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  1. My first thought was that Patji (the Avatar of Autonomy who replies to Hoids in one of the letters) was the dead god. The fact that the ones abve laughed when Vathi talked about being able to withstand the challanges of difficult masters made me think they thought or knew Patji was no longer a factor. Either that Patji the individual Avatar gets destroys within the events of the Ghostblood trilogy (Mistborn era 3) or that Autonomy iteslf is splintered as a reult of the events of that trilogy.
  2. Funny I re-listened to the original reading for the Sixth of The Dusk sequel from a few years ago yesterday. I realised then that chapter 3 had stopped about half way through the original reading. It makes sense that the extra chapter would cover that part of the story. As with chapter 3, there are a few changes and extra details in chapter 4, but it essentially takes us to the same place at the end of the original reading.
  3. Amazing! After secrret project 4 gives us a book about the one Hoid Apprentice we knew about (and the WoB's on Livestrams told us there were two more including a non human female that would have been the protaganist of the YA novel with Kite Magic!) WE NOW GET TO MEET STARLING in Secret Project 5! Yaaaaay!!! Is hoping to meet the 3rd apprentice in Secret Project 6 (whenever that may be) too much to hope for? Also very excited to get more 6th of the Dusk as I loved the original novella and the tease of the sequel we got a few years ago! ZeetZi (the feathered human) reminded me of Brandons pitch for the unamed Secet Project from the 2020 and 2021 State of Sandersons that he said would be more beastly than his other works and would be 200-300K words. I wonder if ZeetZi is from that world and whether that world is also the same as Mythos (which got mentioned in the 2 most recent State of Sandesons and in The Lost Metal)?
  4. The shipping rates to the UK for campaing are listed on the Backerkit main page as below. As someone who is UK based I have ordered the Secret Project box ($50) knowing that box alone will also cost $30 in shipping. The Secret Project Box is not due to ship untill Mid 2025. The plushies (and any other add ons) are due to ship at the same time as the Words of Radience books (later this year) but in a seperate shipment (as with all add ons). That means that If you order a plushy as well as the secret project box, there willl be an extra postage charge for that plushy shipment which will calculated by wheight when you complete the backer survey once the campaingn ends (30th of March). I also fancied 2 of the plushies and the two prime books bringing my overall order to $200. This was based on the guess that two plushies and 2 books is likely to be as big and weigh about the same as the $650 dollar tier with the bigger words of radience books (as well as Dragonsteel Prime and the 10 radient order boxes). So I'm expecting to pay around the same price as the $100 dollar shipping cost to the UK of that tier for my order. For 1 plushy I think your postage will be less, but it might cost somewhere around the ame price as the secret project box. My guess is that you are going to pay arround $60 postage (maybe a bit more or less) for the secret project box and one plushy.
  5. I was living in the smallish city of Newport in Wales from 2006 to 2013. At that time, it had a Waterstones (large British Bookstore chain), and the staff there were adding hand written cards of recomendations to shelves under the books they had enjoyed. As someone who had loved Ursula Le Guin, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and J R R Tolkein (among others) as a teenager, I always looked at the Sci Fi and Fantasy sections and read the recomendation cards. Fairly early in my time in Newport (when I had already started George R R Martin's song of Ice and Fire) there was a card recommending Robin Hobb's Assasin Trilogy. I read that and loved it. A year or two later, there was a card next to the Mistborn trilogy (which was available as a 3 book paperback set in a slipcase already) and the fact it was from the the same person at the bookstore who had recommended Robin Hobb (combined with Robin Hobb's own endorement of Brandon) sold me. Once I'd finished the Mistborn trilogy, I was hooked and immediately read Elantris and Warbreaker. Just after that, I managed to find a single volume (smaller print) paperback of Way of Kings at a Bookstore on a visit to Berlin (it was only avilable as two paperback volumes in the UK at the time). This was probably December 2010 or 2011. Knowing there were no other Cosemere books to read, I ended up buying the Eye of the World (my brother, who is 11 years older than me, had previously recommended the Wheel of Time. I had always assumed it would have that certain dated 70s/80s vibe that came with Michael Moorcock and other books he had recommended to me in my teens and twentys, so I hadn't previously taken up the recomendation). I literally only started the Wheel of Time (and read through the whole thing) so that I could enjoy Brandon's writing in the three books at the end! I am really lad I went on that journey, though I did fo on it at lightning speed (two years or so) compared to Robert Jordans original fans. The continuing journey through the Cosmere feels for me more like the long lasting companion through life that I talked to many WoT fans about when they were finally able to get the conclusion to the story with Brandon completing the last three books.
