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  1. If @LordOfCheesecakes won't, I may take a shot at the handwriting, it looks very compelling. Also, I just got an idea "hey, if there's a revolution on Roshar and men start to read, they'll likely end up with somenthing similar to Hangoul" (which is awesome BTW). I'm going to try to make this into a full "alphabet" too. PS: I really like your alphabet, any takes on further metals? Also the icons that don't yet correspond to a metal? Second question: Anyone who knows how to make a font (ie a .otf file from this)?
  2. AtLA = Avatar the Lasr Airbender. No, it's not a matter of astronomy. I know why it's red. It's a matter of the light falling on leaves is red, and red leaves reflect all (well, technically probably not all, but vast majority) of it, so they don't get energy to do photosyntesis. Photosyntesis uses absorbed light, which hits a particle and... I forgot the detail. But as a result it makes sugar for the plant to use later and energy to use now. red leaves won't absorb enough red light. type of the star doesn't matter. I believe if you put regular Earth plants behind a green stained glass, they'd die, like they die in darkness. Only a little slower. They need the right frequency of light to grow. OK, thb [RoW spoilers] I agree. Well, I don't full agree here. What if one movie is a gritty war drama, and another is a pulpy action? Different genres work better or worse with a given trope. I'm not a "realism above all" person and am OK with unilimited bullets in many genres, but for, say, a realistic historical movie I would have a problem with unlimited bullets. Genre matters. It also gets more complicated with narrative errors, because they can be more or less severe. Like, you can have a character that's a total Mary Sue, you can have one that' s kinda a Mary Sue but also cool and you can have a character that is kinda ok, but compared to other characters of same author is a Mary Sue anyway. The first is more of a problem, even if they all can be described with the same trope. With those two clarifications, I agree. The fact that I like a movie doesn't make it free of any faults. Indeed. ...also, Azula and Ozai were better written and more cohesive in their being evil than Danerys. I agree. What I meant saying that everything has flaws was "it's unwise to get defensive about flaws in a thing you like, or to assume that the thing you like has no flaws, or should have no flaws". Not having flaws is not a prerequisite for people to be allowed to like a piece of media. Yet, often when someone says "this book/movie has this problem", people feel attacked and hear it as "this book is not perfect, therefore you are not allowed to enjoy it". I do it too. But it's stupid anyway. And yes, as long as something doesn't hurt people or make you a worse person, everyone is allowed to like even dumb things with a ton of flaws. Especially when they're fun. I agree. But it still can be a lot of fun. [I cut the part about stuff I haven't seen. I'm rather out of the popculture loop, because... kids I guess? I'm not sure] Yeah, but it's interesting to read. And thanks for the clarification. You mean Kaladin, don't you? Yes, I know, I know, a lot of ppl love him. They're all valid and if reading about him helps them in their lifes, that's great. I really mean it, it's not /s. I just wish they didn't downvote me this much on Reddit, because it's frustrating. I generally don't think I like a lot of epic fantasy elements. I like SA, but it's not typical in a lot of places. Kaladin is, in may aspects, a typical epic fantasy protag: 100% good, heroic and stuff. I like good characters, I just don't like... I don't want how to explain it. I like characters that are good, but not predictable in their moral choices. I don't like when most of characters turn evil, but I like not knowing how a given character would turn. (Which is funny, because I have a lot of idealism, and... let's just say that after the Wonder Woman video my respect for Shad grown even more, even if his mental image of feminists is "a band of evil people who enjoy a man suffering". Not all feminists are like that. (pun intended) Also, he did something that requires a lot of courage from a guy.) There are also other reasons I don't like him, some dumb and based on jealousy, some maybe wise and based on actually unfortunate writing choices (still better than any other author, but not great for Brandon). But indeed, let's not go there. I think I'm really bad at explaining my opinions, especially in a persuasive way. Nice. I like youtube essays and edutainment. I hope you'll post a link when you start it. (warning: if you have a high-pitched voice, I won't watch it regardless of how good it'll be, I just can't stand high-pitched voices, sorry.)
  3. I did? IDK The post editor went weird on me and did some strange things. This editor + my mouse = the cursor jumps to random places sometimes. If you're explaining to me, maybe read the spoiler tag ;D I'm not saying you're wrong yk. I don't think there's any show or book that I wouldn't find a way to complain about, even on pure technical / verisimilitude level. This includes AtLA (Uncle Iroh the creepy pervert), SA (ok, it's not purely technical and partially about opinions), Mistborn (Red sun. Red leaves. They wouldn't be able to absorb any light and do photosyntesis) or basically everything. OTOH, saying that something has "a writing level of a typical first draft" is a strong statement and it's normal that it could make people feel like they need to defend themselves. PS: your signature has a typo: it's Dalinar, not Daliner.
  4. I like them! Also, not a fan of that series, but I'm getting a Doctor Who feel from it.
  5. Hey, I can't say I can write better than the Mandalorian and I ... well, sometimes write something. Like, that one time. I wish I did it more. But seriously, I think this discussion isn't going in a good direction.
  6. Yes, I think it's this. As for Mandalorian discourse, didn't watch. My biggest dissapointment recently was "the Dragon Prince" (yes, it's a kids show...) which everyone hyped about because it was made by the people who made "Avatar the Last Airbender". But while [controversial opinion] the visuals were awesome, [another one] characterisation and narrative structure and generally most of the story stuff besides its bare bones were... mediocre, at best.
  7. So as a certified Truthwatcher, and rather obviously a …modified one, I started wondering how my spren would look like. Or in general, how this kind of spren looks. So there's them (I don't have an idea for the name yet, and for gender it's probably 'n/a'). Note: While I usually roll my eyes at all the "OC, do not steal, copyright!!1" notes, especially at work of mediocre skill, like this one (I respect everyone's copyright, I just think such notes are pretentious and unnecessary), this is something I feel an emotional connection to, so please don't use it as illustration of other stuff. I'm fine with posting/pinning, I'd be very happy with someone adapting my headcanon about how modified mistpren look and drawing something of their own with similar features, but I'm not fine with using this image as an illustration for a canon spren, or your spren or something along those lines, or (especially) something not SA-related (like: your RPG character). I'm sure there are a lot of better drawn pictures anyway. Also, this is not a Glys fanart.

