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Gamemaker Introductions (SMEDRY HG's)

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For our new Hunger Games, there is a new slew of Gamemakers, so let's get to know them all!



Elan and Elan Jr. have finally been executed, and with that family line of people being deemed untrustworthy, a new gamemaker has come to play:

Eike is head of assassins for the government. He has a hand in almost every section of the government, and is expertly trained to kill. He is ruthless and smart. And, at least from the outside world, he’s hiding something…


No pictures provided to commoners

@Edema Rue

Hey, Eddie here! So my GM character has quite a bit of history, for those of you who haven't played before! We originally saw her in Threnody HG, as Siylna, a girl from the capitol who quickly rose to become head gamemaker. She and her boyfriend Victor were in love on top of the world...but Siylna was ambitous, and Victor was a threat. So she kissed him and stabbed him. Unfortunately, she got caught and taken to prison, where she was tortured, brainwashed, and turned into something that wasn't quite human...and that something was Zira, my vampire GM for Cytoverse HG! She drank blood and could turn into a bat, and served her so-called mother, Emma. But everything that had led Siylna to betray Victor was still inside her, and she betrayed Emma, too, attacking her as rebels stormed the capitol. But she underestimated Emma, and once again, her memories were washed and she became someone new...

Leaving us with Aby, a simple, unassuming girl from district 11 who's happy to serve her rescuer, Mistress Ahna. But there are other people at war inside her, and deep down...she wants revenge on the capitol, which is why she's decided to become a gamemaker. She's my GM for our upcoming hunger games!



@The Wandering Wizard

At the end of the last games Emma revealed herself to be known to the rebellion as Madam Ahna. Which she really is, well no one knows. 

She's a secretary who looks to be in her twenties, but no one knows her true age. Her eyes are now a sparkling sapphire blue, her hair a deep chocolate brown, and her wings are gone.

She was just a lowly secretary but through a stunning turn of events she was elected Madam President by the people. Though she still insists they just call her Ahna and she sees her election as a extension of her previous job to protect the people.

She has a handmaid Rosalind who she is very close with and many suspect she is her secret lover. Though her handmaid seems to have no clue, nor why her mistress gets giggly and a mischievous smile around her. 




Ruio has long been considered soft. Even when he was a trained soldier, he never fought. After the craziness of the last games, he returned home from a trip to find that his entire family had been slaughtered by rioters. Now he feels a crushing guilt every day for not having protected them, and an unquenchable thirst to prove himself. He doesn't know most of the other GMs very well, so he tries to mostly avoid them. 




Rosalind Valore 

The loyal handmaiden to President Ahna. Upon stepping into the roll Ahna found poor District 4 born capitol girl, Rosalind Valore, in the camps newly set up in the capitol. She lived in the Districts for most of her life, but has spent the last 5 years in the capitol. When the rebellion struck she was thrown in the group with the other capitol citizens. Ahna hand plucked the troublemaker out to everyone’s surprise. Now, in the process of training her young servant, she is taking office with a helpful handmaiden by her side. 





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