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  1. Not necessarily. It just seemed really well done and stood out to me. The transition from the beginning to the end was quite different, though it stayed close enough to be noticeable as the same song. I liked the perky bit at the start slowing down to match what the tone should be. Just go wherever you want with my prompt if you want. I came up with it in like two seconds when I looked out the window, so.
  2. I'm a little behind on listening to these cool impromptu music thingies. A King Corrupted is definitely one of my favorites so far. Man. I don't have many ideas for prompts. Maybe for the season you could try something like going from fall to winter. Like a transfer from the leaves falling to the snow falling and covering the ground. Your songs are really cool though.
  3. Two pretty good D&D podcasts. The Damage Guild is better but they're both funny and cleaner than most D&D podcasts.
  4. Granted. It is in the shape of a rod. I wish for the ability to create foods I think of whenever I say the magic word alakazam.
  5. I've never played D and D. I do listen to some funny podcasts though. Definitely more of my thing to listen to the story anyway. Any of you heard of The Damage Guild or Make Believe Heroes?
  6. Lol. I've nearly done that a couple times with some of the books I've done. This story is not going to do that, I don't think. My character in this book heads out on his own. Maybe I'll add a little to this just to add a bit more of a preview, but because I plan on publishing this eventually I don't think I'll add all of it. It might break some people's hearts though, once I get it right.
  7. Thanks for the formal welcome everyone. I'd say Way of Kings (especially on audible) because I can listen/read it for so long. I really like Way of Kings and Mistborn. Skywards alright. I'll remember you're able to answer questions. If I have ever develop specific ones I'll ask you .
  8. I've been here for a couple months, mostly hiding in the creator's corner and looking at the cool stuff there. Just thought I'd say hello. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and love most of Brandon Sanderson's books. I enjoy reading (obviously), sleeping, eating, and running. Yep. There, I've introduced myself. If anyone has any tips on book writing/world building I could really use it. I've got a couple of my works in progress in the Creator's Corner.
  9. Like many people on here probably do, I really like the smell of certain books. There are just some books that when opened smell wonderful. I also like the smell of the mountains, lakes, forests, anything in nature really. Chocolate, most fruit.
  10. One day in seminary, one of my XC buddies was assigned to write people on the board for the devotional. He wrote nicknames to everyone and wrote me as Greg. It eventually kind of became a nickname to my close friends and some other friends from XC and I use it for usernames and stuff. Not creative, but I like the username Gregorio (or Gregoreo sometimes).
  11. Just found this corner and was quite amused. Excited to read what's gone on in here for the past couple years .
  12. So here's a story. I'll be updating it every once and a while. It's just a side story I'll be writing when I get tired of my book I'm trying to publish (The first little bit is in my signature). I think the magic system of this book is pretty interesting. Sorry for the length. Maybe I'll shorten chapters into sections. Chapter 1
  13. I think it's fine, this is the 17th shard after all. Lots of fan "art". But woah. I'm confused once more. Now I'll have to look over it again. Is it like a personality disorder?
  14. Ok. Hmm. It kind of sounds like a story from Mistborn, like when Bloody Tan makes his "art". The Cobbler seems obviously mad to me. He was either put in jail and became the Butcher after he'd realized what he'd done, or was put in jail after killing people and has nightmares about the people he'd killed. I'm definitely confused and may have to had to go through it again to study it a bit.