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  1. As little as I'll enjoy it, one of the bridgemen is probably going to die. I'm betting on either Rock or Sigzil.
  2. @Aragorn Sahar didn't particularly want to get sucked into the Radiant's messes, but when you haven't eaten in 12 hours, you kind of have to accept any food that comes your way. "I... don't like this one." Spool hummed. "The spren... Honor..." "Spool, shut up." "Shut... up? I have nothing to shut." "It means be quiet." "Ah... your idioms are so... delightful!"
  3. "So, uh... is there anything to eat around here?" Sahar asked. The last thing she'd eaten was a bit of old sushi she'd found in the depths of the mini fridge in the poor college guy's apartment she'd ransacked this morning. @Aragorn
  4. "Uh... yeah. Cryptic. Her name's Spool." Sahar mumbled to Nym. "Um, I don't really need a place to stay..." "Mmm... Sahar. Friends!" Spool buzzed. "Though... not this friend. Mmm... Honorspren..." Sahar stared at Spool. "You know? Uh... sure." Sahar said, trying to smile. If Spool doesn't like Nym's spren, I'd like to find out why. She thought. @Aragorn
  5. @Aragorn Sahar tried to smile at the girl, Nym, but it was mostly pained. Nym was the kind of girl who was too... quirky. "Yeah... hi. Uh... you might need a wash." Nym looked at Sahar strangely. "Um... yeah, 'k." Ugh, that was awkward. Sahar thought. "Spool, let's go." "Mmmm... perhaps... help?" "No, Spool."
  6. Sahar had never been more overwhelmed in her life. Spool had been leading her into a voidbringer battle? And then she'd gone and rescued some random kid who'd gotten herself in too deep into all this, and from what Sahar had seen, was back to fighting a bunch of monsters. Now she and Spool were behind some rocks, watching as Radiants who cared enough to have said the Third Ideal stabbed and killed and screamed. Weren't Radiants supposed to be majestic? Quick-thinking and noble? Ingrid said once that anyone who announces their righteousness for the world to hear is hiding worse doings than much of what you can imagine. She'd been right, of course. But what could it hurt to stop some idiot girl who didn't know what she was doing from flying up into the sky and dying? Sahar ran out from the rock and yelled at the girl, "OI! You're gonna get yourself killed, you fool!" The girl turned around and stared at Sahar.
  7. Welcome! What Sanderson have you read?
  8. Hey all! I'm a Lightweaver of the who's only spoken the first Ideal, my name's Sahar, and my spren's is Spool. "Spool, why are we doing this?" Sahar asked. "Because... I feeeell..." Spool buzzed. Sahar huffed a little. From what she'd seen of the other's spren, they were supposed to actually get more intelligent, though perhaps she'd misjudged. It wasn't like she was going to intentionally talk to those goody-two-shoes fools. Sahar rounded a corner and stared. She saw several bleeding people, as well as ones bleeding... stormlight. They were all hiding from some huge dust clouds, from which screams were coming out of. "Spool..." She warned, "I'm going to turn around and walk away. Right now.". "Noo..." Spool made a groaning sound. "At least... you can... help. Yes, help. That's the word!" She sounded satisfied. Sahar huffed again, marched across the wounded, and into the dust cloud. Immediately, a girl Sahar's age stumbled up to her with both a gut wound, and a gash down one leg. She fell unconscious onto Sahar's feet. "Delightful." Sahar groaned, and pulled the girl back through the dust.
  9. Happy birthday!!!

    *hands a carton of birthday cake flavored ice cream*

    1. Aragorn


      Yes, my fine darkeyed friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    2. WannabeWorldhopper


      Gracias, fellas! (Though, it may be noted that I find birthday cake-flavored anything a storming abomination, but I'll happily accept some chocolate-raspberry froyo!)

  10. For Syl, I'd do Evanna Lynch (Purely because of looks), for Odium, Donald Sutherland might be good, mostly because he played a somewhat similar character in Hunger Games, and, come to think of it, Zac Efron could be a pretty good Moash.
  11. I'm a little confused, though. Teft swore the Third Ideal, right? So does that make him on the same level as Kaladin?
  12. I'm both horrified and amazed! (meant as a compliment)
  13. I think Lynn will definitely end up with a member of Bridge Four, most likely Sigzil. That would be an interesting addition to the whole "Where the heck are we gonna put everyone's families?" question that Sigzil brought up, though I think it would be a minor plotline.
  14. I agree. Kaladin admits to Syl that he didn't feel affection for Shallan, just that she reminded him of Tien. Kaladin latches on to anyone who has a happy aura like Tien did, since Kaldin can't really produce that himself
  15. I don't think Tarah's going to come back. It's way too improbable. I still think he'll remain single, since it seems too late in the series to introduce a new character, especially one as important as I'm sure Kaladin's girlfriend would be.