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  1. I asked a question, but I don’t have audio, so I guess I’ll just drop it here. I asked Brandon “If a Sleepless had enough hordelings, how big could they get?” He said that there is an upper limit, but they can be bigger than we’ve seen in the books so far. I asked “chasmfiend sized?” And he RAFO’d me. So there’s that question, I guess!
  2. Well, if nobody else, I certainly won’t survive these books if he keeps upping the stakes. But I agree with above, Kaladin’s probably going to kick the bucket in the name of protecting someone or something, in a suitably dramatic way. I also think Dalinar won’t make it through the series, though I don’t know how he might die.
  3. Bleeder! Good to see you! I’ve kinda been lurking as well. How’re you?
  4. I wonder what “the old rules” are. Since they no longer hold in the Cosmere we know, I have no idea what they could be, though it seems related to death, and maybe death worked when Adonalsium was alive? As for the place, well, I have no idea. Somewhere in the Cognitive Realm, maybe? Maybe even some way to access the Beyond?
  5. Elantrians can heal, too. Plus, they have the whole “silver skin and luminous white hair” thing going on, which might make them, well, not elves, but maybe more similar to that kind of high-fantasy human-esque race. Plus, Surgebinders tend to have huge swords, whereas Elantrians tend to fight with more mage-like blasts of power and fire and whatnot. Thinking about it, though, they might be too OP for and RP setting.
  6. I’ve seen the movie! Though I haven’t heard much about Season 8 or Gen 5.
  7. My username for this forum came from me trying to make the absolute Sanderson-iest name I could, so I think I took the word “Ashan” (like Asha’man) from WoT, then Rosharan-ized it into the good Vorin name Nashan, then slapped on the Herald suffix of ‘Elin. My username on several other things is Voidbinder, just because it’s a Cosmere name few people have likely seen and therefore it’s usually available on games and other platforms.
  8. Well, that was... a thing.
  9. Aw, someone beat me to it? The game’s not even out yet on steam! Storms.
  10. [just fyi this title probably should have [OB] in the title, cause spoilers] Until then I’ll just say this: Read Warbreaker! Until then: [Slight spoilers for Warbreaker and Oathbringer, as well as a spoiler for Mistborn: Secret History]
  11. I don’t know if this is quite the right board for this, but I’ll just go for it. The Escape the Shattered Plains VR experience is coming out tomorrow, and since I assume the vast majority of people won’t be strapping on a VR headset to try it themselves, I thought I’d volunteer to try and record a playthrough of the experience, if people are interested in watching it. I’d probably make it this weekend, but given my minimal experience with screen recording and video editing, who knows. The playthrough, if people want it, would likely be just the game’s sights and sounds, no commentary from me. I could do one with commentary and my thoughts and reactions, too, if people were interested in that as well. Maybe someone’s already planning to do this, maybe not, but I figured I’d offer. What do you all think?
  12. Wow, I thought I’d seen the opposite of that somewhere. I must have been thinking of this WoB, and thought that our good friend [Redacted] was a special case.
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