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  1. Granted. A bat nests in it.
  2. It's random, but it was 12 when me and friend came up with this. We thought it was hilarious, but in hindsight... Monday: Mistborn. Everything is bleak and it doesn't matter in the end and life is pain and death and there is no hope for survival... Tuesday: Stormlight. Off to a better start and your feeling confident, but... there's... so much... more... left to go... Wednesday: Warbreaker: Stuck in the middle, some good elements, but mostly just... there. Thursday: Elantris. We're there. Almost. Very close, but laced with elements of longing. Friday: Wax and Wayne. Ahhhh... If any of you have any ideas for Saturday and Sunday, I'm open! (Of course, this is my opinion, so if anyone has another and wants to share it, please do!)
  3. Lord of the Rings. For the third time. I didn't like it the first time, so why I managed to come back to it again is a mystery lost in the dryer.
  4. Granted. It always shows your most inward emotions, and you cannot control it. I wish for the stupid hangnail on my finger to heal.
  5. From the album Random Photos/Art

    I've always wondered exactly when Shallan spoke her first Oath. I know she was 11 when she killed her mother, but when did that come about?
  6. Granted. You drown in the money. I wish for a turkey.
  7. I really just started watching it because I needed something to fill my time after finishing Mistborn, and I think I liked it because it reminded me of Avatar. Then I watched the second season and I've developed an actual fanbase for it! You've gotta remember that the first season of Avatar, though still super good, is not as complex and interesting as the other two, which hopefully means the seasons will get progressively better as they go along.
  8. From the album Random Photos/Art

    This is from Kaldin's perspective, when he runs onto the plateau and meets Wit, who gives him a flute.
  9. Who's your favorite character in any of Sanderson's books. It can be your favorite in each one, or just overall. I like Lift and the Stormfather in SA, Spook (or "Lestibournes", I guess.) and Wayne in Mistborn, Galladon in Elantris, and Doomslug the Destroyer in Skyward. And Hoid, of course. Who doesn't like Hoid? I even named my cactus after him!
  10. From the album Random Photos/Art

  11. From the album Random Photos/Art

    I'd like to apologize for the terrible quality of the actual photos. I have to take them with my dear, terribly elderly chrome book. Also, I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world, so if there is a way to upload photos without taking screenshots of them, I could not tell you what it is.
  12. Granted. You are now allergic to chocolate. I wish for more wishes.
  13. Granted. You have to use it on a half-hourly basis, making you too tired to do anything but sleep when your not using your wicked moves. I wish for good food of my choice.
  14. My brother and mom had both read SA, so one boiling, smoky-from-stupid-forest-fires day, I picked up WOK, read the rest of the series in 3 weeks, and developed a perhaps- not-totally-healthy obsession with every other Branderson novel I could get my hands on.
  15. Yeah. I just want all of them!