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Time to get your silly on! Our favorite holiday, Ookla the Mokovial is here!


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Also known has Happy Birthday Peter!


For all of you newbies around here, this is a fun little tradition we have on 17S. Back on Brandon's original forums Peter used to have the username of Ookla the Mok, and to honor him we have started once a year, on his birthday and for about the week after, changing out names to "Ookla the __". The original plan was for it to be a im--- word, in the style of his acknowledgement titles, but at this point you can do anything you want!


So, join us in becoming an Ookla yourself, and see if you can figure out who everyone else is!

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This is a very interesting away to celebrate a birthday, hahaha. But I'll gladly take part. What's his actual birthdate? 

Thanks for informing us newbies!


(And I thought getting to know people was hard enough without a week-long identity switch where all the names start the same way...)

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Um, does my name choice give me permission to still post here?

Happy Birthday Peter!

I must say, it sure was confusing when I saw all the Ookla names without knowing what was going on. Especially the ones with familiar pictures.

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