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  1. Will we have any OB related contests? I think it's been a while since any contests were hosted on the shard. Let's not be worse than Reddit
  2. I can't see any of those images. Only signs that forbid you to drive
  3. 17th Shard - always delivers
  4. I would steal all the monies and jewellery I can find
  5. feature request!

    @Roadwalker if you have interesting poll ideas I'm sure you can get decent amount of answers. Just look at the toilet paper poll
  6. feature request!

    Thaaats a strange idea to be honest If you want more polls feel free to make them in appropriate sections of the forum I don't think creating a special place for polls would have the desired effect
  7. What if you're an awakened rubber duck with the command: Quack!
  8. @Penumbra if that thing is about picking an internship I don't think there are any bridges in danger if a company wants you as an intern, they won't get offended if you go somewhere else! And most definitely, they shouldn't hold it against you if you want to work for them later. Business is rather unemotional, so don't worry about offending anyone
  9. This indeed seems to be a new thing. Someone did Secret Santa on the Shard a year or two ago and it was quite fun I hope this will work as well. @theofficetroll are you advertising it anywhere else?
  10. I'm definitely interested. Punisher was the best part of DD season 2, I hope he won't disappoint in his own show. I'm curious if any characters from other shows will show up.
  11. @Penumbra ask someone for help? Discussion should help you make the best decision and outside perspective can check that your not doing anything stupid.
  12. Hello everyone! Mestiv here, with your weekly Oathbringer preview chapters reaction topic! As always, the thread will be automatically unlocked at 9 A.M. EDT. Here's your link to the new chapters (it will work after 9 AM): Have fun!
  13. Hahaha @Sunchicken that reaction made me laugh loud on the bus
  14. No idea what that is, not clear enough on mobile DA I usually can't see the lips on your picture, so it's usually just a finger pointing up for me