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  1. Granted. Every human is suddenly immune to all strains of every virus, and is acutely aware if it. However, your computer is riddled with dangerous viruses that delete all of your favorite memes. I wish to never be late for anything again.
  2. I'm going on a trip with my family, so I doubt I'll get much time to be on the Shard.
  3. The happy, depressed ninja who gets too disappointed and writes dark rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the happy Radiant Sharders plus my bloodthirsty kittens is named Steve.
  4. The Plot, however, had hopped the border and taken a space shuttle to the neighboring galaxy in order to escape all of the insanity going on.
  5. Okay, I don't have the attention span to read the whole thread from the beginning, so I'm just gonna address the fact that two wrongs don't make a right. Vengeance is NOT Justice. It is pettiness. There IS another way to resolve differences without resorting to murder. (I am not trying to diminish the traumatic events in anyone's lives or excuse Elhokar's past actions.) Also this: A true statement. However, what happened in the past will not change, no matter how many people you kill. The only way to beat your person demons is to stand up, brush yourself off, and heal. Scars can be marks of your failures - or proof of all the things that didn't kill you - depending on your mindset.
  6. Granted. You are irrationally terrified of people with black nail polish. I wish for dishes that wash themselves.
  7. Yay and yea and yahoo in the highest!! I have found the Discordian monastery of the Yay!
  8. Sandy Sanderson (AKA Sranderson) fell down to mail another Nathline bookkeeper.
  9. For the sake of grammatical correctness, this change is accepted. Brandon Sanderson (AKA Sranderson) fell down to mail another Nathline bookkeeper.
  10. Brandon (AKA Sranderson) fell down to blackmail another Nalthis bookkeeper.
  11. Dalinar, Navani, Elhokar, uhhh... what's his wife's name again, doesn't it start with an A? Straff Venture, Silence Montaine, Roshone, Lirin.... Venli's mom? Did she even get a name, I can't remember.
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