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  1. Hey guys you should read the Webtoon Realta, it's what the bird in my new pfp is from and it's incredible.

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    2. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Aww, that bird is so cute! I'll definitely give it a go

    3. Silver Phantom

      Silver Phantom

      Dang it @DramaQueen I just started it an now I read for like an hour. I am a sucker for unique magic system's

    4. DramaQueen


      Yesssss good

  2. Oh yay! The ninja didn't come up when I searched "ninja" so I got concerned :))
  3. We were so young and innocent (when did the emojis change??? Bring back the Shard ninja emoji and the hearts one and and this ninja does not cut it )
  4. When I realize how far I've come from my old self, and how excited my old self would be about what I'm doing with my life now.
  5. Oh woah. Forgot about this, it's like a time capsule lol. Not as much as FotT would be, but this is a much quicker read than that.
  6. Starting rehearsals for it in March! Rehearsals are going well, it's a fun time!! We perform in April :))
  7. I'm really proud of this one and I'll love you all forever if you check it out :))


  8. psssst I write stuff sometimes (basically the only stuff I post anymore lol)

  9. There aren't very many that I was really able to become good friends with, but from what I've seen of y'all I think you're all really cool! The Shard is in good hands :))
  10. I always forget how much of a love-hate relationship I have with having a crush until I have another crush lol... I've liked this person for just under a year and a half now? But I only came to terms with it in like September, cuz it's my first really strong non-straight crush, so of course I overanalyzed it a TON and was in denial for a while, even though I've identified as panromantic for a few years now. And it sucks cuz I have next to no chance with them, but it's amazing because they're amazing and every interaction I have with them makes me so happy
  11. Oh, that's taller than me, so definitely not short by my terms lol. But I'm pretty impressed that everything else is accurate lol
  12. Interesting. Not very accurate, but some of that fits. I know basically nothing about you, but on first impression, I think short, brunette, longer hair, tan skin, bubbly and outgoing
  13. Anyone wanna do me, since it's been a while since I've actually existed in the more lively side of the Shard? (And cuz my profile currently isn't a picrew of me, like it usually is lol)
  14. Might write a song here we'll see lmao (not my post, I just relate haha)
  15. Anyone else just...blame everything about you on one aspect of yourself?

    Like, sometimes I'll be like "oh yeah I'm obsessed with such-and-such thing, it's just cuz I'm gay" and sometimes it's something that makes sense, but sometimes it's just like "oh yeah I'm obsessed with mozzarella sticks, it's just cuz I'm gay"

    Which, to me, still makes sense. Somehow. 

    Or something like "ouch I just stubbed my toe dangit, it's cuz I'm gay" (and, therefore, cannot walk straight I guess??)

    Another frequent excuse of mine is "it's cuz I'm a theatre kid" but that one usually does make perfect sense.

    .....and tbh I'm a theatre kid because I'm gay, and also I'm gay because I'm a theatre kid, it's like the chicken and the egg dilemma. Which came first, the theatre or the gay? no one knows.

    (Oh and btw I'm using "gay" as an umbrella term here, I currently identify as a panromantic asexual demigirl lol she/they/neopronouns)

  16. Yeah, I'll definitely send them here! I'm also hoping to eventually get an album professionally recorded and released on Spotify under the artist name Valtameri. Currently quite a ways away from that, but. Hopefully someday!
  17. Yeah!! I keep meaning to record them well, but it hasn't happened yet. Except these two:
  18. Seriously I would be so so grateful to anyone and everyone who checks out my writing, I am a huge fan of feedback of any kind!!


  19. Just a super silly goofy little song lol Quirky And a couple more serious ones hear and see Love Songs?
  20. Stay far enough away from civilization that no one knows exactly where to look for me, and ensure that every sighting of me is very tightly controlled by myself. No one will see me unless I want them to, and they'll only see as much of me as I want them to. And, no, I cannot share what my cryptid form would look like, because then you'd know that it's me when the rumors start flying about a new cryptid.
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