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  1. ahh guess that's just me then, i wouldn't have considered the honor blade as a bondsmith, since seperated form the blade they'd have nothing. But makes sense, thank you.
  2. Sorry I've not been around here for a long time, pretty out of touch with WoBs and such. I read Dawnshard, so tracking that. Project 4 isn't out so wonder how this came up? Was it a WoB or did Brandon release a part of Project 4 like an interlude or something? Also whats the source for SURVIVE being a dawnshard? this isnt the only place i stumbled across this today. But I cant recall it at all so would like to go read it since with multiple posts mentioning it its clearly a thing i missed.
  3. I thought they had said only 3 Bondsmiths (Honor/Cultivation/Sibling) ? Like early in SA1 or SA2. Am I totally misremembering, or did something new happen and I missed it?
  4. I can't say why, but my gut is with a lot of the others, in that it's "Voice of Lights".
  5. I've seen some threads on Nightblood, but not this specific question. My apologies if its there and I missed it though poor search or it being buried form months ago. Odium(Rayse) pulls T and night blood into their "realm" (for lack of better word). T stabs Rayse/Odium with Nightblood. Nightblood is engorged on the sheer volume and stops feasting and becomes sated/lethargic. We know that Nightblood corrupts Investiture to some other investiture, which would effectively make what was corrupted unavailable to Odium(shard). I believe Nightblood killed Rayse and sucked his investiture, but a person doesn't have enough to sate Nighblood, so I (think) Nightblood HAD to eat/chew/corrupt some of the actual shards investiture too. Does this now leave Odium (even a smidge) weaker than before and than all other non shattered shards (since they all started with an even 1/16th)? Could Nightblood have done enough damage (that the new Todium is unaware of because he's new and not aware of power lvl 9000 before the event compared to his now power lvl 8500) that he's measurable weaker than other shards? Possibly in a way that will lead to his downfall later?
  6. Sorry if it's a necro, this was linked to in a more current conversation. Maybe I'm dumb, by why does this need to be complicated, why can't it be as simple as the text implies? Multiple times Odium's forces mention they need Jasnah away because she's of the 4th Ideal. When Pursuer lost to Kaladin in Hearthstone, and was at the meeting of the 9 he blamed Fused intel as being wrong and that Kal must have sworn the 4th ideal. When Rahbone (spelling) learns he's awake she suspects again that intel was wrong and the he sworn the 4th, OR that it's because he's a Windrunner and only 1/2 of his surge/oaths are effected by the field. She also pretty blatantly though not explicitly says the field only effect 9 surges of odium and no the Adhesion the 10th surge that's only of honor - hence why wind runners are less effected, and Dalinar MUST be absent despite a lower ideal sworn. To me it seems very clear and obvious in Brandon's text/explanation that Kal is awake because of the combination of A) He's a Windrunner, so the reversed anti-Fused field only affects 1/2 of his powers. 'B) Because he's almost sworn the 4th ideal which also would have made him immune. (This is also likely why Teft is so close to alertness and then wakes compared to other WindRunners).
  7. Maybe I'm miss remembering it already... I was still reading at 1am last night. But I thought it was mentioned the plate was Gold in color? Also only 1 set.. What if the reason there is no sword, was it's the Plate of a Bondsmith? If it is, I'd be more tempted to chalk this plate to Cultivation's Bondsmith over Honor's since the Dawnshard involved is Change.
  8. Sorry if this has been posted, but I saw many of the posts here included RoW spoilers and I haven't read that yet (2 days shipping is now going on 6 days, with delivery on day 8 now). ALso please keep that in mind for any response - RAFO works too if it's in RoW somewhere lol. I can't recall if it was WoK or WoR, but I recall someone saying something along the lines of how can they win without the Dawnshards. We've seen only the one now. It got me thinking, do you think others of the 4 are also on Roshar? Any thoughts on if it was all 4 at one time, or just more than one? Or am I totally mis-remembering and it was only ever singular when mentioned before? Other thing I wanted to get some thoughts on - little cosmere spoiler-ish maybe? so I'll hide it just in case.
  9. I agree, merely suggesting its more possible/plausible than the OP's question with I think you already outlined would not work because of spirit web. Soul-stamping at least alters the spirit web.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to soul stamp him to Aonic? That should work... shouldn't it?
  11. I didn't read everyone response, so likely some overlap, I just wanted to share my interpretation/opinion. I think Lyn is challenging Roshar gender roles, like many mentioned. Personally though I felt she was asking Shallan because she thinks Shallan already does challenge those roles (which she does). But I think Shallan was to oblivious or to worried about appearance to pick up on that, and so made her statement reinforcing them. Which then deflated Lyn, both in her challenge, and to learnt hat this person she saw a powerful and successfully challenging the roles just implied in conversation that she wasn't. I have no issue with the scene because I think it's a good depiction of realistic iteration of two people trying to break out of society induced restriction, be sly about it, and actually hide it from each other on accident specifically out of fear of discovery, all without realizing they are compatriots.
  12. Pattern is a Knight Branch, he has made a Nahel bond with one of *Sticks* ancestors. Thus his shard/stick weapon is the glass branch we saw when he goes to battle.
  13. Just want to point out Fen is Queen of Thaylen, thats no out west, that's South. Almost due south of Alethkar and former natanatan, it's below the Frostlands.
  14. I'm going to have to disagree with Shallan having PTSD. As a medical provider and former military member over the past 2 decades, that is not PTSD. Szeth is really clear cut case of PTSD. Shallan is much more inline with disassociate identity disorder - here is a non-paywall reference. http://traumadissociation.com/dissociativeidentitydisorder
  15. Question(s) for the group. Do you think the Dagger is made of Odium's God Metal? Separate do you think the Sapphire is just "any old Sapphire" or is it to a "perfect" Gem like Honor's Drop? (So need a perfect Gem to capture any UnMade/Herald). My personal opinion is it's is a God metal, and it is a Perfect Gem, and that on Roshar their exists a "perfect" Gem for each of the Orders/Colors. Nothing to base that on, jut my gut, but I am wondering what others think,
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