    © please read the description

  8. Huh. Elithanathile menas "one who changes" and while it is mentioned as one of Honor's names, I believe it means Honor as much as "Stormfather" means Jezren or Kalak, ie a cultural messing up of the actual lore. DS spoiler: Des El's name refer to it? Maybe. (Also, I have no idea how to do inline spoilers). Edit: I'm sure the "El means God" is there too, but I think there's also some in-world linguistics here. Des it mean this in proto-Rosharan too? Maybe.
  9. From the album Dumb humor and crempost material

    A gif I made from an offcial RoW illustration. Everyone's favorite pic, now animated!
  10. From the album Dumb humor and crempost material

    Aon Rafo Meaning: mystery, suspense and frustration. (Originally it had a rotational symmetry, but people pointed out that it looks like a svastika, so I had to change it)
  11. I got an idea. You know what might be even better than Syl perma-Dying? Pattern perma-dying, Shallan reconciling/4-Idealing with Testament (which she is close to) and kicking the but of a very surprised Moash or whoever killed Pattern. (She wouldn't kill Moash, he belongs too much to Kaladin's arc, but she'd totally trash him). And Shallan-Testament relationship would be... difficult. And great to read. I love Pattern more than Syl, he's awesome and funny and all. But this would make a good narrative. TBH I doubt both Pattern and Adolin would die, Shallan is not some Kaladin to be kicked down this hard by the story all the time.
  12. This. Another point into Adolin dying theory: Brandon also likes sometimes flipping genders in a trope. So one husband dying, and the score is clear again, can go back to killing wives. /s (Actually Brandon gets better all the time, also in stuff like female characters, so I hope there won't be a lot more dead wives, especially after the double one. Or unnamed dead mothers. )
  13. Adolin. Otherwise, hmm, let's make some guesses... Navani, Shallan, Leshwi... Syl. Adolin: he's just the expendable one. Non-magic user, happy, not crucial to the plot (like, say, Dalinar). I really like and enjoy him, but feel like he's gonna go. Navani: She's the second Bondsmith, we don't need two. Also, too many main characters make book slow down. I wish Dalinar died instead, but this doesn't seem likely. There are many characters I'd wish dead instead of Navani, but we're talking bets, not hopes. Shallan: Not many readers like her (though I do), also she generally completed her character arc now. And killing Adolin and not her would be too sad, and not in an interesting way. Leshwi: She's a noble antagonist, looks very likely to die heroically for Kaladin (in the "redemption equald seath" trope). Also, she's a Fused, so essentially, she cannot live being a good gal, because she has to steal bodies to respawn. Syl: I initially wanted to steal the Hesina idea, but a) we know spren can be perma-killed. b ) people would loooove seeing Kaladin go all the way from square zero again c) he will bond a new spren ofc d) probably Notum or whatever his name was, or at least one of those we've seen e) losing Syl would hurt Kaladin more than losing his mom f) I think Brando Sando realized that too much of dead mothers is a cliche. (Yes, they are all mostly female. I can't think of more main male characters that don't seem essential to the plot. Maybe because I focus on fellow women and remember them better. Maybe.) Adolin: sacrificing himself for Maya, somehow. I have no idea about the details. Anyway, in a cool fight. Navani: something humilating? Probably tricked by Tod. Shallan: together with Adolin, HoA-finale-style. Leshwi: sacrificing herself for Kaladin, probably killed by Moash Syl: Moooaaash! With anti-Light. Also, we'll get a Stormfather reaction gif chapter. (Note: While this is not a trolling post, much of it is in the vein of "Brando Sando, I beg you, prove me wrong, show me that you're better than this". Except Adolin and Syl. I think those deaths could make powerful moments and are worth it. Even though I'm not a fan of Kaladin's PoV. But when I thought of Syl, I loved how unexpected, yet logical this death would be in this story. And Adolin... he just feels too much like an extra.)
  14. Yes, this. Except I'm not sure if it's attitude, or just I have a different way of connecting with characters than most people. Unless a character (even a PoV one) is very similar to me in their way of thinking (and Kaladin isn't, for example because he's an extravert), I see them as a different person, not project myself into them or see them as "I could be this". I see them as "other people are like this" kind of real person. May be a Renarin-spectrum thing, may be just me not being a nice person (which is true anyway), IDK. BTW I am better now and less a piece of crem than I've been, but still, no magic fairy, no fanclub, not many friends and they fail to intervene a\with OP magic with exact right moments. And I have a great love life (happily married for 15+ years), instead of off-screen break-ups Thank you for this analysis anyway, it was really insightful.
  15. That's interesting, I posted something very similar a couple days ago.