14. Well, Eshonai might be a bit of a missing persons case right now (no body!) but perhaps Rlain might still . . .
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