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  1. I would point out that we don't know what "this" is. Yes, its possible "this" refers to killing Kaladin's squad and stealing the shardblade. Or to taking out anyone that refuses a shardblade on the risk they can hear the screams/might become a radiant. But it's also possible that "this" is something entirely else that Amaran is (mis?)interpreting to fit his desire for a shardblade. It could be a more general command to collect shardblades, and is not specifically pointed at this event or meant to order this manner of execution. It's also possible that someone else gave this command in the name of Restares, and Kelak wasn't actually involved. We don't see any evidence of Kelak/Restares communicating with Amaran in this scene, or if he'd be able to in such a short timeframe.
  2. Radiants heal what they view as damage, or not part of themselves. If they've accepted the tattoos, then they can have them.
  3. I wasn't really onboard with the idea in till I read this line, then I became very suspicious of ghostblood interference. That said, there are two problems with that. Having seen Sig's POV, plus having known him in general, it seems unlikely he'd turn traitor. And his spren is an honorspen, so being a secret agent also seems unlikely. So I'm not sure how the GB would influence the situation here. Being a double agent wouldn't conflict with their oaths, but the people honorspren are attracted to are the type of people I wouldn't expect too much underhanded activity from. Hoid is another choice, we haven't seen him and Sig interact much. Although I'd mark that up to just too much going on and not enough space for a bunch of minor things to happen in the story. So it could be possible, but I'm not sure what motive Hoid would have for getting Shallan into Shadesmar. So I'm going to chalk it up to Sig's spren being a bit more hopeful. We did see a good portion of the Honorspren were willing to aid the humans against orders from the older spren, and some that were willing, but wouldn't go against orders, although tension was building.
  4. That's all I could find as well, but I also remember something that more directly implied that Odium took a hit during the fight with Ambition. On the topic of invested in Roshar, my understanding was that the conflict with Honor forced Odium to invest much more than he would have wanted, and at this point even with the other shards gone, leaving would be a very difficult prospect.
  5. I think this is Brandon showing what the cost of the shard's godlike power is. Sure, you get crazy awesome powers, but it's looking more and more like they're just not worth it. It's a drop of your personality in an ocean of force, it's going to change you eventually. Rayse is one of the most crafty, dangerous individuals in all the cosmere, and look at what it did to him. He is fury, he is emotion to the extreme, he is the thrill of the contest. And he's losing that contest, and has been for a long time. He's been stuck on one rock for several thousands years, and the power is not happy about that. And he was presented a deal he didn't want, but wasn't willing to wait any longer. So he's getting crushed between the fury of being stuck, and the fury of a bad deal, on top of whatever damage he's taken during his crusade, on top of spreading his attention to both the planet and large portions of the cosmere. It's not too far fetched that he missed a sword that Renarin effectively turned invisible. Rayse in his prime was a big deal, and extremely dangerous, but we're not dealing with Rayse in his prime, it's more of a personality struggling to just stay afloat. Very dangerous sure, but not like he was in the past, and I think Hoid miscalculated on how well Rayse has held together. Dalinar went from "I'm going to put my fist through your skull" to "logistics and supply lines are king", and I think R-Odium was going the opposite way the longer he existed, creating vulnerabilities. As for the Ruin comparison, Ruin was not scarred the same was as Odium, his power seemed much more on board with patience the whole build up a tower to knock it down, and his attention was focused almost entirely on a much smaller and less complex situation. Also, Preservation was mentally crippled/dead during their conflict, but Cultivation was still very much alive, on top of Honor's chains.
  6. I was thinking it might be jars full of the white sand. That would explain where Raboniel got ahold of the sand and account for the clinking sound.
  7. It's never explained how he knew this, I'd guess either through the diagram, or Odium just told him what what happening in Shinovar at some point (he is lonely and likes to brag). Subvisual Haze has the quote, it's just that quick one line, which Szeth originally seemed to ignore.
  8. That is an interesting question... Nightblood cuts through all three realms, not just the physical vessel but it destroys the spiritual and cognitive aspects as well, that why he's so dangerous. I'm not sure if he'd be capable of damaging a dawnshard though, partially because we don't know what the dawnshards fully are, but also for the meta reasons of being able to break something so powerful.
  9. I selected option two, but I'll likely be skimming through Book 1, then picking up Interludes into Book 2. Option 5 is tempting for chaos points though.
  10. Also translated the description, and yes, it would seem that Urithuru will be a focus, and highly likely they'll figure something out. Although technically not required, it does seem likely they'll figure something out about the Sibling as well, which is exciting. Of course, the tower of Lights could also refer to Lasting Integrity, or to another fortress which is lighting up as fireballs/siege-weapons rain into it.
  11. I'm liking this, it's starting to feel like we're actually seeing the behind the scenes system Brandon is using to run the cosmere. I would propose ingenuity as the last of the Change Shards. Involves not only changing the tools/technology, but using the tools to change the world. I'd also change 'Care' to 'Experience', as the other dawnshards about this world, and this one is you experiencing the world. And I'd propose Sorrow as the last of the Care/Experience shards. Another runner up is fear, but that doesn't really fit the god scheme and messes with the survive shards. Also, the Threnody system has a bunch of stuff named after sorrowful things, so that lines up nicely with this shard arranging that. And this last one isn't as confident as the others, but maybe wisdom/prudence under survival?
  12. I see 4 possibilities for the difference. The first three are pretty similar. 3 dawnshards are bonded, 1 is not. 1 dawnshard is bonded, 3 are not. 3 dawnshards still exist, while the 4th has been rendered permanently damaged/changed in some form or fashion. Brandon did note that the weapon used to destroy Adon was no longer functional. Or maybe vice versa, 3 were expended, but 1 remains at full capacity. The 4th option is that one of the dawnshards is genuinely different from the others in what it's capable of or how it functions. There isn't enough evidence yet to fully support this, but I totally dig the idea. This would fully explain why his existence seems so unique.
  13. No, you're not alone. I feel Kaladin and Shallan's story arcs are leaning more into drama than fantastical. Because it's Brandon, I'm confident that the payoff will be worth it, but it is a bit of a slog/frustrating to go some of the beginning chapters. I'm sure that'll change once we get into the meat of the story. As someone who has dealt with depression, Kaladin picking himself up was inspiring, and him regressing was, well, depressing, albiet realistic. And I think it plays into a theme Brandon is aiming for, which is that despite the magical oaths, the radiants are still themselves. And I was similarly disappointed that Shallan had another painful memory that she was still ignoring. Will have to wait and see on that one.
  14. Guns on Scadrial are a recent creation, so it would make sense for it to have not spread. Nalthis, Roshar, and Sel also have large amounts of magic technology and rules to research, so it would make sense they wouldn't develop into the mechanical/chemical sciences as much, so they can't make the guns themselves. Taldain is the only other one to develop guns thus far (that we know of), and it's under a blockade, so the tech can't travel out. Also, quite a few world hoppers have access to investiture abilities, so early guns maybe not appear as powerful in comparison.
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