  6. It is an assumption on my part, but I have always assumed that the secret project he was talking about in the Secret Project 2 Livstream below was Mythos (as Mythos started being mentioned later than the 2019 and 2020 State of Sandersons that mentions the Secret Standalone Cosmere Book). I may be wrong about that though: simonthekillerewok In the 2019 and 2020 State of the Sandersons, you talked about a Secret Standalone Cosmere Book. Is this that? Or is that something different? Brandon Sanderson That's something different. simonthekillerewok Also, in Livestream #22 in November 2020, you were looking through the cloud archive on your phone and you mentioned there was a Secret Project manuscript there. Was this the book you were referring to? Or is this also something else? Brandon Sanderson Something else. That one was Kingmaker, which I did a reading of, that didn't work. That's the one I was referencing there. Not one of these, but a different one entirely. And the other one is still, yet, an unannounced different one that someday I will announce. I will tell you a little bit about this thing. You'll know when it comes. It is projected at 200K-300K words. It is set in the future of the Cosmere. And it's more beastly and epic than, perhaps, a lot of my other side projects are. Secret Project #2 Reveal and Livestream (March 15, 2022)
  7. Silence Divine is set on Ashyn in the Rosharan System. Brandon has done a reading of the opening of the novella previously. It's the one where catching an illness gives you magical powers. I don't remember the reading having any tech vibes at all, which is why I think it is earlier in the timeline. Nomad also mentions that Canticle reminds him of a burning planet near hos home early in The Sunlit Man which seems to be reference to Ashyn.
  8. I don't think it's going to Mythos. Brandon said on the livestream that is is goign to be longer than the other 4 Secret projects, but not by much. When he talked about Mythos previously he said it was going to need to be a much bigger book, not as big as a Stormlight book, but bigger than anything he's worked on recently. I don't think it is going to be Silverlight as Brandon has also said that the Night Brigade would need to come before the Silverlight Novella or Novel (and as others have said already I think Night Brigade is too early in the timeline. I think the same is probabkly true of Silence Divine). My money goes on the Grand Apparatus or something he didn't mention in the State of Sanderson (which would be typical Brandon trolling if you ask me )
  9. Thanks for looking Teamayne But no. I did see that one as well when I was searching yesterday. The conversation I am remembering was with an initial question and answer was unrelated to Whimsey but that, whoever was moderating (in my head it was Matt Hatch) asked something like “what about a Whimsey invested world” which got the further comment from Brandon.
  10. I think you are remembering the WOB below: Questioner Is Whimsy the most dangerous Shard? Is he essentially, like, a Shard cat? Brandon Sanderson Whimsy is the most dangerous Shard to your sense of decorum and self-worth. Dragonsteel 2022 (Nov. 14, 2022) The one Treamayne found is earlier (YouTube Spoiler stream Dec 14 2021) I have looked as best I can and cannot find a third conversation I recall hearing. In my head it was when Brandon was asked something like, what planet in the Cosmere he would want to spend time on. I seem to remember whoever was moderating steering the conversation to a Whimsy Invested planet. It’s just that as much as I search the Arcanum I can’t find it. Did I make it up?
  11. I don’t think it is explicit, but I thought it was most likely Whimsey. I vaguely remember a WOB that said any planet Whimsey Invested in would be a terrible place to live. Canticle certainly fits that bill, and Sigzil repeatedly discovers that the planet has become very different from planetary norms due to the investiture, which might just be the kind of thing a whimsical divinity would do.
  12. Apologies if that was unclear. I was saying that I really like the idea of Nohadon being Hoid-in-disguise. I therefor think the second apprentice that Brandon was unsure whether we have seen on screen is the "old friend" Nohadon (if he is Hoid-in-disguise) is talking to when he says to Dalinar in the vision that: If this were true, it makes it tricky for Brandon to say whether we have or have not seen the second apprentice on screen. Technically we have not seen the second apprentice on screen as Dalinar was taking their place. Simultaneously we would have seen the beginnings of a conversation with the second apprentice on screen.
  13. I am really loving the theory of Nohadon as Hoid in disguise. Thinking back to the SP4 Spoiler Stream, Brandon was weirdly unsure as to whether we had seen the second apprentice on screen. If the second apprentice was the person Nohadon/Hoid-in-disguise was speaking to that Dalinar is replacing in the vision, then Brandon's lack of clarity about whether we had or had not seen the second apprentice on screen makes total sense.
  14. Great point. Thinking that through, I think that it is much more likely there will be no Shard associated with Lumar. I think it more likely that as you say, the origin of aethers (and any associated Shard) will be revealed in the later Aether of Night trilogy.
  15. Yes I saw that. I would love to know whether the "Kite" story is planned to be written from Sigzil's PoV or from the PoV of one of the other two Apprentices.
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