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  1. It's been done (also have a bonus "Carry on My Wayward Son"):
  2. Not exactly. On Roshar, fertile land isn't determined by soil, but by crem. On Earth, a drained saltwater body isn't particularly fertile because there generally won't be much soil and there is lots of salt, but on Roshar, any large area of clear land will get covered in crem, and therefore make a good home for many plants. The only issue really would be the lack of cover, but most Rosharan grasses are evolved for that.
  3. I really like what you have here. You noted that it was rough around the edges, so would you be OK with me making a few suggestions?
  4. This is great! On a completely unrelated note, here is my obligatory plug for the place to put all things Cosmere song parody:
  5. I would flip the bottom two attributions because, ya know, [WoR Spoilers]. Also: Person: ...and you are a hypocrite! Dalinar: Sometimes, a hypocrite is just someone in the process of changing. Bavadin: I'm not a hypocrite, we are a god. There's a difference.
  6. Thanks, when I logged on I noticed I had a new follower, so that was exciting. Any requests?
  7. I'm not new (and no, I won't eat the cookies), but I've been away from the Shard and all Brandon Sanderson stuff since May, and I feel a bit like a newcomer having missed do much time (I apparently missed approximately 42 Cytoverse books). To help catch me up (and because it is in the spirit of the new year) I'd love to hear peoples: Favorite 2021 Shardcast Favorite or craziest 2021 WOB Favorite fandom event or meme that started in 2021 Favorite other thing that I probably missed that you think I should know about Any song parody ideas to help me start living up to my self-imposed title again
  8. So, I haven't visited the Shard or looked at any WoBs in like 8 months, and I need to get caught up. If you see this, please help me fill in what I missed by giving me a:

    1. Must read WoB
    2. Must see Shardcast episode
    3. Must know-about Fandom-wide meme or major event
    4. Cosmere song parody idea

    A preemptive thank you to anyone who actually does this

    1. AonEne


      Must-see Shardcasts? Brandon Sanderson's Use of Horror and Queerness in the Cosmere, definitely. :ph34r: Aside from those, Jasnah is good, Moash is good, Beefs 2 is good... 

  9. Well done. I'm a huge fan of Hadestown, too.
  10. That one took me a second. Bravo.
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