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  1. It seems like there will be a tight character limit on the phrase. Judging by that middle one, somewhere around 20 characters.
  2. thanks ^^
  3. @Chaos shouldn't regular users be able to ignore others?
  4. I believe he was manipulating Shallan's illusions, because they weren't locked to her identity, since she was having an identity crisis. Her illusions were unlocked like the south Scadrial medalions. Anyone knowing how, could manipulate them IMO. Hoid obviously knew how to do it.
  5. He just doesn't like how it looks, so he doesn't wear it. I also didn't notice it.
  6. It's not his fault, the interviewer asked a warm up question
  7. Just a little enchanced photo of a dinosaur figure I saw That's how I imagine the dinosaurs from Alcatraz's world.
  8. It is so awesome that they're so quiet about this. It's not a publicity stunt, they just really want to help people.
  9. You can create new spoiler box using the eye button on mobile. It'd be hard to put quoted try inside spoiler tag on mobile though.
  10. @Fanghur Rahl and @Draginon - please hide Mistborn spoilers in the Stormlight forum. I edited your posts, but please hide it from now on.
  11. @Kaladin_The_Stormblessed I moved your topic to the right forum.
  12. There is a length limit for a post, but it's not the number of words but number of characters. It's very high though, around 350 000, as reported here: (I'm not gonna bore you with encoding details that affect this limit)
  13. I'll be honest, when I saw that topic title in the list of newest topics I was getting ready to slam the "Flag as spammer" button I'm glad I read a bit first Nice to meet you and welcome to the forums!
  14. I take photos when I get some time, so I'm an amateur photographer you might say Feel free to send some too! We use the #other channel to talk about photos mainly.