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  1. I think Taravangian will take power in Alethkar by the end of the book.
  2. 1. Stormlight 2. A Song of Ice and Fire 3. Mistborn 4. Harry Potter 5. Kingkiller Chronicles
  3. I dislike the Renarin twist at the end of WoR, as it felt added on and wasn't really foreshadowed enough.
  4. I've read both and think that Asoiaf has far better characters; the entire cast is much more dynamic and interesting than the figures from Kingslayer. Kingslayer is a beautifully interesting story both in its magic and its worldbuilding, but I find the variable characters and intrigues of Asoiaf to surpass it as a series.
  5. Thanks for the criticism; my theory wasn't really thought out as much as it should have been.
  6. Wait...arent't there trees on Scadrial? Trees whose branches are made of sticks? The conspiracy grows.
  7. I'm excited for the Taravangian viewpoint.
  8. You're welcome Jk jk I'm glad to be back
  9. Wow. My first time back on the site and months and I come face to face with my finest achievement.
  10. Haven't seen you in a while.

  11. Everyone here is the best stick
  12. He said they could, but implied it was very difficult or caused a negative effect of some sort. This could mean Shardblades cannot cut Aluminum without some other factor, or he could have just changed his mind about it at some point.
  13. Hurt Well of Ascension, heal WoR 3. Emperor's Soul--6 4. The Final Empire--7 5. The Well of Ascension--4 6. The Hero of Ages--6 8. Shadows of Self--10 9. The Bands of Mourning--7 10. Secret History--2 13. The Way of Kings--9 14. Words of Radiance--11 15. Edgedancer--10 16. Warbreaker--9 17. Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell--9 18. Sixth of the Dusk--5
  14. When you finally start reading/watching that ones series EVERYONE loves, and find out how great it is, and then when you've consumed every ounce of content you realize the next installment won't be out for years.