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  1. can I request a meme?
  2. Do you ever just think about the fact that @Emi exists and get happy because she's so precious
  3. Utah: Jello (this is true, even the carrot stuff) Large families (yes. I have two friends with 9 siblings, and most people I know have 4+ siblings. I only have three what a slacker) Everyone is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (33% of Utah's population isn't) Soda shops like Sodalicious and Swig (yes they're weirdly popular here) Polygamy (no) I can't think of anymore help me fellow utahns
  4. today is national throw a short person day

    *yeets @Channelknight Fadran*

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      *Flies through the air like a cartoon character*  Someone please catch me.

    3. Condensation




      *Hides from Connie*


      *Connie instantly shoots up to the height of 6' 5" and yeets matrim*

      Ooh, that would be nice. It's all right, Mat, status updates suck. I get it.

    4. Vapor


      I think I'm shorter. I'm also like the youngest. I'm only 5 feet tall.

  5. Same! I totally listen to some meme songs unironically. Like Africa, Take on Me, Mad World, and You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) to name a few.
  6. oh you're a shallan x kaladin shipper ah uh um great ok ..... unfollows queen i uh did art? with my hands? and pens?
  7. emi you're young you shouldn't have a boyfriend anyways
  8. not as gorgeous as you ene thank you!!
  9. that would be great, but your babysitter is coming soon. we can't leave you alone unsupervised
  10. yes i am superior to you in every way bow before my seniority
  11. squashmores
  12. I was in jr high too hehe also those were the worst years of my life
  13. I wasn't aware that there was a fish running for president.