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  1. Stormlight meme The thing did not work. Sorry
  2. I made some chocolate milk. I regret it.

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    2. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      That is unfortunate.

      Have you tried brushing your teeth really hard?

    3. Potato's Wit

      Potato's Wit

      Yes. It worked, kind of.

    4. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      Alternatively, brush them with bleach.


      For legal reasons that is a joke.


  3. If you had to be an emergency priest for a chicken wedding(Two chickens getting married.), what would your thoughts look like during the fiasco?
  4. I think I just came up with a joke. Please don't kill me.
  5. Why's the house on fire? Why. WHY!?!? NOOO, that makes him sick!!
  6. When your baby brother gives you a rock and you're like: "Oh nooooooo...".
  7. It's a lip it's a lip it's a lip lip lip.
  8. Yes. This is real!
  9. Happy birthday!! 


    1. AonEne


      Thanks!! ^_^ 

  10. No. I just don't use fancy words unless I remember them. TPBM uses fancy words, like satire or defenestration, on a daily basis. (I sure don't. )
  11. Okay. 1455
  12. Ye- ooh shiny!!! TPBM is a watermelon fan.
  13. Yes, yay! And Ranryu say boo, but her computer is having a meltdown so she can't post easily. (Yay for us, then?) 1449