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    I should really stop disappearing
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    Slay the Spire, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, books, roller coasters, fireworks, computers

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  1. yo, here's an idea: visit old tf2 custom maps.

  2. Ah scud! I disappeared and missed all of the birthday messages!

  3. Happy birthday/shardiversary!

  4. Hi

    Happy birthday 

  5. Somebody ate a sandwich. Not the sandwich, but a sandwich.
  6. The boy pulls a screwdriver out of his pocket and takes off the wooden side bar of the abacus, revealing RAM sticks that look like tiny abacuses. He pushes on the clips holding them in place, takes them out, and puts them back in. “Let’s see if it works this time.”
  7. “Hmmm…” The boy took the abacus and tried to compute 2+2. It came out as π, somehow. He shook it as well, and the words “You’re also dead” appear. “Have you tried reseating the RAM?”
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