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  1. One of my favorite parts was in "The Election of 1800" when Hamilton says "Jefferson has my vote" and Jefferson does a little happy dance and Burr's face falls.
  2. My OTP is Moash x Death
  3. Drawing of Rysn because I love her and I need to practice realism. I don't do realism that often, and I still need to work on facial proportions and shading hair, but overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. As I was looking at reference pictures for Chiri-chick I realized... scorpions are really storming ugly. That is all. Also the picture is kinda blurry.

    © revelryintheart

  4. Not sure if this has been done but... Wayne singing "Me" from the Broadway Beauty and the Beast to Ranette. Lyrics:
  5. I actually have! I can only remember it happening once, and the details of the dream are fuzzy, but yes I once dreamed I was a different gender.
  6. Maybe it has something to do with artificial lenses? Anyway this got me thinking... What if there was an Awakener who couldn't see colors? I guess that once they reached the Third Heightening they would be able to see colors but what about the First and Second Heightenings? Just imagine a poor colorblind Awakener frantically touching every object in sight, hurriedly whispering Commands, hoping that the object has color to drain.
  7. Replying to an oooooold post but I have something to add. I've had cataract surgery in both my eyes, during which my lenses were replaced with artificial ones. After the surgery I began to notice that I see colors differently with my different eyes. If I close my right eye I see cooler colors (such as blue and green) more vibrantly while reds and browns look more faded and gray. Alternatively, reds look brighter when I close my left eye. My brother, who has also had his lenses replaced, has noticed the same thing. He theorizes that it has to do with the way your brain adjusts to temporarily having good vision in only one eye. This has gotten me thinking that everyone sees colors slightly differently. (Also I remember hearing that females see color differently from males? Maybe??) However, I have hacked the system and unlocked ULTIMATE DUAL-SEEING COLOR EYES. (I'm tired and supposed to be writing an essay can you tell?) So if you want to experience different colors... get surgery. Simple.
  8. I'm not sure Lunamor would appreciate that.
  9. Happy pride everyone! I'm not exactly sure what my sexuality is, I think I'm somewhere on the aroace (wow autocorrect really didn't want me to spell that huh) spectrum. Whatever I am, I'm definitely an ally and love and support my LGBTQ+ friends. I don't think I've read any fantasy books with queer main characters-except some Rick Riordan, but I think y'all have made your opinion of his representation clear Carry On sounds real interesting. I'll maybe try it after I finish my Mistborn series re-read.
  10. From the album Cosmere Dresses

    Here's Rysn (and her plant) showing off some Thaylen fashion.
  11. What did Kelsier say in the Pits of Hathsin? Oh snap.
  12. Sorry if I' (*tries to find an appropriate, witty metaphor* *fails*) bringing up a bad topic (*cringes*) but... Kataang or Zutara? My vote goes to Kataang
  13. Is it only the Aviar that can manifest abilities after eating the parasites in the Patji's fingers? We know that Sak, a non-native bird was able to develop powers. But is it limited to only birds? I think there's a WOB about humans not developing powers after eating them, but what about other animals? What is special about birds that allows them to access the investiture?
  14. I misread this as you had started AND finished TWoK this morning and I was incredibly impressed, then I reread it. Oh well. Impressive nonetheless. Welcome to the Shard!
  15. A relevant meme