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  1. Sounds to me like Rysn just got "soul-casted." At least, that's how the target of a soulcast must feel right? You have this entity pushing itself into your perception, asking you to change. Convincing you that you've already done it, that you're capable of doing it. Do it again. One more time. The cosmere functions on Investiture, Command, Intent, and Connection. The Dawnshard just used three of those on Rysn. And if it can 'bond any creature mortal or voidish' maybe it doesn't have a problem with connecting either. "Change" is just another surge, just another manifestation of investiture—a force of magic that gained classification from people's perspective. No better than Gravitation or Division. Big-A was shattered and its power split up among the first wielders of the Shards right? God's power of Preservation, Ruin, etc. Investiture imprints and interacts with sapience, so the Shards of Hatred, Honor, Ambition probably got their intent from Ado right? After all Investiture will form Sapience if given the chance as well. The power sits in the Spiritual and is classified and keyed by cognitive thought: even the big capital-S Shards are bound by the intent keyed to their investiture. And in some cases we see unbound investiture pursue its intent and grow sapience. But sapience also shapes investiture—intent is hard-coded into the cosmere and it came from some intellect with these concepts. But we've seen Ado's investiture! It's the Shards. There's sixteen of them, they can be splintered or merged further, but we're familiar. Almost intimately with some of them. Why call these Dawnshards? Why are they different? Seems silly that only just now Brando would introduce us to some "Super Shards" that are somewhere between a Shard and Adonalsium itself? What happened to Adonalsium's mind? After all, what is a Command except a manifestation of someone's will.
  2. Definitely not. Shouldn't have released it on Steam, Or charged for it. And no. I can put my Rift on you and show you a dozen games (and even some non-game demo experiences like this was supposed to be) that will blow you away more than any Hollywood movie or flatspace game you've ever played. Even gen1 VR tech is mind-blowing, especially if you haven't tried it. This was not. It may be a decent "intro to the vibe of Roshar" as it's intended to be, but I can't make a good decision on that due to my position as an original fan. The VR aspect fell short to me as a VR addict; the Stormlight world-building aspect fell short to me as a Sanderfan. Doing my best to contrast those feelings to give a stand-alone opinion is tough, but even then its plain to see they lacked a lot of polish you expect (read: need) in VR, simply because a poorly-done experience has multiplied negative effects: nausea, first-impression bias establishment, notions that the platform as a whole is to blame, etc. And as a Stormlight experience the liberties taken aren't the worst I've seen in an adaptation, but they cause the whole demo to stumble a bit in its purpose of introducing people to Roshar—especially with the overall cheesiness as @Vissy mentioned making it feel cheap and flimsy, instead of fantastic and epic as Stormlight is supposed to portray. I've gotten free VR experiences that lacked the four-thousand pages of backstory this thing had and did better in every aspect. Hate to sound critical on what is technically the first Brandon-based videogame/visual media/vr experience... But it's just not very good.
  3. See, I would be totally okay with a line like that. If it were justified. It's something you see a lot in video games these days, where they don't take their time to build the anticipation and make your accomplishments feel epic. Build the atmosphere, start out weak and lend weight to any achievements, THEN hit me with a "wow" line after you really make me feel like a badass... Such is not the case here. Thought the Parshendi and the Chasmfiend modeling were pretty cool though. As was the Chull. (And some of the cremlings... Did anyone else bend down and punch them and enjoy the fact that they actually flicked away and then scuttled off? That was a small pleasure.)
  4. Woof. Yeah it's rough. Both from a fan standpoint and from a standard VR/gamer standpoint. I absolutely don't know why they thought they could charge $11 for this, especially if it's really "just a demo" as it's claimed to be. But yeah it's rough guys. Okay sure, it's an adaptation, and to a fairly new medium. I'll cut them some slack. But this is pretty dang bad. Do not recommend. Between the VR implementation having issues and it not really being a game... The little things that are off will also irritate your inner fan as well. It's a bad combo that results in a fairly poor (and short, Played 6mins and explored everything) $11 experience for all gamers and Sanderfans. That said, @Argent if you wanna come by and try it some time, I guess I could resist getting a refund.
  5. Awesome. I'm going through the signing line audio right now (and yes, mine did find a way to screw up again, but not a total loss) but I think yours and others' probably is a better bet, I'll see if I can clean it at all, but anything is probably better than what I got.
  6. It's probably not something needed immensely but I'd like to see an ability for a source-uploader to add a note to their content that Arcanists can see and reference. Something like when they upload a picture of an answer written in the book they can say "question was: X" or an audio-uploader can relate some info about it, like "5m-7m audio bad due to fire alarm. Mono-track disregard Left Channel" or "Recorder placed on speaker at left-side of stage" or some such. The communication currently takes a different route through the forums, but having just a quick note/description when uploading sources could see some use.
  7. Chapter 39: Notes All the main cast is sharing information and chatting about the next steps when: (Emphasis mine) Should be "further." Normally I wouldn't be such a pedant, but this is Jasnah we're talking about. If anyone knows the correct usage of farther and further, it'd be her.
  8. Takes a small break from Oathbringer to surface for air I will be bringing not only my audio equipment but also some additional kits from work (since mine has been proven time and time again to be flaky for WoB purposes.) So long as Anderson's doesn't try and step in and prevent us from recording (again) I can conceivably have a shotgun on Brandon AND one pointed at the front of the table where questioners will be during the signing itself—tempted to add another for noise-cancelling purposes. Brandon has resisted my attempts to lav him in the past, so a grip of shotguns and an omni-ambient is probably the best we're gonna get—again, assuming Anderson's doesn't try and screw us again—and I can find a place down the table or nearby to set up. Worse comes to worst and I can man it manually and stand with Argent (as he does) near the table the whole time gleaning what I can and pointing it back and forth while monitoring the audio... That said, the more the merrier! @Argent doesn't like my post-processing methods of reducing background noise and increasing punch, but I've been successful in the past merging @Volratho and I's recordings for best quality before posting it to the WoBinator9000. Any additional equipment at the event will be welcome (by us, if not Anderson's,) and can only help in pursuing clearer WoBs.
  9. Neither in support or attack of the Aviar theory: I'd like to point out that there's a few cosmere powers have some form of investiture-sense, and showing up on First of the Sun with such could be enough to instantly realize the value of Aviar—no need to venture further or go find information the old-fashioned way.
  10. So is it common thought that such things with both hard and soft pronunciations ("g", "ch", "c") are written as read or as pronounced? i.e. "Gene" would have the same "g" as Evgeni or would it use the J glyph? Or did Isaac just assume your pronunciation? (Or google it)
  11. That's Lit fam Get it? Cause it's a flame?
  12. The real questions is: How early will Argent be getting in line this time? lol
  13. Or perhaps, dying and, instead of the beyond, going to Hell? Going to... Damnation?
  14. This piggybacks off of the manifestation of surges outside of the "powers" themselves theory I touched into yesterday during our discord conversation, @Blightsong I have this question on my list as well so +1 vote for it! But I also expand upon it with a "Kaladin draws people to him and, in the case of Bridge 4 and his spear squads especially, seems to form them together into strong groups. Does this play into the fact that windrunner squire groups are so large and is it an effect of their interaction with gravitation and adhesion: the the forces of nature relating to bringing things together and binding them?" It's all pointed at pinning down Radiant Resonances and the cross-effect of their surges both with Stormlight-fueled powers and how the surges and personalities interact. I'll be bringing it up on the OB tour as well, so if we don't get an in-depth answer here, no worries, @Lurcher, the Shallan question alone is a strong one with lots of potential.
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