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  1. I know this is an old topic, but I'm in the middle of researching these questions. Lavis is comparable to corn, per Brandon. So we are dealing with a corn meal or Masa Harina. Fried to make something more like a Falafel with a meat component or a simple meatball. The foods of Rosahar are based more on Korean, Indian, and yes, some Mexican dishes. Many wonderful flavors, but to get them on earth, you have to side eye how the items grow and just role with it. And remember that only the Shin & the Thaylen have fluffy bread that contains gluten. The other cultures use grains that don't create fluffy breads. Mostly various forms of flat breads. Thankfully there are hundreds of different flat breads on Earth to pull inspiration from.
  2. DeanaMCW

    The Adventures of Doomslug the Destroyer!

    Try to catch the elusive Doomslug the Destroyer as she melts the hears of Skyward fans! She was first seen at the Houston signing at Murder by the Books, Nov. 19, 2018. More adventures await! If you see your photo with her, feel free to comment the name you want shared and I will update the description. Doomslug’s current keeper, Deana, callsign: Braid
  3. DeanaMCW

    Skyward Doomslug

    Doomslug the Destroyer from Skyward. Shirt being made by the Brandon Sanderson store. Details to be announced soon.
  4. If you like this cake, please check out my 2018 Roshar cake.
  5. @Tobbzn, Isaac made the glyph for me after a long conversion we had about the glphys several years ago at JordanCon. I actually never tried to break it down. Until recently, I didn't have the knowledge of how. It reminded me of the braid and weaving diagrams I sent him after the convention. So just enjoyed the visual impact of the glyph. So thank you for pointing out that my name is hidden inside it! <3 I'll have to send another round of thanks to Isaac.
  6. DeanaMCW


    Thank you! You can also see the Cosmere Cake I made in 2016:
  7. @Tobbzn, for many of the glyphs you don't translate / worry about including vowels. The glyphs are more "recognized" than read. So there's not much sounding out of the letters. When the full audio is posted, Isaac talks about it.
  8. Thanks @Argent for the tags. :-D As for the how the Happy Birthday glyphs sound - they were made prior to this class. So they are boring old English letters turned into glyphs. I see a smile and a two-tiered cake in the glyphs, but to each his own. Re: the Birthday glyph. The top tier is "day" the bottom tier is the "birth." If I do them again, I would ask my Hebrew speaking relatives for the phrase and translate the sounds. Now that we know the base inspiration for the words, I'll stop trying to see English words inside the glphys. I'm not seeing rule 1. Rule of Cool - Looking cool, trumps readability.
  9. @Sylspear, Why? Just curious. If it is a signing with only Brandon, and you ask him a glyph question - he'll tell you to contact Isaac. So if you have one, I suggest writing to Isaac directly. You can do that via the "Contact Us" button on the website. Isaac is only at few signings, mostly the major release parties, and some cons.
  10. DeanaMCW

    Roshar Cake

    My (belated) birthday cake to myself is inspired by the artwork of the extraordinary Isaac Stewart, which he created for the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. The symbols of the Knight Radiant orders are overlaid on a map of Roshar. The icing in waves is to represent the rest of the globe, which to our current knowledge is nothing but an endless ocean.
  11. DeanaMCW


    @sheep - beautiful work! I love the simple color use! I'll be using it on the JordanCon Sanderson Track slide show. Thank you for sharing your work.
  12. @Ravi meet an kindred sprit / binge reader. What are some of your suggestions?
  13. Read almost anything by Lois McMaster Bujold. Her Vorkosigan Universe / Saga is what she is most known for. The first 4-5 books can be read in any order, but after Mirror Dance, they really should all be read in internal chronological order. The narrator, Grover Gardner, is more a voice I "got used too", rather than a voice I really enjoy. Her Chalion books are more fantasy based. The narrators for those are great. A magic system that does have the gods taking an active role. I don't personally like her Sharing Knife books, but it is an interesting magic system. Almost everything can be found on the Hoopla Digital app for free. Tor.com is currently doing a reread of the Vorkosigan Saga. It also won the first Best Series Hugo this year year.
  14. Oh sweet! I love it. I'm guessing Hoid would approve too.
  15. DeanaMCW

    Veil: The Spy in White

    I decided to make Shallan's other persona, Veil. She's much more "Old Wild West" looking than I thought from just reading the book. I've included a process paper in JPG form to answer some questions about the outfit. If you have more, please let me know. Thank you, Deana
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