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  1. i just found ot that my textbook has page numbers on it??!!?!?!?!?!!


  2. i steal the fruit snacks >:)
  3. first day of the new semester :mellow::mellow::mellow:

    in other news i had to drive my roommate to the hospital today

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    2. Zephrun's Imperium

      Zephrun's Imperium

      Two years ago, not today lol

    3. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy

      I start today.

      Dang that sucks.

    4. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron


      I had to rush my hysterical mother to the ER cuz she almost sliced her finger off on a sawblade so i kinda relate

  4. Wind sent me a picture of his abs 

    my life is complete, I can die happy now

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    2. Robin Hatter
    3. The Ward's Guard
    4. AonEne


      guys this is very clear i don't understand why you're confused 

  5. oh my storms this is amazing!! thank you so much!! ye go ahead
  6. immaculate taste
  7. kingmaker spoilers (unpublished sanderson story set in first of the sun)
    (it's just a character tho so not super spoilery)




  8. I'm at the con but can't find anyone :(

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    2. Enter a username

      Enter a username

      You had to have had bought an online ticket, or preordered Cytonic, in which case you should've gotten an email with a link to the YouTube stream.

    3. Experience


      I couldn't find you :(.

    4. revelryintheart


      i was looking for you but couldn't find you :((((

      there was just too many gosh darn people there

  9. Thanks for following me!