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  1. Oh, thanks! I thought she might have explained somewhere, checked har Facebook, didn't think about the website. Here in Poland people use only one name, but some use their second name as the first (because they don't like the first). And some don't even have a second name. Every country has its way, I guess. Mary Robinette sounds pretty. Though Mary indeed fitted the rhythm of WE intro better, I wish they change the whole intro in next episodes to make it sound good again. Sort the introductions by name length (from Mary Robinette to Dan) or something.
  2. In tobdays podcast, Mary Robinette Kowal says something like "I had introduced myself earlier as Mary, because here in the South, Mary Robinette is [something I didn't fully understand]". Can someone explain, why having a second name is controversial? It's probably not that important, but I don't like not understanding things. Thanks.
  3. When reading the book to my daughter, I got in the mood and made this snippet. It's a working clock which is also a ever-changing Rithmatic diagram. I wish I knew how to do Android apps, it would make a cool clock app. Any suggestions welcome.
  4. Wow, I didn't even notice there was a script on that image, great job! I've tried to trace/clear the writings (white is for lines that are probably waves and may make other lines hard to read, dark blue for something that seems a main line / initial, colors are for letters that look similar, blue for other letters). Also, I've added the original location names, just in case. I hope this helps a bit. Edit: I've tried to match the letters, but I'm too bad at this.
  5. I posted it in previous thread but then I noticed this one is more alive, so… Some content back from WoK. Have fun with this! (I can't figure out those glyphs, but they look readable. Their origin involves a polar coordinates filter and the voidbinding chart. They may have flipped left half and right half, can't be sure.)
  6. Spoilers-safe content: Let's go back to WoK for a while, more precisely – to its back cover. I straightened the Void "essence" glyphs from the voidbinding svg some good soul made (I just run it throught polar coordinates filter + vectorization to make them prettier). They turned out to look very much like normal glyphs. I wonder, can we somehow read those or match them to something (the Unmade, maybe?).
  7. Sell. [Correction to one of my previous theories] Zahel dies before SA ends, and in a meaningful way.
  8. Not exactly a tatoo, but close enough not to open a new thread: something I did today and I'm very happy with it. link link
  9. What I did with my nails today. (Yes, in Poland we wear wedding ring on the right hand, the left is for regular rings.) A quick how-to is in description of the other hand photo.

    © Glyph designss are probably owned by by Brandon Sanderson, the tutorial you're welcome to use. :)

  10. My nails. I was wondering if I should tag this photo as NSFW (because, you know, safehand), but that would probably be a bit too much trolling. (Yes, here in Poland we wear wedding ring on right hand, the left is for regular rings.) If you want to have similar nails: Download the glyphs in svg format from the wiki. Scan your hand (the side with nails) and use this image as a reference to resize the glyphs (I also modified them a bit to fit the nail shape better). Make them black if you don't have a color printer or just want them black. Make a reference image showing which glyph and what color goes on which nail so you won't do any mistakes. I chose to have female Herald glyphs on right hand and male on left, but there are many other options that make sense). For black glyphs on color background: Ensure that you have nail polishes in all relevant colors (some colors can be mixed. Also, I have an irrational hatred for red nail polish, so some colors are off). You can also try color glyphs on white bg if you have a color printer. Paint your nails and let them dry. Do not use too dark colors (as I did for Windrunners and Skybreakers), pastel ones will look better. Print the glyphs. I did it on a regular black laser printer and using some kind of ecological paper I happened to have. The easier the paper soaks the paper the better as long as it doesn't jam your printer. (Print on dry paper, you'll soak it later!). I suppose normal paper would work too. Find some how-to about "newspaper nails" and use it to transfer the glyphs to your nails. I've used rum instead of rubbing alcohol (don't have any of that), lots of soaking and kept the paper on nails for about a minute + pressed for 10 seconds. It worked quite well, but some details didn't transfer and some glyphs (Windrunners!!!) got tilted or shifted. Finished!

    © Glyph designss are probably owned by by Brandon Sanderson, the tutorial you're welcome to use. :)

  11. Actually… how sure are we that Renarin really is a Truthwatcher? He says so, yeah, and he has some powers, sees the future… since when seeing the future is a KR ability? It seems to belong more to another kind of magic users… And we never see his spren. Or what's in the box.
  12. Just for the Rule of Cool: who would you (most) like to see with our favourite sociopathic Awakened sword in their hands and why? Including the original owner. My personal choice is Lift, because a ) they have kinda similar style of dialogue/humor, b ) she's awesome and c ) it could lead to some Realmatic mess, because of her peculiar abilities. Also, she'll feed him. With food.
  13. It's a Splinter, so I think the answer is "yes".
  14. IIRC there's a WoB that an Honorblade cannot be bonded. Edit: Somewhere in this thread.
  15. Nine secret societies? And nine Heralds not counting Telanel. Coincidence?