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  1. Of course Waffles are delicious
  2. Probably windrunning
  3. Wait no choir??? That's always one of my favorite parts. At least they have the pre-recorded music. It's going to be interesting to see how the brethren organize it.
  4. @Kelsier'sGodComplex Thank you! Renarin is also my favorite. Also I love your profile pic
  5. @Channelknight Fadran That's a tough question. I'll probably have to go with words of radiance.
  6. Greetings people of the 17th Shard! I love Brandon Sanderson and making fanart, so quarantine has been good for me I've already posted some art before making my official introduction (whoops) but wanted to let y'all know I exist!
  7. Drawing done with alcohol markers. I tried to make it look like real stained glass, but that proved difficult RIP my white gel pen
  8. Welcome to the Shard!

    P.S. your Doomslug is so cute! 

    1. revelryintheart


      Aww thank you!!

  9. First post on 17th shard! Drawing of Spensa and Doomslug I did a while back.