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  1. you have not experienced the terror of demon rev
  2. Um I still exist but I don't really do anything
  3. um hi
  4. I hate math

    that is all

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    2. Condensation



      I cannot have empathy for that situation, but I have sympathy.

    3. Bearer of all agonies

      Bearer of all agonies

      Mist, you there? Yell at Rev. 
      Actually, don’t, Rev is nice. 

    4. theTruthshaper
  5. This is amazing!! I love how the dark background brings out her eyes.
  6. ahhh thank you!!! you were my first shardbuddy, and you're so fun to talk to I want to meet cloud too! (as long as your parents are ok with it of course) so you finally admit it ahhhhh tysm!!! you've been a great friend to me and it's so fun to talk to you. Thank you for letting me vent to you
  7. Welcome to the Shard! Your art is great!
  8. " I wanna people to look at me and tremble." @Ookla of Truthshapers
  9. Uh, y'know, all the jokes he makes? Basically his entire character??
  10. Well, the scandalous name came from the AU discord. I actually really don't like anything NSFW, it makes me uncomfortable.
  11. Blushweaver is the other character I have major problems with. Warbreaker would've been practically perfect without her (and the Siri stuff).
  12. He is a nasty dirty boy
  13. i am here to ruin connie's social monopoly or whatever >:)
  14. Me too, and I almost never get emotional