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  1. A recent WoB from last month has got me thinking: We know pretty well what Physical DNA is. (Because it's like real DNA.) We're getting a sense of Spiritual DNA: things like Identity, Investiture, and Connection. (As so helpfully listed out by Brandon in the WoB in question.) But he also explicitly calls out this concept of Mental DNA as one of the fundamental principles of Realmatics. As far as I'm aware, this is the first we've seen explicitly of this topic, and I'm trying to figure out where we may have seen it in play, and where we may see it going forward. Feruchemy seems somewhat related in how your physical body will sometimes change. Specifically F.Pewter, where you will gain or lose muscle mass; it's not like A.Pewter, where you just get stronger. That's a manipulation of your Physical DNA. I wonder if mental manipulation works the same way - Feruchemy will be directly manipulating your own Mental DNA to make you more determined, for example, whereas A.Brass and A.Zinc manipulate your Cognitive aspect, so to speak. Stormlight, and the various neuroatypical characters, may be another place this plays out. We know that cracks in the Spiritual aspect are what allow you to become Invested; I wonder if those are areas of Mental DNA affecting the Spiritual DNA. The listeners on Roshar might be another candidate for mental DNA in action. We had Eshonai's POV while she was in Stormform. She actually thought differently. I wonder if the bond with a spren warps their mental DNA the same way it does their physical DNA? Which explains why some forms are more intelligent than others, as well as why some forms are inherently 'evil' emotionally. Where else might we have seen Mental DNA in action throughout the cosmere? (This is not a rhetorical question; I need some help broadening my mental horizons and trying to get my head around this topic. What other magic systems or realmatic phenomena may rely upon it?)
  2. I don't see how that description is any different than what we see on-screen. You use primer cubes to copy other Metallic Arts; I suspect that's all they're referring to.
  3. The goal has already been met, and the first stretch goal is unlocked. Mistborn Feruchemy dice. I'm not great with my Feruchemy symbols, but I definitely see the new harmonium one (which was shown on Twitter a little while back), and I think I see three other new ones (which would be our atium/lerasium/malatium), but I could be wrong, since some of these dice are rotated. I also think I see two duralumin dice in the mockup, so I'm not quite sure what's up with that.
  4. Update: Kickstarter is up.
  5. Kickstarter will be going live tomorrow. Crafty put a preview up of the Kickstarter: The short story: $180 for the set, $20 more for a collapsible dice tray and tower. Stretch goals are acrylic dice sets featuring all 20 symbols: Classic Allomancy, Alloy-era Allomancy, and Feruchemy. They'll run for $25 a set once they've been unlocked, while being automatically included with anyone who orders the metal set. You can also get roleplaying sourcebooks and House War as a part of the campaign. Looks like they're a little bit discounted from their MSRP. If you've been thinking about getting them, now would be a good time to get off the fence and help us meet some stretch goals. First 50 backers get a signed card from the team and Brandon. First 250 backers get a set of the old acrylic dice and a set of House War minis.
  6. I got my physical copy in the mail. Got a chance to get a good look at the Farkept moons. (Or whatever the appropriate "Jovian" analogue term would be.) They do indeed have blue and green in the shape of continents, unlike the other gas giant moons on the other star charts (which are all monocolored). Other planets that share the same color scheme? The four inhabitable Drominad worlds. And Coronach, the named moon of Elegy in the Threnodite system (which has also been theorized to be habitable). Taking a close look at all the celestial bodies made me notice something else. Nearly all the planets and moons have a white ring around them. I assumed it was the same as the white behind any of the lettering, which would just let things stand out better. But I noticed that Sel's moon, Oem, didn't have it. Is it a mistake? Or does it actually indicate the presence of an atmosphere? (In which case, every planet and moon except Oem would have at least some sort of an atmosphere.) And is it the same atmospheric indication that marks our Cognitive Anomaly? I don't think that it's a Physical Realm phenomenon (or else, why would it be called a "Cognitive" anomaly), but if it is located in the Physical Realm, then it might be something that would sustain its own atmosphere? Seeding for a far-future sci-fi twist in the Nalthian system?
  7. theory

    Why are you treating this as some sort of logical fallacy? Of course you can assume your initial hypothesis is correct while discussing its ramifications. It's analogous to the scientific method, where you begin with an Observation (a potential connection between the Ire and Vax), formulate a Hypothesis (that Vax is a Vessel tied to the Ire), and design and perform Experimentation (looking at the texts and Wobs for support and/or ramifications). It's helpful to bring in new information. But there's no need to be insulting about it.
  8. theory

    I like the big-picture of your theory - that Vax is a Vessel, not a planet. The scene with Kelsier in Secret History always felt much more like a person's name to me (in line with "Senna" from Leras), and less like a planet's name. I'm having a hard time following how you connect the scene to the Ire, however: Vax has only one vowel, which means it's not an Aonic name. I got the sense from the conversation in the Ire fortress that they don't have any other Shard already. "Devotion protect us." "You won't need Devotion. You will have me." If Vax was a later Vessel, not one of the original sixteen, how would Ati have known the name? As to there being another Shard that has changed hands: the WoB you linked technically doesn't say that. A Shard with no Vessel could satisfy the situation. We know Aona and Skai were sent Beyond, so they aren't holding on to their power like Leras did. Devotion and Dominion may very well be Shards that are "not held by their original Vessels" because they are not held by any Vessels. (I also thought we had learned that Harmony was the first time a new Vessel had Ascended, but I am unable to find the source for that, so I may be misremembering.) I also don't see a connection between Taldain and Vax from the Elantris Ars Arcanum. The phrase in question is "Even Taldain's and Vax's methods do not seem to apply here." Methods, plural; not that the two planets share a single method, but, in going down the list, Khriss is saying that neither of the two distinct methods apply to Sel. But we do know for certain that Vax has a magic system. Discounting magic systems from our known planets which are not mentioned in the Elantris AA (Roshar, Threnody, First of the Sun), that would mean there is another magic system. We have seen hints of two in-universe: one is the Aethers, and one is the crystal balls which we see the Ire use. The latter seems to be connected to Silverlight: And the former, the Aethers, I don't believe can be associated with Vax, because Brandon hasn't finalized exactly how they fit in: They will "probably" not be pre-Shattering; but if they are, then what would Vax's magic system be? So that's why I think it must be something else. And the only other magic system we've seen (at least to a degree we can recognize it) is the crystal balls from Silverlight. Edit: Ignore the strikethroughs. I tried to get grammatically fancy with brackets and got burned by code, and can't figure out how to fix it.
  9. TWG 100%: Brandon 100% (116/116), Peter 100% (116/116), Isaac 100% (75/75), Ben 100% (38/38) 17S 100%: Brandon 100% (105/105), Peter 100% (111/111), Isaac 100% (111/111), Ben 100% (100/100) Reddit 92%: Brandon 100% (134/134), Peter 100% (107/107), Isaac 100% (25/25), Ben 65% (57/88), Adam 100% (16/16), Store 100% (6/6) Twitter 43%: Brandon 100% (127/127), Peter 17% (22/127), Isaac 16% (22/134), Adam 38% (22/58) Blog 100%: Brandon 100% (214/214) Social Media Total: 84% (1518/1802) Theoryland Review: 10% (121/1183) Events and Signings Review: 0% (0/397) I made better promise than it looks like, I promise. I'm current on Ben's Reddit history, finally. But... I realized that the interface I was using changed at some point, and it was automatically truncated results past 100 for each month. I know it wasn't when I was looking at Brandon or Peter, and Isaac and Adam don't have enough activity for it to matter. But Ben's got quite a few months with over 100 comments (or 200, or 300), so I'm going to go back and double-check a bunch of them, see if I missed anything. Once that's done, I'll probably crank along with Twitter. Should be less work than Reddit; everyone seems much less active on there. I think I've got a good site saved somewhere in my bookmarks for Twitter archiving, I'll try to dig that up. I don't think I'll get that done by the end of the calendar year; I've got a couple of non-Arcanum projects I'd like to get through (theories and reading guides and the like) before Stormlight Four comes out, so I don't expect to dive into the Theoryland review or the E&S forum review. They'll get done eventually; we're in no rush, after all. But I do believe I'll have Reddit completely up-to-date by my last progress update of 2019. For the update WoB, I'll share something of Ben's I didn't actually add. He caused a bit of a stir recently, sharing a theory he had about Lift's boon/curse and now the Old Magic and Nahel bonds interfere. It's not actually new; he's talked about it multiple times before. One of the other instances, here's what he said: Well, I forgot to save the link, so I can't actually quote it. Sorry to fake you out. But here's the summary: closer to when OB came out, he presented the same views, explicitly labeling them as a theory. This latest 'incident,' he said it quite authoritatively, but no more so than anyone on this forum will assert their own theories. That's always the balance to strike with putting Peter, Isaac, and Brandon into Arcanum; when are they speaking as an authority, and when are they speaking as a confident fan? It's often a judgment call on my part, to try to figure out exactly where they take off one hat and put another one on. Do I get it right all the time? Of course I do. Give me some credit. If you think I don't... well, I can point you towards some helpful websites, and you can double-check my work! The other good Reddit comment I saw from Ben was him saying he's not on Twitter. Which is good; I don't have to worry about him on that platform. I hadn't been including him in my Twitter stats because I thought I just couldn't find it; but now I know the account doesn't exist at all.
  10. I think the naming conventions are interesting. You see both Nalthian trends - the gas giants named like Returned, and the Nalthian moon with the distinct double-letter (looks like Rrendos.) Looks like the outermost planet was discovered later, which is why it's called "the Hidden." And then we've got the symbol for Nalthis. It's a little boring; a five-pointed star. Possibly referencing the Five Scholars? They're apparently somewhat famous around the cosmere. The Cognitive Anomaly is interesting. It's presence in the Nalthis orbit makes me pretty sure it was caused by events on-planet. I suspect it has something to do with Nightblood. But was it caused by Nightblood's creation? Was it something earlier that was partly responsible for Nightblood? Is it the effects of something planned for Warbreaker 2? Lots of possibilities. I'll have to reread Warbreaker, look for any important festivals or holidays or anything. (Nothing jumps out from my memory, which makes me think the anomaly might not exist yet during the events of the book.)
  11. Hey @Gavtyven did you make it to the signing? Get any fun WoBs?
  12. Shiny new pictures floating around on Twitter. Make sure to open the link to see all twenty dice; the preview is cutting some of them off. If anyone's going to Pax Unplugged in Philly (December 6-8), you'll probably get a chance to handle these. Crafty will be there. I assume there won't be any there for sale, just for demo again.
  13. I have said this to you before, but I'll say it again for the sake of those reading the thread: the four listed goals are not naturally aligned, and can in fact work at cross-purposes. Goal #1 is especially at odds with Goal #4, for example. Those who are looking at what to read next don't care about the stuff that hasn't been written yet. (Well, they shouldn't, at least. I won't overestimate the ability of people on the internet to worry.) Optimizing a graphic for one of the goals will often be at the expense of one of the others, and the challenge is in striking a balance between the two (or deciding to exclude one of the goals altogether.) Different charts, focused on different goals, may be the way to go. Now, about this latest suggestion in particular. The radial aspect of the chart greatly serves Goal #2. It's a surprisingly efficient use of space, especially if you can figure out how to do some sort of an interactive webpage that will pop up the details for each. (Which would be best after-the-fact, having read both of the books involved, which kind of goes against Goal #1. More on that later.) I don't think Goal #4 is served by a single list, in any way, shape, or form. That's why I prefer your second option, which trims out planned books and keeps it on the published or near-to-be-published books. It manages to capture the other three goals fairly well: I'm also a fan of publication order as a default, and this provides just enough information for those who want to go off-script and read things in a slightly different order. The colors tell you what you have to do. The lines tell you what you would be a good idea to do, with more urgent-looking lines being gooder ideas. You've got all the lines, and they can go through the center of the circle to avoid getting too muddled. I'm very pleasantly surprised by how non-chaotic it looks. By having a color for each major series, you start to touch on the different planets and all that good stuff. Any more in-depth, I think, would be best done as a separate chart with Goal #4. There is a fifth goal I think you could touch on: apocryphal works. The White Sand manuscript is less essential, now that we've got all three graphic novels; but on a high level, if people are asking "What all comprises the Cosmere," that stuff like the post-WoR Jasnah scene, the Traveler reading, and Aether of Night are important to mention. The first two are very adjacent to canon. Aether is referenced in Stormlight, so it would introduce a couple of connection lines. Once you get any farther down the rabbit hole than that (Silence Divine reading, Mythwalker, Dragonsteel Bridge Four sequence, etc.), I think you'd be muddying the waters a little too much; that could go on the separate Goal #4 chart, perhaps. But a couple of the big ones could be good, maybe at the end of the chart. With regards to your first chart. The big advantage in the "phases" option you pursued in the first chart is that you can put White Sand in Phase 1. Yes, the graphic novels were published afterward Bands of Mourning, but the manuscript was relatively widely available before that to those who were in-the-know, and the Trell scene still exists in the older form. Since it was written so early on, White Sand really is more of a work that others will reference; not one that references others. (That wasn't terribly well phrased. The connection lines are drawn away from White Sand, not towards White Sand.) But to get back out of the weeds, and look at the big picture. A graphic like this should be made for a target individual, to answer a specific question that type of person has. Who are these optimized for? The person who's read all of them and wants to know what they missed? Or someone who hasn't read any of them? An interactive version with all the details is what the first person is looking for. But a newbie wouldn't be able to use that interactive version, since it would throw a bunch of spoilers at them. So they'd really only need the title colors and the red lines. I think the radial format is best for connections; you might be better focusing on that, and trimming out any reading order recommendations and doing that in a separate, simpler graphic.
  14. I don't think it makes a difference. If you write it in the book, you should make sure it's on the same page that he's gonna be signing, so he doesn't have to turn pages.
  15. Either will work. I'd recommend writing it down for a couple of reasons. One, less of a chance of Brandon misunderstanding your question. Two, we'll have the exact wording if there's no recording; written-down answers tend to be short and cryptic, and it's nice to have the exact question that was asked.