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  1. Ultimately, it is on the question-asked to edit themselves in as the questioner. But you can check in on the Events and Signings thread for that particular tour stop and see who has reported stuff, and put their names in if you come across those questions.
  2. If you see something with a white button on the edit page, but no visible entry, it means that someone has transcribed it already, but an Arcanist hasn't been able to check over and approve it. So you can feel free to find something with a red button and start transcribing that one.
  3. Hah. I had just added this exact thing (like, less than a week ago) as a question to my personal list. Nice to know I can already check it off. Does this mean that no Shards are left on Yolen? Since she didn't know where Yolen was in SH. I guess it is a bit of a leap; it's possible she learned about a hypothetical "Yolen Shard" from other sources, like the Seventeenth Shard or Hoid or even another Shard.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. At least one older item is back in stock - I've been waiting a while for those AU system posters.
  5. Audio is up for transcription.
  6. All audio is up for transcription on Arcanum. As is usual for release parties, there's quite a bit in there.
  7. You'll see some more on this subject as the audio from the Skyward tour continues to be transcribed. Brandon did say at San Diego that he's incorporated some of those themes of doubt into Szeth's story instead. Which I presume is how he was treated by the other Shin.
  8. I asked that back in April at JordanCon. Got a RAFO.
  9. New canon glyph on a dog costume. Anyone have any idea what it is? I don't remember; did Bridge Four get any fancy new patches, other than the classic Bridge Four one? EDIT: Mystery revealed on Twitter. It's for the Cobalt Guard.
  10. Looks like a mistake; hopefully, they'll update it and send out a link.
  11. It's a good question, but there's nothing concrete to go on. There are a couple other standalones that Brandon plans on writing. Threnody will get a novel (but we can expect Shardic influence there to come from Ambition or potentially Odium). There's a chance of Brandon rewriting Aether of Night (although it sounds like currently he doesn't have a Shard planned to go with that magic). And Silverlight is on the list to get a novella (although that may or may not have a Shard). There are lots of theories about how some of these remaining Shards could be revealed: Odium killed them before they Invested in a world. So the Investiture is out there, but not impacting anything at the moment. Stormlight could involve more Shards in the future. Hoid wrote a couple letters in Oathbringer asking Shards for help (Endowment, Autonomy, and Harmony), all of whom rejected his offer. But did he only write to those three? What if another one actually comes to his aid? The last era of Mistborn could involve more Shards. As they they travel off-world through "conventional" spacefaring means, the main characters (whoever they will wind up being) could interact with planets and Shards the readers haven't seen yet. They could be behind other Cosmere phenomena that we haven't gotten a good look at yet. The Scar on the Star Chart, or Vax (which has Investiture, a strong indication a Shard is involved). I'm not sure that guarantees that Darro will be a worldhopper in Nightblood from the Aether planet. He's a cameo for Brandon's brother, so that might just mean Brandon changed the character to a Nalthian so that he could use him in another story. Same way Rock moved from Yolen to Roshar; he's not a worldhopper (as far as we know), Brandon placing the same character in a new world.
  12. TWG 100%: Brandon 100% (116/116), Peter 100% (116/116), Isaac 100% (75/75), Ben 100% (38/38) 17S 51%: Brandon 100% (93/93), Peter 100% (99/99), Isaac 0% (0/99), Ben 0% (0/88) Reddit 43%: Brandon 100% (122/122), Peter 11% (10/95), Isaac 0% (0/13), Ben 0% (0/76), Adam 0% (0/4) Twitter 36%: Brandon 100% (115/115), Peter 8% (9/115), Isaac 7% (9/122), Adam 20% (9/46) Blog 100%: Brandon 100% (202/202) Social Media Total: 62% (1013/1634) Theoryland Review: 3% (35/1183) Events and Signings Review: 0% (0/397) We're cruising right along with the social media backlog. I wasn't able to find my old tracking spreadsheet, so I had to make a new one, but I was able to make it better this time since I remembered some things I had done inefficiently before. I don't have to do any manual math anymore for percentages, I've got Excel updating it all automatically. I've got all my percentages based on how many months of activity I've reviewed, and they all add new activity at a rate of around 1 month per month, but Excel is updating those numbers for me as the goalposts keep moving. I just gotta mark in X's when I've finished a month, and then copy-past over here. It really is a very nice spreadsheet. Green indicates it's progress made this past month. So I did a lot of checking on TWG and on 17S. Some of it was easier than others (Brandon's forum posts were all in already, as expected). But I've only got a little bit left before I close up the forums and move onto Reddit. I also got a count on the threads in the Events and Signings forum (I don't think I'll update that as new threads get posted, but rather stay on top of them the old-fashioned way. These are just old ones I want to review and double-check for late reports or claimed questions.) I did add some things from Peter in the TWG event and the year-by-year Miscellaneous events, but the most interesting thing was something you won't be able to find in Arcanum. It would just cause too much confusion, but it is fascinating to see some really old misinformation, a misunderstanding of what Shards were. Apparently, people thought there were a couple of Shards in Dragonsteel; Hoid had a Shard, the main character had a Shard, there was a Shard opposing them. I guess the assumption was that anyone with magic had a Shard. Peter had this to say about them: That second part makes me think of "giving up on the gemstone, now that it is dead": Hoid was known as Topaz in that book. It almost seems to me like he absorbed the Investiture of the Topaz, rendering it useless. (And bestowing the term "selfish" upon himself.) Basically all of this got officially walked back; Brandon stated that some of the people who had Dragonsteel were making too many inferences. But it's still an interesting insight into the unreleased book, and always fun to see what other crazy corners the fandom had managed to get itself into over the years. You can read the full threads here and here, if you're interested. So, that's all I've got for this month. I'll try to polish off the rest of the 17S posts this month, but the Skyward tour begins next week, and that will keep us really busy staying on top of the new signings.
  13. Everything has received at least a first pass at a transcription. But it can always use another set of ears. (And people claiming their questions, for those who were there.)
  14. A recent WoB that's got me thinking about our mysterious kandra worldhopper and bringing this thread back up: Brandon's phrasing there strikes me as a little odd. He doesn't say the phrase will help us find Terris people; he says "people who have been socialized like Terris people." It comes across a little verbose; why is he being that specific? It makes me wonder if WalDo has been exposed to enough Terris influence that she has picked up on this trait, and that's the specific person that Brandon had in mind at the end of his answer. Because she wouldn't strictly be Terris; she'd have some Terris-influenced speaking patterns. So, do we have any characters in Oathbringer who have that particular affectation? Because remember:
  15. Pagerunner asked Brandon a question in an AMA on a Sunday. As he eagerly awaited the answer, Brandon told him, "I will reply to your question some day this week. But I will not tell you on which day I will reply, so when I do, it will come as a complete surprise to you." Pagerunner began to ponder what Brandon had said. If Saturday arrived, and Brandon had not yet answered his question, then he would know that Brandon could only reply later that Saturday, and the answer would not come as a surprise to him. Therefore, Pagerunner knew that Brandon would not respond to him on Saturday. But if Friday arrived, then there would only be two days left for Brandon to reply. Having already eliminated Saturday as a possibility, then he would know that Brandon could only reply later that Friday, and the answer would not come as a surprise to him. Therefore, Pagerunner knew that Brandon would not respond to him on Friday. In a similar fashion, Pagerunner eliminated Thursday, then Wednesday, then Tuesday, then Monday, and last of all Sunday. With no days remaining where Brandon could answer his question, Pagerunner dejectedly closed out of the AMA, saddened that he would never receive his answer. And on Wednesday, when Brandon replied to Pagerunner's question, it came as a complete surprise to him.