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  1. Yep, Warbreaker and WoT get content warnings, though WoT's potentially objectionable content is much more...pervasive, let's say.
  2. I love the ending of SoS. It's so sad, but it's really perfect for Wax's character arc. You'll love Bands of Mourning.
  3. I'd recommend going back to 2017 and listening to the podcast starting when Oathbringer released. You'll find that a lot of the things you may be confused about are things we've only discovered over the past couple of years. (Meaning go listen to old episodes, don't literally time-travel to 2017. That would be silly.) Also as a general note, Stormlight 4's second draft is now at 90% on the progress bar on Sanderson's website! HYPE!
  4. The progress bar on his website now reads 90% for Draft 2.0!
  5. It would be an interesting juxtaposition, since he played Superman.
  6. Arms race...? We're headed to the undersea caverns of Aimia to find Shardblades, Dawnshards, and probably Vax. Let's goooooo!!!
  7. Theories: 1. Delvers evolved from human AIs. 2. Delvers evolved from human cytonics. Look at how Spensa starts feeling when she enters the delver maze and interacts with the delvers. Everyone else becomes inferior in her mind. 3. Delvers evolved from kitsen cytonics. This one is mostly supported by the fact that a) they all disappeared at some point in the past, and b (can't put a close parenthesis after this without creating an emoji) what if a delver maze is just a fully realized hamster ball?
  8. Fortunately, that spoilery bit is mostly flavorful and doesn't have huge plot ramifications, so don't be too worried @Oceanic Technocracy.
  9. This would be interesting, since with every "download," the data would become slightly more corrupted as the memories fade.
  10. What a great series. Nothing to compare to Sanderson's more illustrious works, of course, but still brilliant worldbuilding and character development.
  11. Don't forget the Terrismen!