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  1. Sa-dAYas! I'm tellin' ya'll, it's right! (But I guess I'm in the minority:)
  2. Ha! I thought no one would care to watch a rather obscure 90's anime film, but you prove me wrong! I love it!
  3. It's really cool! I think what feels off is that he looks a little feminine. Maybe you made his eyelids to heavy?
  5. From the album Skyward Junk

    That part where Spensa tries to hide from a cave-in and find M-Bot.
  6. From the album Mistborn Stuff

    So do ya'll remember that part in BoM when the gang's trying to sneak into the warehouse and Wax tosses Wayne off the cliff? That part? No? Well, I brought that pleasant image to reality. You're welcome.
  7. So, my friend recently finished Stormlight for the 1st time, and she's moving to Mistborn. I need a coherent way to explain the whole cosmere-multiverse-worldhopper-Splinters-Adonalsium thing without sounding like: "So, uh, there was this guy or force or something living on a planet called, uh... idk. Um... and he was destroyed? I think? Or, like, it's called Splintering, so he splintered into all these parts, or, like, um... emotions? I guess? And they all went to the different planets in the cosmere, which is like another universe, sort've. And one was Odium, and like, Cultivation. And Ruin and stuff. and Odium, like killed other emotion-splinter-things. And on Roshar there's, like Honor, who... Ok. I'll stop. Anyway, I would appreciate it if you guys could help try to come up with a little speech that's makes enough sense that I don't sound like a TOTAL madman. (I'm perfectly sane, it's my hallucinations who aren't.)
  8. Granted, but "good" is a subjective term... and it just so happens that everyone's idea of good is Twilight, Grapes of Wrath, and Animal Farm. I wish to stop sounding like a dying cat whenever I cough up mucus. (And I wish to stop coughing up mucus.)
  9. Granted. But you never get to actually watch it, you just have all spoiled on a wikipedia page. I wish for tom kha gai soup.
  10. It would also be really hard to do the interludes. They would take up time and people would be confused why we have this random scene with a Purelaker guy all of a sudden, and I, for one, wouldn't remember enough about their stories to feel the significance later on. (Like with Rysn, who appears throughout and only becomes prominent near the end of Oathbringer.)
  11. Thank you, Lucas.
  12. I really hope people care enough about Stormlight to get pumped for it, and have really interesting discussions concerning it, but also that they don't turn it into a fanatical religion where they shoot down other ideas, claiming that theirs is right. I think people do have their opinions, and sometimes they are very strong, but not so much that they actually make death wishes for people who believe something different. (It is, after all, an epic fantasy series concerning flying men, instant transportation, a pathway to other worlds, and a corrupt splinter of an eternal being that's trying to destroy the universe, so I'd be VERY worried if someone did turn it into a fanatical religion.)
  13. Moash to Kaladin: