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  1. Can I ask why?
  2. If I were a rich man...
  3. FYI, your sig seems not to work on my computer. Probably a school thingy though.

  4. Someone send me some motivation and time to extend the filter to galleries... Because that's me generally:
  5. If there is an image in the gallery, you should report that image. If there's a gallery with spam title/description, but not pictures in it, the best way to do is start a thread in the 17th Shard Discussion forum where you post links to those galleries. Such thread would be useful in the future as a place where to report those galleries.
  6. I have the same memory, so there's possibly something missing in the wiki.
  7. I believe there are higher chances to meet possible Con attenders in the Events forum, so I'm moving your thread
  8. I think she'll be a very good ruler that would very often ask others she respects for advice.
  9. What a cheerful story, can't wait to see how Jasnah, being the logical one decides that she's gonna join Dalinar, as there are no chances to win now.
  10. I did notice it And I liked it, makes the characters more human, but without going to any explicit areas or anything. Shallan is a teenager, so no surprise she has those thoughts, it's only natural. Navani on the other hand was very straightforward that she wants Dalinar not only in Platonic sense Welcome to the forums!
  11. @Storyspren you can quote multiple posts at once using the little "+" button instead of the quote button. We generally don't want doubleposting, which means two posts in a row by the same user. Please use the multi-quote feature in the future.
  12. You gather statistics on this?
  13. Don't forget about Secret History once you're done with era 2 also, if you don't mind books for younger readers Alcatraz is very funny and engaging Welcome to the forum!
  14. Cool, but protest protest against who and solidarity with who?
  15. So what is the real reason they keel?