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Where in the Cosmere would you live?

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Silverlight, it would be the best place to find out a whole lot of answers to a whole lot of questions. Plus it could be a path to going anywhere else, I'd just have to tag along with more experienced Worldhoppers and that combine with Cosmere meta-knowledge might potentially lead to greater opportunities.

Or I could just get a job and make a new comfier life in one of the most advanced places in the Cosmere.

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(Yumi and the Nightmare Painter spoilers):


Probably Kilahito on Komashi. It's feels very modern day, and it looks like it would be quite nice to live there. The lack of the sun could be strange, but I'm basically a vampire anyway, so not much would change. The Nightmares might be a bit scary, but they don't seem to be a big deal to most of the residents. Also, their carnival looked pretty cool.


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Elendel on Scadrial- I can live a mostly normal life but get to study the Metallic Arts. Plus, the Metallic Arts will almost certainly become something that can be purchased by anybody in Scadrial's future, making the prospect of living there all the more alluring.

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