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  1. Yes, @Steeldancer got three hours of the signing line and a half hour of public Q&A. Hasn't been processed in Arcanum, yet.
  2. Turns out there was a recorder yesterday. @MangoMongo, you may wanna head over and take a listen to your audio; there was a bit of background noise, so you may be able to make out some parts that were difficult to hear. WoBs are going to be coming up here as they get transcribed: Anyone who wants to help transcribe, you can keep up to date with all new audio as it gets added here:
  3. Here's the Arcanum event for this year's FanX. Anyone who gets audio can upload it there, anyone who gets WoBs can add them directly to the event, and if anyone sees any reports on Reddit you can feel free to add them to the event as well (or tag me in the comments, u/Pagerunner17, and I'll make sure it gets in).
  4. Oh, man, now to see if I can edit my original post's Wit-isms to actually work... EDIT: Through much trial, I think I got them both working. But not without some help from the good old internet: This format works really well in Stormlight, with the symmetry. I'm gonna have to try to work it into a Livestream question or a book personalization question...
  5. Brandon's latest YouTube update has his FanX schedule: Thursday 6:00 PM, "Writing a Successful Series in Science Fiction and Fantasy." Location: 250A 7:00 PM, Signing. Location: Booth 1518. Friday 1:00 PM, "Writers of the Future: Learn How to Engage Readers." Location: 355B. 3:00 PM, "Intentionally Blank; The Brandon and Dan Podcast." Location: 250A. 6:00 PM, Signing. Location: Booth 1518. Saturday 4:00 PM, "Brandon Sanderson Spotlight Panel." Location: 250A. 5:00 PM, Signing. Location: Booth 1518. Signing lines would be good to drop a recorder down, if anybody has them. I expect Brandon's team will be recording the Spotlight panel, but it wouldn't hurt to have that recorded as well off a phone in the room, since Dragonsteel usually takes a little bit to get their recordings up.
  6. In Brandon's latest livestream, he clued us in that Wit's doing more than alliteration in his conversation with Jasnah: So I went and collected what he said in that passage: I didn't look up any other passages he may have used this in; I don't think it's a full-fledged form of poetry, just some awkward constraints he placed on himself. Anyone else can feel free to look for alliteration in his other Stormlight passages, which would be an obvious clue. But how else has he constrained himself? The word to look at will be "Indeedy," where he had to make up a new word to fit whatever pattern this was. At first, I thought it was that he had to fit a certain number of syllables. But I couldn't see a pattern; they go 2-1-2, 1-1-1, 2-1-2, 2-1-1-4-1 (for the one with five words, which I'll dig into more later), 6-2-3, and 1-1-3 (on poised, ploy, paranoid; which is the one he snuck past Jasnah). I looked for symmetry, addition, multiplication, and couldn't see any pattern to number of syllables. Which then pointed me at letters. The first and the last word of his triads also end with the same letter. Soulless/slumbers, rat/rust, seasons/stories, stress/sounds (I think "somehow" and "said" are just Wit intentionally muddling the water with extra s-words"), inappropriately/indeedy (which was why he needed to add the extra "y"), and poised/paranoid. EDIT: With the additional clarifications added below, I had to revise the post title, since it didn't actually. I'd definitely be derelict to be in denial of its difficulty.
  7. Probably for the best. From the Code of Conduct:
  8. Great job digging that up! Looks like only 150 people will be able to get in the traditional "signing line," selected randomly through a lottery. (Edit: 150 tickets, 2 people per ticket, so up to 300.) There were, like, 2000 people at the last release party, so those odds aren't too good. It might be better to book a last-minute trip to FanX, for those whose goal is to meet Brandon.
  9. Signing line tickets available at Booth 1518.
  10. In the past, he's done multiple signings over the course of the weekend, and you are allowed to bring your own books to get signed. Depending on the venue, there's often a limit on how many you can get signed at one time, but if you have a lot you can usually wait until the end of a line and get a bunch done after everyone else has gone through.
  11. Well, this event is less than a month away; is anybody going to be going who could drop a recorder or a phone on Brandon's signing table? No details yet on the website as to when exactly it would be, though.
  12. I think it's a good idea to keep this one; there are a few WoBs it hasn't been applied to. ( and It's often been conflated with the hide-and-survive Shard despite the WoR tour WoB, and though I happen to agree with that view, I don't believe it has officially been confirmed.
  13. The FanX site doesn't have anything yet. (And from what I recall from prior years, the website might not be that promptly updated.) I haven't seen anything from Brandon's social media, either, but that will probably the best place to keep an eye out.
  14. All right, here's the story. Brandon's signing started on Friday (and was gonna run about 2 hours), and then Isaac had a panel showing off some White Sand art that started a little after. So nearly all the Sharders went to Isaac's panel, while I stayed behind and kept an eye on the recorders. And wouldn't you know it, the panel was really popular, and since there was another Brandon signing on Saturday, the line was pretty much empty. So people would come right up and get their books signed, no waiting, and when no ody was there, I was sliding in with a quick question or two. Whenever someone else showed up to get books signed, I got out of their way, which was why I got in a lot of pretty quick questions this year, but no really long ones. And while I'd step away, I'd go flex about it in the Discord chat. And jof, green with envy, DM'd me a question to ask, which I was gracious enough to do for him. So, then the Saturday signing comes around, and there are, like, a half dozen of us hanging around this time. But the line never died down like it had on Friday. It got real close; there's be, like, one or two people left, and all the other Sharders would get real excited, but then a new group of people would come up and get in line. We did get a couple more over the day, but not a lot. Of course, I made sure to antagonize the others as much as possible. "Oh no, more people coming? Isn't that a shame." If there were such a thing as sarcasmspren, I would have my Shardplate from the Order of Buttheads.
  15. Funny story about that. I asked this on @Jofwu's behalf because he had something better to do than hang around at Brandon's signing table to ask questions. So he should be the one to comment.