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  1. Here to pull rank on those other links who guessed Kelsier was involved with the Ghostbloods lol, guessed it pre-Oathbringer
  2. Seems like this one arrived after Horneaters settled in the peaks. This would mean after the original human colonization of Roshar, I believe. I'm thinking maybe it came with the Iri on the Long Trail?
  3. Just finished the book and i'm still gathering my thoughts, but this just came to me. Maybe the Set are in possession of a Dawnshard. It seems like they have the ability to wipe out all life on Scadrial if this quote is to be believed: And this seems to be the Sleepless' exact fear when it comes to people finding Dawnshards: What do you all think?
  4. I don't think Kaladin's viewpoint has been repetitive at all. Yes, he's been depressed the whole time but his inner struggle has gone from denial, to anger, to acceptance in a way that's been very satisfying and relatable to me personally. His character hasn't stagnated at all this book imo, it's actually grown more in these chapters than in all of OB in my opinion. It's also been apparent to me since book 2 that there was more to Shallan's early past than anything to do with her mother's death, this was hinted at in the flashback scene with Hoid. Then all throughout OB Pattern brought this up. Seems pretty well set up to me narratively as well as realistically, as one of the biggest symptoms of DID is amnesia. But that's just my opinion. We'll have to see how this all goes in the full book, especially the Shallan stuff.
  5. Thought I'd post other places I've found similarities. Seems like both radiant and fabrial soulcasting are related:
  6. Odium is definitely keeping Venli alive on purpose. I'm surprised no one here has mentioned the moment in the books where this is all but confirmed, right as she's about to be taken by a Fused: He definitely is not blind and is just keeping Venli, in his own words, as his.
  7. Only if you're a Cosmere aware 17th Sharder who knows what to look for. Those are pretty much easter eggs, like you said. Fans of only the Stormlight books would not pick that up, so those lines being important foreshadowing doesn't click for me. Especially since Brandon has said stuff like this since those Mraize scenes:
  8. Cognitive Shadows are pretty much ghosts, that's why I suspect a group of them are involved. The Bondsmiths (or the Ashyn equivalent) are the other half of my guess because they are Connected to Honor's Perpendicularity and also have shown the power to Ascend (at least in Dalinar's case), both being ways we've seen used in universe to become a CS. All true. We don't know how high ranking Iyatil is, but I think it's safe to assume at least moderately high. I guess it just doesnt feel well set up for me. Brandon has been very careful to not say anything about the origins of the Ghostbloods in book or in WoBs. If they were originally from off world I would have expected more hints towards that fact. Hints that casual readers would pick up on. Just like when he foreshadowed pretty heavily right away that whatever is influencing the Set is foreign to Scadrial. But that's just me. A lot of what we've seen in Rhythm of War could be more solid foreshadowing toward that reveal so who knows.
  9. I think it's MUCH more likely that the Ghostbloods are native to the system. I feel like any reveal that their leadership is from another planet would overly complicate things for fans of just Stormlight. At this point, my best guess is that they are/were and an ancient group of Bondsmiths or maybe even the Ashyn equivalent that became Cosmere aware after becoming Cognitive Shadows. Fits with the name and their symbol (3 diamonds = 3 spren). Maybe not so much the ideology, but hey, who knows if the oaths are still intact after death.
  10. I see a lot of people talking as if the Moash that Renarin revealed could be a Malatium type of vision, but what if it's a premonition of Moash's redemption instead? Renarin's abilities have been much more tied to futuresight than anything like malatium so far... Exited to see more of his powers now that he's had a year to learn them!
  11. A few interesting tid-bits in these chapters! Who do you all believe is working with the Sons of Honor to betray Dalinar? Taravangian? Dalinar opening a perpendicularity on command is interesting. It seems pretty clear at this point that Dalinar is a full Sliver as we've seen in other books, being Connected to such vast amounts of power. Makes me wonder if there are past Bondsmiths running around the Cognitive Realm as Cognitive Shadows (Ghostbloods?). Perhaps that would explain the below quote from Nale, or this scene where a much older Nohadon appears to Dalinar and tells him of his life before curtailing Dalinar's suspicions: Those aluminum spears with the gemstones were very interesting. Seems like Aluminum could be another method with which to capture spren in a fabrial. And finally... the Aimia bit! Seems like Cord may be a character in the upcoming novella!
  12. It occurred to me during a reread that we have see this exact same thing before off of Roshar. I'm sure anyone who's read secret history will remember the below scene. Seems like pretty much the same thing. Perpendicularities/large concentrations of Investiture that release some in kinetic form seem to produce these audible 'noises' in a much stronger form than what a Seeker would normally pick up. Very interesting.
  13. @Pagerunner I agree with most of what you're saying, but I don't remember that Syl quote and cant find it after looking pretty extensively through the Oathbringer eBook. Let me know if you find it, cause I think that's the main crux of our disagreement here.
  14. I think this new chapter pretty much proves that the Sibling was the spren Melishi had bonded. It reads "Unfortunately, the Sibling had died during the Recreance." This seems pretty indisputable. The only counter evidence to this I know of is the gem archives (which do suggest the Sibling didnt die during the full Recreance we see at Feverstone), but we don't actually know the order in which the gems were imprinted or the full timeline of the abandonment. Is there anything else I'm missing? As for your idea that they were trapped in a fabrial, I think the below passage from the Stormfather makes it pretty clear that the Sibling had their oaths betrayed.
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