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  1. Opinions without arguments are still opinions... I don't know, OB isn't the greatest book Brandon wrote and I really get your complaints. Others just explain why those things don't bother them. Popular or not, nobody is obligated to explain themselves if they don't agree with something.
  2. My money is on young Tai-Na.
  3. You are being peer pressured to reveal all your secrets
  4. White discord!!! Noooo!!! You can cheat the system and ask for a "Happy birthday" dedication for you nephew "What's Hoid's favourite drink?". Maybe he'll laugh and answer
  5. This topic is outdated and successfully replaced by this:
  6. testing testing

  7. Ok, I got it. Thanks for reporting. The spammers are getting more creative it seems.
  8. Yes, @Parttimedragon deserves to be featured
  9. I like this idea. Although I'm afraid that it won't stop the spammers. If search ranking is what they care about, they should notice that their links don't last long here and the chances of being noticed by crawlers are rather slim.
  10. I can confirm that we have solid representation in American and European timezones, which pretty much can handle most of the day. We may have someone in Australia too.
  11. I will punch the snow so hard it'll turn into solid ice!
  12. If you like light comedy I admit it's really relaxing. It's visually very nice and made me laugh quite a bit. Definitely worth a try. The last aired episode had a first a bit more serious moment, but nothing heavy. It has a good rating on My Anime List and many positive comments on Crunchyroll I really enjoy it!
  13. I'm watching: Darling in the FRANXX (for the plot!), Ancient Magnus Bride Dragon Ball Super, RWBY A place further than the universe Food Wars! And I think that's it for now...
  14. Hi! I still know who you are, so it wasn't that long How have you been? Is your husband back from the military maybe?